7 Unique Wedding Bouquet Flowers For Your Inspiration

Looking for some unique wedding bouquet flowers? We’ve got you covered! Roses are beautiful and all, but these buds below will definitely stand out! Take a look!

7 Unique Wedding Bouquet Flowers

Weddings are precious~ champagne, cake, joyous people are everywhere. Most importantly, it’s the start of a new life. So why don’t we make it more memorable than it already is?. So let’s explore some unique ideas.

Why Wedding Bouquet Flowers Are So Important?

You need a beautiful flower bouquet to carry down the aisle. You must choose the kind that would fit your stunning wedding outfit and mood perfectly. Like you choose your spouse with care, you need to choose the wedding flowers bouquet with care. After all, this is something you want to be remarkable.

7 Best Unique Wedding Flowers for Bouquets Ideas

Yeah, traditional white roses and Gypsophila are okay. But let’s think about something else.

Sunflowers with Yellow Feathers

round white flowers, yellow flower buds, and sunflowers

Who said your wedding bouquet needs to have roses only? You can still rock your special day with whatever flowers come to your mind.

But avoid flowers like milk flowers, daffodils, Calla Lilies, etc. We will talk about what flowers to avoid at the wedding later.

Just so that you know, lilies and sunflowers are completely okay. Add some soft, beautiful feathers to your bouquet, possibly the color of your sunflower, and you are good to go.

Mix it Up

A beautiful bouquet consisting of white, blue and green flowers tied with a pink ribbon

Flowers are traditional, and some will say that they are important. I’m not minimizing the importance of flowers. But you can also make Greenery bouquets.

You can add flowers to it if you want, but also use Japanese Pieris, banksia, peacock plant leaves, and ivy, etc.


A lovely wedding bouquet made of round green kales, green fruits, and small white and green flowers

Succulent plant bouquets are also another out of the box idea for wedding flowers. You can add flowers to it if you want, but avoid tulips at all costs. Tulips don’t live long after taking them out of the ground.

Dried Herbs Like Lavender and Chamomile

amazing cascade bouquet

Fresh herbs are normal and traditional. But if you want to create something even better, use dried lavender or chamomile. You can add air plants along with a beautiful bunch of lavender.


bouquet with different types of bright flowers

Wildflowers are also highly acceptable for wedding bouquets especially if you mix them up with feathers, brooches, or air plants.


Bouquet of red poppies in glass vase on old white wooden table.top vie

Poppies are cute and come in various colors. You can use one color or make a mixture of all of them together.


Anemone hupehensis japonica in bloom, beautiful pink flowering park ornamental plant, buds and green leaves

Anemones are also miniature flowers like poppies, and they come in various colors. They are perfect for amazing same sex wedding bouquets.


You can add more to this list, of course! Just think beyond roses and baby’s breath and come up with something that really speaks to your personality!


What are your favorite unique flowers for bouquets? Share below!

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