8 Epic Lesbian Bridal Shower Activities That Aren’t Games    

Searching for some lesbian bridal shower activities that aren’t games? We’ve got you covered! Keep reading for our favorite ideas to keep everyone entertained throughout the whole event. PS- these also make great bachelorette party ideas, too.

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8 Epic Lesbian Bridal Shower Activities That Aren’t Games    

Everything is set for your bestie’s bridal shower. The venue, the food, the wine, the dress code, EVERYTHING is in order.

There is only one problem: What to do during the party between food and gifts?

Sure, you could buy and play a few cute bridal shower drinking games, but that’s really not your friend’s thing. Are there any other options left on the table? You bet!

Here are amazing lesbian bridal shower activities that aren’t games.

1. Paint Party

Nothing rocks like a great paint party. And no, you don’t have to be professionals. It’s just a great way of spending time together.

It’s a way to create a new special memory that will last a lifetime.

There are many things you can paint during a bridal shower. For example, you can draw a painting of a key to symbolize that the bride will always have the key to her lover’s heart.

Allow your imagination to go wild and paint whatever comes to mind. Heck, make it an abstract painting party! You can then give the bride the paintings to always remember her last day as a single lady.

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2. Words of Wisdom

This is another fun and useful idea. Relationships are fun, but they can also be hard.

During the bridal shower, have everyone write pieces of advice on how to stay happy in marriage, how to forgive each other and how to get through tough times. To spice it up a little, you can even throw in a great sex tip!

Trust me, these notes will forever be treasured, and they’ll hold on to them till the end of time. You can even paint some mason jars in her wedding colors before the party to make this activity even more gift-worthy.

3. Date Night Jar Ideas

This jar may not seem helpful to the bride at the moment. But she will love you for doing it after a few months in marriage.

People get busy and so caught up in real life that they forget to tend to their relationships. Even the easiest things like getting a romantic date night idea seem like a task.

It’s not a bad thing. It’s just what happens once people begin to get too comfortable with each other.

You can ask the guests to write down the best date night ideas and read them loudly. And maybe even suggest ways to make each date night idea better.

Put the notes in the jar and let the bride keep them. Whenever she wants a date night idea, she can always refer to the date night jar.

Here are some ideas for a date night jar.

4. Memory Lane

In most cases, the guests are close friends, so you’ve shared most of your memories together.

And even though you might not have all been together in every ceremony, you’ve discussed it together.

A memory lane activity allows you to relive all these great moments. Have every guest write their favorite memory with the bride.

Hand over all the notes to the bride and let her read them loudly, and ask every member in the group to guess who shared the memory with the bride.

5. Wine Tasting

You can never go wrong with any kind of wine party as long as there is wine. One way to do this is by visiting the local wine boutique or having a DIY wine tasting.

The rules of a wine tasting party are pretty easy. Every person is given a chance to look, smell, taste the wine and then conclude the type of wine it is.

Ensure you have a variety of wine for this. The game may even help the bride choose the wine she is going to serve at the wedding.

6. Cupcake Decoration or Cooking Party

This sounds like a no-brainer, but I promise you it’s not as easy as it sounds. Alert the guests to bring aprons because things might get a little messy. Have a judge to crown the best winner of the night to make it fun.

Alternatively, you can have a cooking party where you choose a recipe that’s new to all of you and cook it together.

Both of these activities allow you to bond as a group and probably learn something new.

7. Beauty Station

This is not very different from the slumber parties you had growing up. Each guest can be given a task.

Some interesting activities of a beauty station include nail polish application, lip gloss application, make-up application, and even a wig section.

You can take it a notch higher by playing dress-up.

8. Recipe Collection

I love this idea because it’s a very useful gift. Ask all the bridal shower guests to write down their favorite recipes and include a picture of themselves.

You can then combine all the recipes into a scrapbook and gift the bride. She can then try the different recipes later and maybe even share them with her children.

Final Word on Bridal Shower Activities that Aren’t Games

I’m not against fun gay games or bridal shower games in any way. But sometimes we want something different. And something helpful that we will remember for years.

These bride shower activities will forever be remembered by the bride because some of the activities like recipes and advice are things she will always refer to.

Are you looking for lesbian bridal shower activities that aren't games? We bring you 8 extraordinary ideas that you will all treasure!

Which bridal shower activity idea do you like best? Tell me in the comment section.

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  1. love the idea of words of wisdom. Sometimes its best to hear them from friends and family as there’s always things we wished we knew before taking the step.

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