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Let’s talk bouquets for brides! While floral arrangements play a huge role in your overall wedding décor, the bouquet you carry down the aisle is pretty much the star of the flower show. If you haven’t settled on one yet and need some inspo, just keep reading!

14 Unique & Beautiful Bouquets for Brides

Flower bouquets are used all over the place throughout your wedding. There those put on tables, others hanging on the walls and dangling from roofs, still others held by bridesmaids. But none can hold a candle to the one you’ll carry down the aisle.

For a bride bouquet to come out as spectacular as you deserve it to be, some floral experience is necessary. So, I highly recommend seeking expert assistance from a professional wedding florist. They know exactly which blooms work best together, and which small touches bring everything together.

Still, it helps to go in with at least some idea of what you’re looking for. So, with that in mind, we’re sharing 14 bouquets for brides that we simply adore! They’re mixed with flowers of different types, shapes, and colors that you may like.

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1: Imperial Protea – 2 large pink flowers with closed flowers; Freesia – white flowers;

purple, green and white flowers, green flower buds and green leaves
Credit: The Newport Bride

2: Freesia – white flowers;

3: Peony – large orange – red flowers Ranunculus – white closed flowers;

4: Daisy – white flowers with yellow center; Foxglove – purple flowers; Scabiosa – blue flowers; Goldenrod – yellow flowers;

Credit: The Dandelion Patch

5: Sweet Peach Tea Flowers

Sweet Peach Tea Flower Bouquet | FlowerFix

You can find this beautiful and unique bridal bouquet on Fifty Flowers.


Our Sweet Peach Tea Flower Bouquet is a sweet treat for all of its beholders! Soft hints of peach roses are nestled in amongst pink blooms, white anemones, and soft white roses in a subtle blend that practically tastes like sweet tea. 

6: Peony – pink, cherry blossoms;


7: Chysanthemum – white large flowers; Creeper – clover-like leaves;

large round white flowers and strings of green leaves
Credit: Tumblr

8:; Roses – white flowers;  Geen hypericum berries ;

Creamy White Roses and Greenery Bouquet | FiftyFlowers

Find this gorgeous option on Fifty Flowers.


With cream white roses and white alstroemeria flowers, this arrangement is reminiscent of lazy clouds floating over rolling green hills and forests, perfectly captured with the inclusion of green hypericum berries set on a backdrop of cocculus greenery.

9: Carnation – small white flowers on the left; Decorative thistle – pricking balls in the bouquet; Lisianthus – white flowers;

large round white flowers and strings of green leaves
Credit: Green Wedding Shoes

10: Thuja – bouquet in the bouquet, Eucalyptus – silvery leaves in the bouquet, rose – white flowers;

large round white flowers and strings of green leaves
Credit: BritCo

11: Sunflowers – large yellow flowers; Dahlias – red

bouquet of garden sunflowers and dahlias. enameled teapot with flowers on the table. rustic still life.

12: Sunflowers – large yellow flowers; Daisy – white flowers with yellow center; Gerbera – large bright pink flowers with black center;

purple, white and pink flowers, green flower buds, sunflowers and strings of green leaves
Credit: Moncheri Bridals

13: Roses – bright flowers; Lily – pink flowers;

white, brown and pink flowers, green flower buds, and green leaves
Credit: PopSugar

14: Roses – white, cream and orange flowers Lisianthus – bright pink flowers Peony – large cherry flowers Snow Berries – white pink balls Craspedia – yellow balls Hyacinth

wedding bouquet consisting of purple, white and pink flowers, green flower buds and green leaves
Credit: Twitter

Which of these beautiful bouquets for brides do you love? Share below!

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