15 Gorgeous Wedding Hair Ideas With Extensions

When it comes to the best wedding hairstyles ideas with extensions, you may get simply boggle by the sheer information available on the internet. When you’re already in a mad rush trying to plan every other aspect of your big day, it’s enough to make you want to scream!

Let me help you out. I scoured the whole wide world (or at least the whole worldwide web) to find you some amazing ideas. The list even has ideas for bridal hair extensions and doing wedding updos with extensions. Let’s dive in!

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15 Best Wedding Hairstyles Ideas With Extensions

From simple yet elegant waves to stunning braids, extensions make getting ready for your big day a whole lot easier.

#1 Mermaid Waves

mermaid waves

Compared to Sebastian and Ariel styles, these beachy bridal waves offer a much better hair extensions alternative. That’s particularly true for thin hair.

Be ready to become a siren born out of the excessively gelled barrel curls of a 2000s teenager. 

If you’re into beach wedding hair, take the hair extensions and add a layer of protective spray. Hold the mermaid wave in place by weaving it into sections of your hair.

#2 Natural Curls

natural curly hair

For natural styling, make sure that you leave a few sections undisturbed.

You can also make use of tight braids to get a similar look. Keep the braids overnight. But make sure that you’ve braided the extensions.

After that, slide it smoothly underneath the shaft of the hair. Use a texturizing spray to finish the look.

#3 Dutch Braid

dutch braid

Braids may turn out looking like noodles if you’re someone who has thin hair. That means in terms of styling; it may fall a bit short. At the same time, hair extensions can be a saving grace.

With such an arsenal of hair extensions available at your disposal, the scope of styling braided wedding hairstyles is limitless. You can go for the boxers, boho fishtail braid, boho side braid French, and even Dutch braids.

#4 High Bun

bride with high bun

A hair bun is another option for styling by making use of hair extensions.

Since the main reason for adding hair extensions here is to increase the bulk of the hair, it’s vital that you make use of a clip-on for that sleek look. 

#5 Bridal Updo

bridal updo

Hair extensions bring out another dimension of charm when combined with the vintage waves. It helps creates a dreamy and sophisticated vibe.

Level up your ordinary high bun with bridal updos for thin hair. Collect bundles of hair extension, section and wrap it up and make a bun.

Use hair ties in order to secure the bun in place. You can also take some sections of your hair and leave it hanging around your face.

#6 Low Bun

bride with low bun hair

In contrast to the high bun, this wedding hairstyle is much easier to maintain. At the same time, that doesn’t have anything with how low effective bun is when it comes to wedding hairstyles.

The low bun is also comparatively much simpler to make and tame. You do not require any special procedure in order to add extensions, similar to the low ponytail.

Begin creating volume by curling the hair. Add the extensions.

#7 Braided Bun

bride with braided bun

Instead of going for a simple low bun, you can experiment with a low Braided Bun. 

At the neck base, create a loose bun by pulling together the locks. You can also side braid your hair to add more texture.

Ensure to leave out a few long strands. In the area surrounding the bun, make use of clips.

If you like a whimsical vibe, let few strands of hair travel across the neck base and the face area.

#8 Waterfall Braids

waterfall hair

A waterfall braid is ideal for creating a lovely, romantic look. This look is perfect with a classic bridal gown! 

You can use hair extension to add some volume for that fairytale look. 

#9 Vintage Waves

bride with vintage waves hair

When it comes to vintage water waves, volume remains to be the key element. The classic loose waves get highlighted further with the help of hair extensions.

Segment your hair in wide sections (three in total) after putting on the extensions. While keeping the barrel curler flat, ensure to wrap your hair around it. If you wish to get a flowing and smooth wave, this particular step is crucial. 

You must make sure to place the barrel as flat as possible by wrapping your hair around it. Use a lightweight holding spritz and spray it over your hair while repeating the process. Also, ensure that the spray offers a shine after application. 

#10 Boho Waves

bride with boho-styled hair

If you’re into more modern wedding hairstyles, go for the boho waves or the brushed-out waves.

In order to get bouncy and big waves, brushing is vital. It helps avoid tight ringlets. Around the mid-length of the hair, use a little bit of anti-frizz. Employ a wide-tooth comb and tangle teaser for brushing out the curls.

#11 The Curled Mid Ponytail

bride with curly ponytail

The look of a long low ponytail will massively exceed your expectation if you add hair extensions to the mix. To your already cute ponytail, it adds length and endows fullness.

Add more volume to the look by teasing the layers’ underside. But before styling your curled mid ponytail, use a texturizing spray. 

#12 Side Sweep Ponytail

bride with wedding hairstyles extensions

For another curly hairstyle, brides with a preference for wearing their hair down would love this beautiful side-swept look.

It falls down and frames the face with still manages to look elegant. You can also add chic hair accessories like pearls or create side wedding hairstyles with veils to take your look to the next level.

#13 High Pony Tail

sleek ponytail wedding hair

You can also opt for a higher ponytail for that Ariana Grande-inspired ponytail look or take a unique route with bubble ponytails and bungee ponytails.

You’ll also require hair clips in order to keep the styling in place. Ensure that it’s around the same size as the ponytail. That way, you’ll be able to hide the claw hair clip better.

#14 Soft Bombshell Waves

bride with curly wedding hairstyles extensions

This is a timeless bridal hairstyle that you can pair with any color scheme or style of decor. Style your curls in large portions parted towards the same side, then brush out the curls for an exquisite bridal appearance.

#15 Milkmaid Braid

bridal braid

This face hairstyle is a timeless classic because it keeps your hair out of your garment while still framing and enhancing your features.

This hairdo goes well with a variety of outfits because of its charming and stylish look.

What to Know About Styling Hair With Extensions

  • No compromises on the quality of the hair extensions.

Getting a low-quality extension is top on the list of the bridal hair extension DON’Ts.

You must be comfortable with the quality of the extension. Other than that, it should be discreet and, thus, must have the same color as your natural hair.

There is an entire category of hair extensions like cashmere hair, Caucasian hair, Indian hair, and so on. Brands such as Halo hair extensions are perfect for wedding hair extensions. 

  • BlowDrying your hair is crucial.

Blow drying assists in making the extensions natural and blends them with your natural hair.

  • Be patient.

Trust us; Hair extensions will accentuate your look and hairstyling. You must be patient when using hair extensions.

In case you’re someone who washes your hair every three days, invest proper time in styling your hair. You can look up photos and videos of beautiful hairstyles for inspiration.

If you do, you won’t have to style it again until you wash your hair again. That way, you’ll reap great results in the form of great looks.


Do brides wear hair extensions?

Absolutely! Hair extensions are efficient and make ideal accessories to bring out the extra oomph element.
Since not every bride has thick hair, hair extensions are great in adding bulk. Thus, it becomes possible for brides to get the wedding updo with extensions.lady with a messy bun hairstyle

Are hair extensions worth it for wedding?

Weddings are a great platform for the bride as well as the guests. It not only helps those with thin and short hair but also offers flexibility to style your hair.
Hair extensions even offer ideas for bridesmaid updo for thin hair.

Can you do any hairstyle with extensions?

Hair extensions offer limitless possibilities for wedding hairstyles.
If you’re someone who loves rustic and traditional vibes, you would totally love the wedding hairstyle you’ll get after adding hair extensions to highlight your vintage waves.bride with perfect curls

Can you do an updo with clip-in extensions?

There exists a variety of wedding updos with clip-in hair extensions. In actuality, clip-in extensions offer a great selection for updos.
Some examples are that of the high bun updo and high ponytail wedding updos with extensions.


There’s something special and magical that luscious and long hair brings to the forefront. That specifically becomes more apparent on a wedding day.

pretty bride with wedding hairstyles with extensions

What are your favorite wedding hairstyles extensions? Please share with us below!

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