7 No-Fly Honeymoon Ideas for Same-Sex Couples in the US

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Looking for some amazing no-fly honeymoon ideas for same-sex couples in the USA? We’ve got you covered! Whether you’re skipping the flight because you’re afraid to fly or just to save some money, these ideas below are perfect for you! Keep reading to check them out!

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7 Same-sex couple honeymoon Ideas

With our no-fly honeymoon ideas, you will be able to experience the same pleasure without worrying about your fixed budget or flying sickness. Many are even better for the environment.

So, let’s not waste any more time and figure out the budget and eco-friendly honeymoon destinations for your memorable honeymoon with your favorite person. We’ll even share some of our favorite ideas on where to go for each one!

One last little note- some of these ideas aren’t really appropriate for honeymoons coming up soon, given the still-raging pandemic. We’re including them for those planning their big day for after things get back to normal. In the meantime, use common sense.

1. Time to take the Train

If you want a cheaper alternative to the flights, a train is a perfect option. Depending on where you live (and where you’re going), they’re affordable & convenient means of transportation.

Though they are time-consuming, you can use it as the best opportunity to enjoy yourself with your partner and travel around the country.

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Where to go on your train trip

As for where to go, New York is a popular LGBTQ-friendly honeymoon destination. You can spend your time in Times square or pay a visit to the Brooklyn Bridge. Hold your partner’s hands and go on a slow walk to witness the sunset and watch the lights illuminate the city like a distant star.

You can also make the ride itself your honeymoon. Check out the video below for some of the beat train trips in the USA.

2. Rent a Car & Take a Romantic Road Trip

If you and your partner are wanderlust and nature lovers, consider renting a car (or take your own, if it’s up for the trip) and hitting the highway.

What can be better than sitting right next to your partner in a convertible, planning the future, and sightseeing simultaneously on a relaxing road trip along the unknown streets?

You can travel around the entire country in your vehicle and explore places. Be it the beautiful beach in Florida or the Pacific Coast Highway in California; you can visit these not so frequently traveled streets with ease in the comfort of your car.

Book a car or use your private vehicle and check in to a luxury hotel. Spend time with your partner in full privacy, go for long walks on the white sand beaches, and make the most out of your honeymoon through a romantic road trip.

Aerial view of rural road with red car in yellow and orange autumn forest. No-Fly Honeymoon Ideas for Same-Sex Couples in the US

Romantic road trip ideas

Along with the ideas mentioned above, you can also make your road trip all about visiting these important LGBTQ landmarks in the US. Plot a course that involves reaching all of them or just choose a few closest to you. This is definitely one of my favorite no-fly honeymoon ideas!

Need more ideas? Check out the video below with the 10 best US road trips.

3. Hire a Boat or Honeymoon Yacht

Want to live your life in the Venice style- without the Venice flight? If you’re going to spend your honeymoon on a moving vessel surrounded by water all around and embrace the natural beauty, hiring a boat or a honeymoon yacht is a perfect choice.

You can enjoy the stay in the luxurious rooms of these yachts and spend your time together without any interruptions. The picture-perfect scenic view outside the window is worth looking at as you sail by the illuminated ports.

The romantic packages of these honeymoon yachts fit well in your budget, and you get to make the best memories out of this extraordinary opportunity. You can also avail yourself of jacuzzi baths and a relaxing spa with your partner and relax after your wedding.

No-Fly Honeymoon Ideas for Same-Sex Couples in the US- take a boat!
A boat cruising up the Intracoastal Waterway in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Where to go by boat

If you live on one of the coasts, you can actually reach quite a few romantic destinations by yacht.

For example, in California, you can sail up or down the coast and reach parts of Mexico or Canada. Just remember to take your passport if you’re actually planning to get off your boat during your trip.

For those down in or near Florida, a tour of the Keys is always a wonderful option!

4. Relax with Cruise

A cruise trip is a romantic destination that blends romance with the essence of luxury. You can chill with your bae in the deck hot tub, have candlelight dinner, or any other type as there are a variety of dining options available. You can also have high-class entertainment and also play innumerable games at the game arcade.

These amazing activities can be done on cruise ships while sailing towards the west coast or the north coast.

If you plan your honeymoon on a cruise ship, you will have the best romantic getaway of your life. There will be several entertainment resources available for you, along with the fascinating ocean views.

No-Fly Honeymoon Ideas for Same-Sex Couples in the US cruise ship

Where to go

You can sail to Hawaii, Quebec City, Caribbean Coast, or any other private island and spend some quality time with your beloved.

Upon reaching the North Shore, you can start tanning on the sandy beaches or exploring nature’s beauty while having fresh seafood. Perhaps even book a beachfront resort on any private island full of palm trees and other glamorous features and enjoy your perfect romantic getaway.

5. Get on your bike

A honeymoon doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to travel long distances, stay in a boutique hotel, and roam on the beaches. There is a lot more when you have to go on a honeymoon trip with your favorite person.

One such fantastic option for quirky couples is to ride a bike or go on self-guided walks. Home is the best place to stay within your comfort zone and still enjoy your post-wedding vacation. Grab your bikes and set out on a planned route using an expert guide.

Full length of two female cyclist enjoy mountain biking together on the forest.

Where to go on your bike honeymoon

Explore the nearby places, visit a valley on a day trip, or plan mountain biking. However, if you want to visit a place at a distance from your home, you can book accommodations for a night’s stay. A honeymoon on the cycle is a cool idea for a budget-restricted honeymooner couple and is eco-friendly also.

You can travel to short distance places with your partner with a sense of freedom, share your memories associated with that location, and do much more in the retro style without worrying about anything. Mountain biking is a perfect choice if you wish to see the midnight sun and enjoy the scene.

Love this idea but want to incorporate it into a honeymoon a little farther from home? Take your bike on your road trip and visit one of these amazing trails in the US:

6. Yes, for Bus Trips

Okay, it may not sound like the most romantic no-fly honeymoon ideas, but it’s still a great way to save money! Buy tickets for a bus and go on a trip across the country to take your partner for the perfect honeymoon vacation.

The huge variety of services and sightseeing that you can avail of on a coach cannot be found anywhere else. Seriously, the bus can take you pretty much anywhere in the US, where you get the opportunity to explore the entire country.

travel company bus greets tourists at the airport to take to the hote

Where to go by bus

Visit those amazing places on your bucket list like National Parks, Southwest’s Lost Canyons, Niagara Falls, Miami, a Botanical garden, and an extended stay at Las Vegas, where you can enjoy your night stay. Las Vegas is at its best at night, and this fantastic coach excursion will add a star to your honeymoon trip.

A bus trip really is one of the most affordable gay and lesbian couple honeymoon ideas. Give it a chance! You may be surprised!

7. Camper Vans and Glamping

For another out of the world honeymoon experience, you can rent a camper van and travel to places. The significant benefit of this idea is that you won’t have a headache to arrange accommodation.

You can travel in the van during the day and see a wide range of places, use it as your dining space, and sleep in the same van when the sky is all dark. You can also indulge yourself in stargazing and have the most romantic moments under the sky with your better half.

Most romantic places to go camping in the US

This one’s hard to narrow down. There are just so many beautiful places to camp all over the country. National parks are a great option!

Watch the sun set over Yosemite, breathe in the brisk Wyoming air in the Grand Tetons, or take in some of the most diverse ecosystems in Florida’s parks.

Check out the video below for some more ideas!

Without any fear or sickness, you can make the best memories and cherish them later with your beloved. Make yours once in a lifetime honeymoon trip worth remembering and the most romantic one.

Looking for some amazing no-fly honeymoon ideas for same-sex couples? Check out 7 perfect ways to travel around the US without taking a plane!

Do you have any other favorite no-fly honeymoon ideas that are perfect for LGBTQ couples? Share below!

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