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5 LGBT Wedding Packages For The Perfect Lesbian Destination Wedding

5 LGBT Wedding Packages For The Perfect Lesbian Destination Wedding

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Keen on a lesbian destination wedding, but unsure on what to expect from LGBT Wedding packages on offer?

Or maybe you know you want to get married in the colder months, but don’t know how to bring together the idea of “winter” and “destination wedding”?

Fair enough, especially when most of us are conditioned to associate “destination wedding” with a beachy, tropical vibe.

But either way, we’ve got you covered – here are an array of fun picks for LGBT destination wedding packages that’ll inspire across the board!

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Keen on a lesbian destination wedding, but unsure on what to expect from LGBT Wedding packages on offer? Check out 5 of our favorite all-inclusive packages!

How to Plan an LGBT Destination Wedding

As you plan your lesbian destination wedding, consider two things: your dream and your guests.

While I’d usually say, “Hey, it’s your day, forget what anyone else thinks!” with a destination wedding it’s a little bit different.

Unless you’re okay with getting married with just the two of you (and that’s totally fine if you are!), you need to consider your guests’ budgets.

If the majority of your friends and family are struggling to make ends meet, they’re not going to be able to swing airfare and a hotel to the other side of the world.

You don’t have to sacrifice your dream of an Icelandic wedding, of course. Just adjust your expectations about who can and will be able to make it.

With that in mind, the following LGBT wedding packages take you all around the globe, making it easy to find an idea that fits both your dreams and your guests’ budgets.

LGBT Wedding Packages for a Lesbian Destination Wedding

Say a disco “I do” in the Gay Chapel of Las Vegas

There’s something incredibly entertaining about the idea of getting hitched in Las Vegas.

With packages starting at as little as $265, it’s incredibly affordable too – but go big or go home right?

Our pick is one of the themed “decade” weddings at the Gay Chapel of Las Vegas! Choose from the 50s, 60s or a 70s disco-themed wedding!

Nothing will keep you and your guests warm like stepping into a disco wedding!

For $650 you can groove your way down the aisle with all the boogie bells and whistles, making it one of the most affordable LGBT wedding packages in Las Vegas!

For more Vegas ideas, check out this fabulous video covering the most unique gay chapels in the city:

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2. No cold feet at the Icehotel in Sweeden

If you’re going for a wintry destination, you can’t look past Sweden’s Icehotel.

Nature does the talking with the Torne River ice as your ceremony backdrop.

Between the ice glasses for toasting, the wedding suit hand-crafted from snow by internationally renowned artists, and the potential for spying the Northern Lights, it doesn’t get much more magical than this.

Packages start just shy of $4,000 (USD) and include everything from a photographer for 3 hours to the champagne to toast with.

Check out the video below for a peek at this magical winter wonderland!

3. Become Mrs and Mrs in England at Manchester’s Hope Mill Theatre

Manchester itself is such an exciting place for all things LGBTQ with the Gay Village at the city’s center and an LGBTQ Heritage Trail celebrating the LGBTQ history.

If all this is sounding appealing, we adore the wedding package offered by the Hope Mill Theatre.

The aesthetics alone of rustic charm balanced with industrial detailing provides a stunning environment for a winter destination wedding.

Considering its location and unique history, and the package deal that offers the whole venue for use, free parking, an event planner, and staff to run the bar… It’s no surprise that it books up quick.

Take a look behind the scenes at the Hope Mill Theatre:

4. Be bridal in beautiful Buenos Aires

You can’t get much more

What we love about this package is the flexibility it affords. For $3190 USD, you get:

  • transfers to and from the air port
  • a week’s accommodation at the San Telmo Luxury Suites
  • everything official needed for the wedding
  • a whole day’s visit to Tigre and Delta del Paraná with boat navigation, private dinners and tango shows…

Really, it’s an amazing adventure with a wedding thrown in.

And nothing cuts through the chill in the air quite like the vibrant colors of the Caminito houses, which are only a 10 minute drive from your accommodation and make for a stellar photo backdrop.

It’s really one of the most affordable destination wedding packages for an all inclusive LGBT event when you consider everything you get!

The only thing you really have to buy outside the package is your airfare!

Take a peek at the gorgeous San Telmo luxury suites:

5. Tie the knot at Toronto’s Casa Loma


We couldn’t have a destination wedding list without including something for those with regal dreams, and Casa Loma delivers so much grandeur you might as well where crowns during the ceremony!

This jaw-dropping castle is just across the border from the US into Canada.

Aside from its own magnificence, Casa Loma flaunts stunning views of downtown Toronto, can house up to 400 guests, and pairs historical elegance with 5 acres of lush, impeccable gardens.

They offer a range of services and packages , and the best news? Winter weddings have a 15% discount!

Take a look inside this gorgeous location for your lesbian destination wedding:

We love that there are now so many countries and places to choose from as wedding destinations for LGBTQ couples!

Hopefully these LGBT destination wedding packages either tick those boxes for your own wedding, or inspire you to search for a destination beyond your borders.

There’s literally a whole world of possibilities at your fingertips, so go ahead and explore it!

Do you have in mind some other destinationLGBT wedding packages that you think we’ll love? Let us know in the comments below!

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