Who Knows the Couple Best Printable Bridal Shower Game

Looking for a fun and easy bridal shower printable game that everyone will love playing? “Who Knows the Couple Best?” is perfect! It’s VERY simple to master, yet will have each guest trying to prove that no one knows this pair better than they do.

Bonus: it’s very gender-neutral, so it’s great for lesbian bridal showers, a party for two grooms’, couples’ showers, and more.

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What do you need to play Who Knows the Couple Best

  1. A copy of the printable for each person at your party (don’t forget the couple).
  2. Pens/pencils/markers.
  3. A fun prize for the winner!

How to Play

  1. When you’re ready to play, give a copy of the printable to each guest, as well as a copy to the bride (or each half of the couple, if both are present).
  2. Ask guests to answer the questions, noting down which half of the couple each thing on the list best describes.
  3. Ask the bride (or brides, grooms, etc) to fill in their copy.
  4. The person who matches the guest of honor’s sheet the most closely wins.

Extra Tips for Added Fun

That’s it, really! Super simple, yet oh-so-fun! If it’s a little too simple, though, try these tips:

  • Only have a few minutes to play games? Make it “Minute to Win It” style! Give each guest ONE MINUTE to fill in as much of the card as they can.
  • Throwing a virtual shower? You can easily email these- and our other printables- to guests so they can play at home.

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