Over or Under Bridal Shower Game Printable

Over or under bridal shower game printable

Over or Under is one of the easiest bridal shower games to play, but don’t let that fool you; it’s still an absolute blast! Read on to learn how to play!

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What do you need to play Over or Under

  1. A printed copy for every player, including the guest of honor (this will be your master copy)
  2. Pens/pencils/markers.
  3. A prize for the winner (optional)

How to Play

  1. Start by giving every player a copy of the printout. I recommend handing them out face down.
  2. Set a timer for a few minutes. Five is usually plenty, but it’s up to you.
  3. For each thing on the list, players have to guess whether it’s over, under or exact. Example: if they think the wedding is less than 47 days away, they check off “under.” If more, they check “over.” If it’s exactly 47 days, they check “exact.”
  4. At the same time, have the guest of honor check off the correct answers.
  5. When the time is up, have players swap with each other so they’re not grading their own sheet.
  6. Read out the correct answers and give each player a point for every one that they got right.
  7. The winner is the one with the most points!

Extra tips

  • You can play this virtually as well. Just set up an email draft, then click “send” when it’s time to play. That way everyone gets it at roughly the same time and no one has an unfair advantage.
  • If you have multiple winners (and/or multiple games), put them all into a raffle for one big prize. That way you don’t have to buy a bunch of small prizes.

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