130+ Elegant Wedding Hairstyles That’ll Make You Stunning!

You must have realized that good wedding hairstyles do not have to be expensive braids or complicated flower crowns. Today, many brides go with just simple, affordable hairstyles such as loose buns, messy fishtail braids, and low ponytails. As long as you choose a hairstyle that will make you feel like a princess on your dream day, it’s perfect!

If you are searching for the perfect inspiration for your own wedding day, check out these very affordable but elegant hairstyles that may impress you. Be inspired by these stunning and diverse bridal hairstyles.

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13 Elegant Wedding Hairstyles to Try

#1 A long, dark brown curly hair with messy braids joined to make a massive one that lays on the back

portrait of bride in the room attractive bride posing indoor

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#2 Light brown, straight messy hair let to lay freely at the back 

bride wedding hair

#3 Short, straight dark brown hair brushed sideways and had a small braid around the head

 bride hair with braid on the side.

#4 A short, light brown hair set to cover the ears and has a messy bun at the back

bridal hair with bun on the side

#5 Long dark brown hair brushed to lay on both shoulders and has curled ends

wedding hair

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#6 A light brown short hair wrapped at the back of the head and some part laid on the side of the head

beautiful bride hair

#7 A light brown short hair wrapped in braids around the head and is decorated with pink flowers

bridal hair. portrait of young beautiful bride. wedding coiffure and make-up.

#8 A long curly black hair is set to lay free on the side and is decorated with white flowers

10705177 - the image of a beautiful bride in a blossoming garden

#9 Long dark brown hair brushed to lay on both shoulders and has curled ends

the bride in a wreath from a lilac lies on a bed, and nearby lilac flowers

#10 A light brown long hair decorated with a wreath

bridal hair decorated with a wreath

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#11 A dark brown short hair decorated with white flowers

11373158 - young women on black flowers in hair
#12 A dark brown short hair with a messy burn and red flowers

Beautiful bride with fashion wedding hairdress isolated

#13 Short black hair brushed sideways

46504546 - beautiful bride with stylish make-up in white dress in spring garden

These affordable yet elegant wedding hairstyles prove that you don’t need to spend big bucks to get totally glam on your big day! Take a peek!

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33 Fancy Wedding Hairstyles

The right hairstyle can make or break an entire bridal look. The following are fancy wedding hairstyles that will look amazing on your big day. Each of these styles is elegant, sophisticated, and are sure to create a winning look.

#1 Beautiful loose braid cascading down the back

#2 Loose “messy” mixed braid hairstyle

Credit: IHMS

#3 Sexy, curly, and simple hair style

Credit: El Stile

#4 A fun and unique spin on the traditional ponytail

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#5 This low bun is perfect for straight hair

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#6 A straight hair pulled up into a high and somewhat loose bun

#7 Long loose curls cascading down the back

Credit: Elstile

#8 A perfect look for short hair, beautifully wavy and totally beachy!

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#9 Long straight hair comes to life with a simple fishtail braid pulled to the side

#10 Another beautiful fishtail braid look.

#11 A classic look for a classic bride, the half-part adds a touch of glamour

Credit: Web Salon

#12 Loose long curls cascading down the back is simple and pretty

#13 Add some loose waves and secure your hair to the side for this look

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#14 Loving this straight hair with a unique coil curl in the front and loose bun in the back

#15 You can’t go wrong with massive curls like these!

Credit: El Stile

#16 A beautiful simple wedding hairstyle that anyone can pull off

#17 A free-spirited wavy style for a free-spirited bride.

#18 Long straight hair left natural, accented by a beautiful veil, is easy and stunning.

Credit: Sandra Aberg

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#19 This elegant and pretty dutch braid is a feminine bridal hair style that is very beautiful

#20 Want to add some interest to your hair? Then, look no further than this pretty braid to a bun.

#21 Flowing and chic, this bridal look is beautiful and adds a pretty touch with a flower tiara

Credit: Danielle Poff

#22 This updo looks modern and fun, great for brides that are looking to sport a trendy style

Credit: IHMS

#23 Delicate and feminine, this hairstyle is great for those looking for a romantic bridal look

#24 A sparkling rhinestone clip takes this bridal style from pretty to gorgeously glam

#25 Feathers are a unique way to add style and dimension to a pretty bridal hairstyle

#26 Vintage and chic, pin curls perfectly frame the face and create a winning style

#27 Bohemian and easygoing, this bridal look includes a pretty braid and soft, loose waves

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#28 Cascading flowers and a long braid create a gorgeous style that is feminine and poised

Credit: Ulyana Aster

#29 Definitely adorable, this bridal look has it all. Curls, flowers, and an elegant braid.

Credit: Kate Firsova

#30 An updo with a twist, add in flowers to your bridal updo to create a glamorous look

Credit: El Stile Spb

#31 Fun and interesting, this bridal look includes a beautiful gold clip that demands attention

Credit: Ani Burech

#32 Simple and understated, this look highlights the bold color and cut of the bride’s hair

#33 Pretty and gorgeous, especially in photos, this bridal updo includes curls and flowers

Credit: lavish.pro

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10 Envious Bridal Curls

One of the most common bridal hairstyles is curls! They are so versatile and provide a super classy look. Check out our favorite curl hair for wedding, plus tips on how to get the look!

#1 We love these loose curls!

bride with loose curls

Loose curls are still classy but keep your look a little less formal. Bonus: they go well with just about any dress!

  • This look is easiest to achieve on “second day hair.”
  • It may go against all your instincts to not wash your hair on your wedding day, but it will save you a lot of time both in the shower and the styling chair!
  • If you’re doing your own hair, use a large-barrel curling iron

#2 Curls pulled back

hairdresser in a beauty salon makes a hairstyle for a girl bride with long curly brown hair

Curls can be pulled into sections to create a simple updo! Gorgeous, right?

  • While there are ways to get these ringlets naturally, if you’re in a rush you can use a ringlet barrel curling iron.
  • Protect your hair from the heat with a good heat protection spray!

#3 Curls and color!

pretty bride with curly colored-hair

Have you ever seen anything prettier than this bride’s curls? The pop of color is amazing!

  • The ombre look is best achieved by going to a professional, unless you have a friend who is insanely good with hair color.
  • Don’t want to commit to permanent hair color? Try something like Splat. Just be careful, that stuff stains like crazy!
  • Whatever you use to color it, dye your hair at least a week before your wedding to give the excess dye time to wash out. Trust me, no matter how long I rinse, I still have dye coming out in the shower for days afterward!

#4 Side-swept curls

side-swept curls

With this bridal hairstyle, no veil is needed

This look is very classic and would look amazing at a formal wedding.

  • For this look, you’ll want to start with freshly washed hair and blow-dry it to the side.
  • Make sure you have plenty of hair clips ready to section off your hair into manageable chunks!
  • Check out this easy tutorial to get side-swept curls!

#5 An updo of curls!

bride with updo of curls

Curls make updos look that much better. They add much-needed volume. The floral accent tops off this look.

  • For this look, just about any type of curls goes!
  • If you want a sophisticated look, go with tight curls using a small barrel curling iron.
  • For a more casual look, start with loose curls!

#6 Perfect curls

bride with perfect curls

Seriously…we don’t have much to say about this style except that these bridal curls are perfect!

#7 Natural ringlets

bride with natural curly hair

This bride looks amazing with her natural hair! If your hair is already naturally curly, you don’t really have to do much!

Check out this tutorial on how to define those natural curls a bit more.

#8 A little bit of everything

back view of beautiful haircut with small flowers

Braids, curls, and a half-updo all in one hairstyle? We envy this bride’s hair!

  • The combination of textures and styles looks wonderful and creates a very whimsical look.
  • Add a fun flower hair brooch in your wedding colors to pull the look together.

#9 Curls and a jewels

bride with curly hair and jewels on the head

Curls on their own are pretty, and head jewelry is beautiful on its own. Combining the two creates a really classy and up-scale look.

  • This look is suitable for any wedding type or theme.
  • Go with loose curls just at the bottom of your hair to copy the look.

#10 Tight curls and flowers!

bride with tight curls and flower crown

This bride’s look is super chic and so boho! The tight spiral curls and the half-floral crown are beautiful together.

  • For this look, you’ll want to start with freshly washed hair and add a bit of leave-in conditioner.
  • Use a curling wand, versus the clamp-style barrel. Or just twist your hair around the barrel without clamping it.
  • Check out this tutorial on how to get those gorgeous spiral curls!

10 Brides Who Rocked Short Hair

These brides rocking short hair prove that you don’t need to spend hours on your mane on your wedding day! We believe all brides are beautiful! Though brides with long flowing locks and big curls look absolutely amazing, we have a soft side for brides who pull off a look that many don’t expect.

If you have short hair, you can count out one thing to stress about on your wedding day. Short hair means that your lovely face and your dress will be the stars of the show! If you’re a bride with short hair, don’t think you will look any less bridal! Here are 10 short hair brides that look gorgeous on their special day.

#1 We love this short bob!

bride with short white hair

Who says you cannot match your hair with your dress? This bride rocks!

#2 Short hair with accesory

short hair with floral accessory

It means more room for accessories! This bride’s floral crown is super pretty.

#3 With headband

bride with short hair and headband

How pretty is her headband? The small amount of bling is just enough for a glamorous look.

#4 Above the Shoulder

bride with above the shoulder hair

We love how simple yet beautiful this bride’s look is. Her above-the-shoulder hair accentuates her face and shoulders.

#5 Classic hair

bride with short hair

This look is so classic!

#6 Confidence!

short-haired bride with blue dress

This bride screams fierce. From her hair to her amazing dress, this bride owns her hair and her look!

#7 A little bit curly

bride with short curly hair

The bride’s look is so refreshing!

#8 Simplicity is the key

Simple yet so elegant!

#9 Colored short hair

beautiful short-haired bride holding flowers

The bride’s hair perfectly complements the flowers and the pretty dress!

#10 Bold look

bride with short hair

Talk about a bold and daring look! Not many women can pull off very short hair but this bride absolutely owns it.

44 Jaw-Dropping Wedding Hairstyles

If you’re looking for some jaw dropping hairstyles to inspire you for your big day, you’re in the right place! Your hair is among the last wedding preparations you have to do, but it can also be the hardest.

It is also important to consider what kind of accessories you will wear, how long your wedding hairstyle will need to last, and where you want to attach your veil if having one. We will take you through 40+ wedding hairstyle ideas to inspire you.

#1 Elegant waterfall braid with simple twists for a stylish optical illusion.

#2 Beautiful and voluminous curled up-do with a floral hairpiece on the side.

#3 Voluminous braided high-based bun with a sparkling accessory around the bun.

#4 Braided Low chignon worn with a beautiful yellow and white accessory on the side.

Credit: IHMS

#5 Beautiful braided high bun hairstyle that goes for any occasion.

Credit: Elstile

#6 Cute slept in waves with a center braid woven with a ribbon to bring out the vintage effect.

Credit: Ryan Ray

#7 Side fishtail braid woven from the crown and stopping midway down, perfect for a romantic bride.

#8 Pulled back chignon worn with a sparkling white accessory at the bun.

Credit: El Stile

#9 Glamorous up do with a beautiful accessory running around the forehead.

#10 A voluminous up do with stunning accessory clasped on one side.

#11 Glamorous top note bun with a Chinese bang that enhances a stylish appeal and accentuates your beauty.

#12 Romantic waves matched with a flower crown and cute hangings that blend into each other.

#13 A well-done waterfall braid

#14 A dark waterfall braid

Credit: Renee Marie

#15 A gorgeous colorful waterfall braid. I’m LOVING that Ombre effect!

#16 Hair left down, with a simple side-swept curl to the front.

#17 Beautiful half-up/half-down hairstyle, with an elegant headband.

Credit: Belaire Bridal

#18 A romantic braid crowns these stunning curls for a “Disney princess” look

Credit: Art4Studio

#19 An elegant bun

#20 A long sparkling ponytail for a sporty look

Credit: Elstyle

#21 A loose braid blended into sea-swept very loose waves, perfect for a beach wedding.

Credit: IHMS

#22 A very vintage glamourous look, with loose waves and a simple accessory.

#23 A loose bun that captures the bride’s elegance.

Credit: Elstile

#24 A beautiful classic French braid swept to the side

Credit: This Modern Romance

#25 A short and cute braid tucked into a loose bun for a playful vibe.

Credit: Ulyana Aster

#26 A classic side-swept braid that launches into voluminous wavy curls.

Credit: Web Salon

#27 A classic wavy style made elegant with a simple accessory

Credit: Elstile

#28 Unique colorful braided bun with side-swept bangs

#29 A simple bun with a show-stopping floral accessory.

#30 A beautiful fishtail braid

Credit: Weddbook

#31 An amazingly done braid to bun

#32 High and loose bun, perfect for a night wedding.

#33 A simple yet elegant low bun

Credit: IHMS,

#34 A small waterfall braid crowning beachy waves

Credit: Luxury Hair

#35 Glamorous vintage waves

#36 Beautiful flowers on top of waves

Credit: Sonya Khegay

#37 A creatively done combination of French and fishtail braids.

Credit: Missy Sue

#38 A gorgeous braided bun

#39 Don’t have an idea on how to do a free waterfall braid? Here is an idea!

Credit: Web Salon

#40 A lovely fishtail braid with a simple accessory that matches her hair color.

Credit: El Stile

#41 Another idea of doing an attractive waterfall style

#42 Simple yet beautiful short bun

#43 A tall bun that works great with shorter hair.

#44 A loose braid with a gorgeous white accessory that pops against her dark hair.

7 Brides Who Really Rocked Colored Hair

When it comes to weddings, we really like color! Color is what makes a wedding pop in photos. If you’re like most brides, you probably already have your wedding colors picked out, along with your flowers, invitations, food menu, and more.

If your hairstyle is still up in the air, the good news is that there are hundreds of pictures you can use as starting points to figure out the bridal hair that suits you best. If you want to get a bit daring with your wedding hair, consider giving your natural hair some color! Here are 7 unconventional brides with colored hair on their special day.

# 1 Pink/orange hair

bride with short pink hair

We love this bride’s hair color choice! The sunbeams off of the color and the shade also looks amazing.

#2 Purple streaks

lady with short purple hair

This bride’s hair looks beautiful! The curls accentuate the purple and honestly, we think she looks quite cool!

#3 Pastel blue hair

bride with blue hair

The sun against this bride’s hair is simply beautiful! Her hair is the focal point of this picture, outside of the obvious love between these two. The simple hairstyle fits this bride perfectly.

4. Jewel-tone hair is beautiful!

jewel-tone hair color

Who needs one color in their hair when there are dozens of colors to choose from? This bride embraced jewel-tone colors in her hair and she looks absolutely wonderful.

5. Rose gold hair in out of this world!

bride with rose gold hair

Rose gold hair has become extremely popular in the beauty community and we just love how it looks on a blushing bride! The color is very subtle but still offers just enough to draw your eye. Rose gold hair with a floral accent sets this bride apart from any others we have ever seen!

6. Green hair works too!

pretty lady with curly green hair

When done wrong, green hair can look washed out and a bit too loud. However, this bride’s hunter green streak fit perfectly into her woodland and boho-themed wedding! We also love her headpiece that portrays her themes perfectly.

7. The easiest something blue

This bride’s pastel blue-colored hair is gorgeous! The blue really brings out her stunning eyes! A bride with blue hair already has her something blue colored, and we love filling traditions in non-traditional ways!

10 Beautiful Wedding Hairstyles

We picked another 10 most beautiful wedding hairstyles for every hair type, so you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

#1 Fishtail Braid

fishtail braid

I knew someone who wore a loose fishtail braid on her wedding day, and it was absolutely stunning.  I think a fishtail braid is elegant and simple and can be a great way to showcase your dress because your hair is somewhat understated.

#2 Long Waves

bride with long waves hair

Nothing says beach wedding as much as a long and loose wavy hairstyle.  Parted in the middle, or on the side; half-up or half-down; accentuated with a gorgeous tiara; the choice is up to you – this hairstyle is gorgeous no matter what! Get the look with a curling iron or some beach waves hair spray!

3. Messy Bun

lady with a messy bun hairstyle

There is something gorgeous about a messy bridal bun wedding hairstyle.  Simple and sophisticated, a messy bun can really show off a bride’s makeup and jewelry.

4. Half Up And Half Down

half up and half down with blue ribbon hairstyle

For the bride who loves the idea of having her hair down, but prefers not to have too much hair on her face on her wedding day: this is the style for you!  Romantic and graceful! I love the curls!

5. Flowers

bride with curly hair with flowers on it

There are so many creative ways to use flowers in your bridal hairstyles.  Whether accenting a simple bun or using flowers in a loose crown to add a pop of color, there are no limits to what you can do with simple flowers in your hair!

6. Fascinators

fascinators wedding hairstyle

Bridal fascinators have become increasingly popular lately, and for good reason: they allow a bride to express her individuality and style!  My personal favorite is the birdcage veil fascinator, but there are so many others to choose from:

7. Pin Curls

pin curl hair

Pin-curled wedding hair is so glamorous, it makes me wish I’d thought of it for my own wedding!  A classic wedding hairstyle with a ton of sophistication! The great thing about them: they work with shorter hair, too!

8. Vintage

vintage hairstyle

More throwback hairstyles that are so enchanting and equally classic!  Get inspired by the simply gorgeous wedding hairstyles of the 1950’s!

9. Pixie

pixie haircut

Short wedding hair is just as gorgeous as long hair – in fact, it can really show off a bride’s face, dress, and jewelry!

Check more pixie cut wedding hairstyles for very short hair.

10. Waterfall Braids

I absolutely love waterfall braids! They never go out of style, and for a good reason! They’re elegant and gorgeous, yet don’t require a ton of upkeep throughout the day to keep the look from falling apart.

Whether you choose a long and flirty hairstyle for your wedding; or a super short cropped do with a gorgeous birdcage veil, one thing is for certain: your bridal hairstyle should definitely make you the most beautiful woman in the world on your wedding day!

5 Stunning Yet Simple Wedding Hair Ideas

Most women go for a fun look that is a bit different than their normal daily style. However, if your husband loves your hair like you normally wear it, you may want to incorporate that style into your wedding day appearance. Take a look at these simple wedding hairstyles!

#1 Sleek Wedding Ponytail

sleek ponytail wedding hair

While you may scoff at a ponytail on your wedding day, it can actually be a beautiful way to keep your hair up, set all day, and out of the way while looking gorgeous. Most styles are slick with beautiful curls or waves in the ponytail so it isn’t just hanging limp. With a bit of work, you can add volume on top for a “bump” that makes the style look even more pulled together.

#2 Loose Braided Bun

braided bun
Credit: georgealiben via Instagram

This style is perfect for the girl who is a bit more relaxed but still wants to look pulled together. A simple loose bun set a little higher on your head can be accented with a single plaited braid wrapped around it. This is easy enough you can do this for yourself!

#3 Side Swept Messy Curls

side swept messy curls
Credit: modernbeauties via Instagram

This look is a simple loosely pulled together side-swept look featuring a few simple braids as accents. Curl the ends of hair and pin in place for a look that is loose, flowing, and yet pulled together easily.

#4 Classic Pinup Vintage Styles

pinup vintage hair
Credit: kraynova.marina via Instagram

The pinup or vintage style of large waves and big curls is a great way to create a unique and stunning wedding image. It takes a bit of practice and works to set, but once you have your curls down you can add some vintage makeup with thick eyeliner and bright red lipstick to make this look work for you.

#5 Half Up Loose Wavy Style

Credit: autumnhoustonthesalon via Instagram

For longer hair, this is a great way to add some simple volume and beauty to a basic look. Pull half of the hair up and braid across the back or simply secure with a barrette leaving the bottom half and length hanging loose. Grab a curling wand to style with large loose waves. This style is commonly embellished with some flowers or a tiara with a veil.

beautiful bride with curly bun

What are some of your favorite wedding hairstyles? Share with us below!

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