A Comprehensive Review of Whiteflash Diamonds

Looking for in-depth Whiteflash reviews to find out more about the popular diamond retailer? I’ve got you covered. Below, I’ll go over everything you need to know, including Whiteflash’s history, its diamond quality, what type of variety you can expect from the shop, and so much more. Let’s dive right in!

What is Whiteflash?

Whiteflash engagement ring in a red box

Whiteflash is a modern bridal jewelry and diamond retailer. Their specialty is their super ideal cut diamonds as well as engagement rings in many shapes and sizes. Their clients are spread around the globe, reaching from the United States to Australia. They are often dubbed as the “Lord of the online ring” by several magazines, which works as a testament to their quality and demand in the industry.

If you have any idea about what makes a diamond ideal, then you will know that the cut is the most crucial aspect of the stone. The cut determines the appearance of the diamond and how light reflects from it, enhancing its beauty and charm.

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On the other hand, a poor diamond cut quality ultimately diminishes its appeal and makes it look lifeless and dull. However, cutting a diamond with accurate precision takes a lot of time and skill.

Whiteflash excels as they have craftsmen who are capable of making ideal diamond cuts. This aspect makes the diamond quality supreme, giving Whiteflash a competitive edge in the market.

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What is the History of White Flash Diamonds?

Whiteflash was established in 2000 in Houston, Texas. Since then, they’ve made a name for themselves through hard work, expert craftsmanship, and a brilliant business approach.

Their collection of diamonds are now crowned as some of the world’s best ideal cut diamonds. In fact, since 2004, they have received high honors and maintained an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau. Apart from that, they received the 2016 BBB Pinnacle Award.

While having an ideal diamond cut is crucial, managing the quality over the years is even more necessary to remain successful in the diamond industry. In this case, Whiteflash happens to be the only jeweler to ever get an ISO quality management system award by the ABS. This award means that Whiteflash has successfully managed an international standard of quality throughout the years.

Today, Whiteflash is one of the top online retailers for diamond jewelry and loose diamonds. Their customers have grown over the years because of referrals and testimonials that prove their quality products. Without having to use any marketing stunts, Whiteflash has managed to build international brand recognition around the globe.

What is Special About White Flash Diamonds?

You can find diamonds of all shapes, colors, and prices from many online retailers worldwide, but Whiteflash maintains a competitive edge over all these businesses. The reason is that Whiteflash is the only registered developer and worldwide distributor of their A CUT ABOVE® super ideal diamonds.

What’s so special about A CUT ABOVE® super ideal diamonds is that the craftsmen take particular time and skills while following strict requirements to cut the diamond into the finest proportions and angles. As a result, the precisely cut diamond is dubbed as the best of the best among all diamond cut qualities any retailer has to offer.

While the skills of the craftsman matter a lot, the diamond itself must also have an AGS triple zero-rating. It must already possess favorable symmetry, have a fine polish, and remarkable light performance. These strict parameters help the Whiteflash craftsmen choose the best piece of diamond to achieve the best results.

For these reasons, the expensiveness of Whiteflash products is worth every dollar, as they produce some of the most balanced and visually appeasing diamonds in the world. Their A CUT ABOVE®  super ideal diamond will maintain its position at the apex of all parameters.

hand wearing a Whiteflash diamond ring

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5 Things to Know About White Flash Diamonds

Every business has to provide quality services and customer care along with quality products. The case is no different for Whiteflash. Therefore, we will learn more about the variety of diamonds Whiteflash jewelers offer, along with their customer service.


While Whiteflash mostly prides itself on their A CUT ABOVE® super ideal diamond cut, they are not for everyone. So if you are one of the people who don’t care about a specific diamond cut, then you can shop at Whiteflash for something more traditional, like princess cut diamonds. While they don’t fall in the same A Cut Above category, they maintain excellent cut precisions that enhance the diamond’s brilliance.

If you want to explore different shapes and cuts for diamonds, then Whiteflash jewelers have a variety of ten different shapes. Apart from A CUT ABOVE®, these varieties include marquises, pears, ovals, hearts, asschers, cushions, emeralds, and radiant cuts.

Return Policy

Return policies are meant to increase the customer’s confidence in the purchase. Therefore, to maintain the confidence of their purchasers, Whiteflash manages an excellent return policy.

All of the in-stock diamonds in the Premium Select, Expert Selection, or A CUT ABOVE® and the regular items in the catalog have the easy return policy of full 30-days money-back guarantee. Apart from that, the diamonds in the virtual selection category and the outsourced diamonds from third-party vendors have a return policy of a 10-days with a money-back guarantee.

However, any piece of customized jewelry or a product the company altered for you is not returnable.


All jewelry and diamonds by Whiteflash have a one-year service plan. The service plan includes repairs and refinishing of metals and diamonds. In addition, it includes repairing any small defects that arise as the result of normal wear. If there are any manufacturing errors, you can get a repair within one year after the date of purchase.

This coverage plan is more comprehensible than any lifetime warranty other retailers can offer. Such warranties are often hollow in nature. But when it comes to Whiteflash, the main focus is on maintenance of the jewelry and diamond instead of determining the cause.

Customer Service

Along with the wide variety of jewelry options, Whiteflash also offers quality customer services as well. These services include giving customers free shipping for their purchase, a one-year buyback guarantee for any in-stock jewelry or diamond, a maintenance warranty, and a loyalty program for their customers.

In case customers are not satisfied with their purchase, Whiteflash offers a full money-back guarantee, which gives their customers the safety needed to make purchases without any worries. Their standards of quality management, on the other hand, are highly acknowledged around the globe.

On top of all these customer services, Whiteflash assists their customers by providing a personal consultant to help them. In addition, the option is available in the form of live chat on the website, which you can access 24/7. All in all, anyone who conducts business with Whiteflash thoroughly enjoys the experience.

Jewelry Insurance

You must always make sure that you have jewelry insurance for your diamonds to ensure your protection in case of theft, accidental loss, or damage to the item. Whiteflash collaborates with insurance companies to provide their customers with all-risk coverage insurance. The insurance coverage policies include any minor damage to the item as well as major issues such as loss or theft.

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3 Best Whiteflash Rings Reviews

Whiteflash is popular for its A CUT ABOVE® super ideal diamond cuts and the diverse range and modern styles available in designer engagement rings and wedding rings. Some of the most popular rings that customers can’t stop fawning over include:

Solitaire Ring

Solitaire rings happen to be one of the crowd’s favorite choices for engagement rings. The simple yet elegant designs symbolize love and loyalty, and the ideal cut diamond on top makes the occasion even more remarkable. In the same spirit, a customer reviews that “I loved the ring, the proposal went without a hitch. Now we are happily engaged, and she loves the ring!”.

Another customer says, “It looks amazing! I definitely cannot see the inclusion no matter how much I inspect it. So shiny and beautiful. Thank you!”

Pave Engagement Ring

If you want to opt for something a bit more extravagant and show your partner that you are ready to pamper them for life, then pave engagement rings are perfect for you. A happy customer says that “The ring looks absolutely stunning! The fit is great, and we are so far very pleased with the ring and the buying experience! Thanks!”

Diamond Wedding Ring

Wedding rings are always a special part of our life. They bound a person in marriage with their beloved and represent their love and care throughout the marriage. For this reason, diamond wedding rings add a little fancy twist to the traditional bands. A satisfied customer says, “Always a great experience with Whiteflash! Michelle made the process seamless and was so helpful in answering all of our questions. The ring is gorgeous, we couldn’t have asked for more! Thank you!”

All of these Whiteflash diamonds reviews leave us with a distinct impression that the retailer delivers what they promise. Not only that, but they go to extra lengths to help their customers make the best choice according to their preferences and budget.

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Are Whiteflash diamonds worth it?

Whiteflash offers A Cut Above super ideal diamond cut, which is the apex of diamond cut standards. Apart from that, they also have premium cuts available. When diamond cut quality has so much importance in the diamond’s value and worth, then clearly, Whiteflash can give you the premium quality that you deserve.
Their diamonds are worth every penny, which is why Whiteflash is globally known as one of the leading online diamond retailers.beautiful whiteflash diamond reviews

Does Whiteflash buy diamonds?

Like every other jeweler, Whiteflash also buys loose diamonds and rings from other vendors upon special requests or fills a specific market gap. Not only that, buy Whiteflash offers you a ten-day return policy for loose diamonds or jewelry bought by Whiteflash after involving a third vendor.

Are Whiteflash real diamonds?

The reason why Whiteflash is one of the leading online sellers of A Cut Above and Premium Cut diamonds is that they sell high-quality real diamonds. Apart from the cut, the premium quality of the diamond, its AGS triple zero rating plays an important role in determining its quality.
Furthermore, the craftsmen only choose the diamond to cut if it has a specific symmetry, remarkable light reflection, and polish. Hence, Whiteflash only uses real, high-quality diamonds to make their engagement rings.


Whiteflash reviews stand as testimonies to their legitimacy, professionalism, and work attitude. So if you are thinking about buying diamonds or jewelry for your loved ones from Whiteflash, then we highly recommend this decision.

Ranging from diamond cuts, varieties, and shapes, Whiteflash has them all. Therefore, if you want to buy an engagement ring or a wedding ring for your partner, then Whiteflash is a reliable choice. Not only do they promise apex quality products, but they also help you in making a choice.

A chat assistant who is also a diamond expert is always there to assist you through the process and make the choices easier. But even if you didn’t acquire any help, you can easily trust the services and products of Whiteflash.


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