Moissanite vs Diamond Nexus: What Are the Differences?

Looking for a comparison of diamond nexus vs moissanite? Diamond alternatives (simulants) are rapidly gaining popularity for wedding bands and engagement rings due to their glamorous look and durability, but they cause a lot of confusion.

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When it comes to diamond simulants, nexus diamond and moissanite are two of the most popular options.

Although the diamond-like look makes them both a great choice for budget jewelry shopping, they each have unique characteristics to consider.

Diamond nexus simulants sparkle like top-grade diamonds found in fine jewelry and offer unmatched clarity, while moissanite is slightly harder than average diamonds and comes in different colors and shapes.

Deciding between diamond nexus vs moissanite can be difficult, as both offer superior features as a diamond alternative. Knowing all factors such as affordability, appearance, durability and more will help make the decision process easier for anyone looking for stunning diamond-like jewelry at a fraction of the cost of real diamond jewelry.

Below, I’ll cover all the nitty-gritty details you might want to know before you decide to buy either one of these stones! You will also find out the pricing, colors, and finally, if the hype is actually real? Dig in!

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What is Diamond Nexus?

Diamond Nexus is a simulant of real diamonds, meaning it’s grown in a lab instead of occurring naturally. This particular simulant is made up of a certain proprietary formula and is further coated with materials that make its surface hard and much less porous. This prevents it from getting cloudy over time as well.

The diamond nexus imitates the look of natural diamonds very closely. Its weight, flawless texture, and hardness almost replicated a mined diamond. However, there are just two exceptions; it costs less and is perfectly crafted as compared to the natural diamond.

Is Diamond Nexus Worth It?

Yes! Diamond Nexus is totally worth it if you are willing to pay a quarter of the price of a real diamond. On Moh’s scale, the hardness of these synthetic diamonds is 9.2. This means it won’t get scratched or damaged easily while retaining its beautiful brilliance.

Another characteristic that makes the diamond nexus worth it is that it doesn’t get cloudy over time.

Although, I can’t guarantee that because different companies use various techniques and stones to compose diamond nexus but, the highest quality ones don’t get cloudy. They stay sparkling and crystal clear as long as they are properly taken care of.

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Do Nexus Diamonds Get Cloudy?

The real Nexus Diamonds don’t get cloudy over time. This is due to a protective layer stacked on these stones to prevent them from accumulating dirt and grime over time which could contribute to color changes.

The authentic Diamond Nexus never gets cloudy. If a nexus diamond gets cloudy, it probably wasn’t of good quality. You can check with the company you have purchased the item from, they usually have an exchange policy in such situations.

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What is Moissanite?

It is said that Moissanite is born from the stars. Basically, these naturally occurring crystals are composed of silicon carbide and are lab-created. The microscopic particles were also found in a crater in Arizona.

Since natural moissanite is extremely rare, lab-created are very common. These gemstones were finally made into their best shape after many years of fine processes to make them look as perfect as diamonds. The round-cut moissanite is the closest imitator of mined diamonds.

Moissanites still do not look like exactly the real diamonds as they are visually and compositionally distinct, I will explain further how the difference is spotted. These gemstones are even rarer than diamonds as they occur in very minute quantities on earth. 

Moissanite is used as a diamond alternative very often in jewelry. It is especially popular as engagement ring stones. 

Is Moissanite Worth It?

If you are worried about the fact that is moissanite even worth it, then you should consider these facts. Will the gemstone pair well with other diamond simulants or accents?

To tell you the truth, moissanite looks beautiful with other gemstones. Not only do they look great on their own but also enhance the appearance of the gemstones they are studded with.

According to researches, moissanite is very resistant under high pressure and doesn’t chip or break.

This guarantees its durability so you can be very sure that your money spent will be totally worth it.  On the Moh’s scale, moissanite is at 9.5 thus these are perfectly suitable for everyday use.

This rare gemstone doesn’t lose its sparkle over time unless it is seriously damaged. They are colorless just like real diamonds but do reflect yellowish hues when angled in a certain way.

Yes, moissanite is totally worth it if you are looking for a diamond alternative at a more affordable price tag.

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Does Moissanite Break Easily?

Moissanite is composed of very stable atoms of silicon carbides. The atoms are so strongly bound together that they are able to withstand very high pressure. Moissanite is resistant to scratching, breaking, and chipping and is considered a very stable material.

On the Moh’s scale moissanite stands at 9.5 as compared to real diamonds which have a rating of 10 thus vouching for the hardness of the gemstone. It is also heat tolerant. A moissanite stone can last forever if handled with some care just like diamonds!

Moissanite stones are a special type of gemstone known for their incredible hardness and heat tolerance. They measure a 9.5 on the Moh’s scale, making them just short of being as hard as real diamonds that have a score of 10.

However, moissanite is still strong enough to last forever when taken care of properly. Not only do moissanite gem stones exhibit the same beauty we seek in diamonds, but they can also endure even the most extreme conditions without compromising its structure or appearance.

As such, moissanite stones represent an excellent option to accessorize with confidence knowing your ring will live up to whatever life brings your way!

All these properties make this rare gemstone very durable and resistant to breakage while jewelry repairing too.

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Side-By-Side Comparison Between Moissanite And Diamond Nexus

The Diamond Nexus and moissanite are both great simulants of naturally occurring diamonds. The best part about these two is that they fit the bill for most people.

If you have ethical and environmental concerns but love the bling, these gemstones are the best option you have!

However, when comparing the two you will get to know how the chemical composition, brilliance, pricing, durability, and colors of the two gems are quite distinct.

I have tried to touch upon every important characteristic of these stones so that you are sure shot about getting your hands on the right one!

Pricing and Affordability

Diamond Nexus is a cheaper option as compared to moissanite. Picking any of the two is dependent on the budget you have allocated for them.

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Since these are even rarer than diamonds, they can be expensive. Moissanite is typically 40% cheaper compared to a real diamond. 1 carat of this rare gemstone can cost up to $600. The cost also varies according to the quality of the stone i.e.; premium or super-premium.

Diamond Nexus

Diamond Nexus is much cheaper as compared to moissanite. You are most likely to get a nexus diamond under $25. The prices vary on the cut, color clarity, and the size of the stone.

Colors and Clarity

This is of utmost importance because if you need a stone that is a look-alike of a diamond, you should be very keen on the colors and the clarity of the gemstone.


While moissanite is usually labeled as colorless, this gemstone does project hues of grey and yellow in certain lighting settings. You can see better and clearer hues in bigger-sized moissanite.

Stark white moissanite and slightly dyed gemstones are also commonly available in the market.

The highest quality moissanite is the clearest. Most moissanites sold, are at an exceptional level of clarity, however, infractions can still be found at the microscopic level.

Diamond Nexus

The Diamond Nexus (lab-grown diamonds) are also available in clear sparkling hues, however, similar to moissanite you will come across dyed ones too. Since Diamond Nexus are the closest imitators of mined diamonds, they are rated as (D) which means are completely colorless.


Refraction is the key to the brilliance of any stone. Diamond and its alternatives are also assessed on the amount of light they refract. Refraction simply means how much light is absorbed and reflected.

Both, diamond nexus and moissanite show utmost brilliant but they still have minute notable differences.

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Diamond Nexus

This diamond simulant displays white scintillation and the refractive quality is excellent. Moreover, these simulants are ideally cut for maximum refraction.

To make it similar, the light that enters this stone gets totally internally reflected contributing to its high refractive index just like natural diamonds. Diamond Nexus sparkle a lot due to this high refractive index.


Being doubly refracted, moissanite the scintillation is multi-colored. As natural light hits this gemstone, you might notice hues of grey, yellow, and even red! It has a partially low refractive index and does not shine as much as Diamond Nexus.


Here we will talk about which of the two are easily available and has a better reputation


Moissanite is a far rarer stone as compared to Diamond Nexus which is a lab-grown simulant. Thus the demand for a moissanite engagement ring is far more. However, currently, this gemstone is not frequently and very easily available though you can find a limited variety at various stores.

The downside, however, is that the dyed stones might fade over time as reported by some customers.

Diamond Nexus

Although Diamond Nexus guarantees the durability of these stones, customers have still complained about its quality. Since these are man-made, they are more viably available and their affordability makes it a favorite for those who are looking for a diamond alternative.


Both the stones are hard enough to be held as good alternates to diamond, however, there is still a significant difference between the two!

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The best way to find out the hardness of a stone as per gemologists is the Moh’s scale. I have talked about this scale before and by now you must be familiar with the fact that this scale is the benchmark to measure the hardness.

Moissanite stands at 9.5 when it comes to hardness. This means they can easily withstand high pressures and won’t scratch on the surface no matter what material it strikes with.

Diamond Nexus

On Moh’s scale, the hardness level of this stone is at 9.2. This doesn’t mean that this stone is weak, however, it is not as hard as moissanite. Thus it is more likely to get scratched. It does look a lot like a mined diamond but when it comes to the level of hardness, there is an evident difference between the two.


Toughness is not the same as hardness. The toughness of a gemstone refers to how much external pressure it can withstand.


Moissanite is exceptionally tough and won’t chip or break no matter what the pressure it has to go through. Obviously, it shouldn’t be compared to the toughness of a diamond but you can say, moissanite is a runner-up!

Diamond Nexus

Yes, Diamond Nexus is also tough but in comparison to moissanite, it cannot withstand very high pressure or high temperature. It is more prone to chipping and breaking unless it is carefully handled.


Can I pass off my moissanite as a diamond?

To be honest, I wouldn’t pass either of the two as a diamond because, at the end of the day, these are not real diamonds after all.
But yes, moissanite can be passed off as a diamond as it has almost the same sparkle and brilliance as the mined diamond. In fact, moissanite is the only gemstone that actually can be passed as a diamond due to its hardness and durability!

Can you tell the difference between Moissanite and natural diamonds?

Only a gemologist or an experienced jeweler can tell the difference between the two. You cannot simply distinguish the two with the naked eye.
You will require a loupe to look at the crown of the stone at a specific angle. Moissanite is doubly refracted and there are chances that you might see hues of yellow and blue, unlike diamond which doesn’t refract.hand wearing a Whiteflash diamond ring

Are diamond Nexus Lab diamonds real?

No, these are patented lab-grown stones and are simulants of diamonds. They imitate the real diamond but their chemical properties, hardness, and clarity differ from mined diamonds.

Are lab-grown diamonds worth it?

If you are tight on a budget but you just love that luster of a diamond, lab-grown diamonds are totally worth the money! The best part is that synthetic diamonds imitate real diamonds and are available at a fraction of the cost of diamonds. Good quality lab-grown diamonds don’t chip and last forever!

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The final decision is always up to you! Although moissanite can cost slightly more than Diamond Nexus but do keep in mind the durability and hardness these stones have to offer.

In case you are still double-minded, you can check Asha diamonds which are also lab-grown but have a dazzling charisma to them, and make beautiful rings!

You will always get to see both positive and negative reviews about Diamond Nexus as well as moissanite but I always believe gemstones last longer with care. 

Shopping for gemstones can be challenging especially with so many gemstones stores springing up every month. The right way to pick the best is to firstly check the reviews, if someone in your circle has purchased a gemstone from the same shop you picked, ask them for honest reviews.

Read the seller’s product guarantee and warrantees carefully and always make sure you get a warranty card after purchasing. This will help you to return and exchange the item if it is damaged, scratched, or breaks.

Before you decide to purchase any of the two, do keep in mind your budget. The simulants can never be true replacements of mined diamonds but they are no less. If you are looking for ethical gemstones these are your best bets!

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Which one do you prefer, Diamond Nexus or Moissanite? Let us know in the comments below!

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