10 Stylish & Classy Mr. and Mr. Wedding Invitations

Looking for the best Mr. & Mr. wedding invitations to spread the news about your upcoming nuptials?

You’ll love these 10 stylish and classy ideas!

Remember, your invites are the first thing that guests see and they set the mood for the entire affair.

With that in mind, I’ve included everything from super simply yet stylish to over-the-top fancy.

Let’s check them out!

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Looking for the best Mr. & Mr. wedding invitations to spread the news about your upcoming nuptials? You'll love these 10 stylish and classy ideas!


Mr. & Mr. Wedding Invitations

I’m not going to lie, finding Mr. and Mr. wedding invitations on mass retailers like Amazon is definitely a challenge.

It seems like no matter what you ask for in the search box (Mr & Mr, gay wedding invitations, two grooms invites) you’ll end up with maybe two actual invitations and a whole bunch of totally irrelevant “maybe you’ll like this!” junk.

So, rather than focusing specifically on just invitations that say “Mr. and Mr.” on them, I also went added in some stylish neutral ideas that you can customize to fit your vision.

These invites are either blank on the inside (and/or come with a high-quality blank insert) or allow you to add customization when you order.

Just a tip, if you’re planning on writing directly on the inside of the invitations and you don’t have the neatest handwriting, consider hiring a calligrapher.

I think that covers it! Now, let’s check out those wedding invite ideas!

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1. Mr. & Mr. Turquoise Blue and Chalkboard Invitations

Mr. and Mr. wedding invitations

I am totally in love with the combination of turquoise blue and chalkboard black on these invites!

They’re blank on the inside, so you can add the details of your wedding by hand.

If you’re not loving that idea, you can also take the interior dimensions along with your wedding info to a printer and ask them to print up custom inserts for you.

2. Mr. & Mr. White Wedding Invitations

Mr. and Mr. wedding invitations

These super simple yet classy white invitations are perfect for a super casual wedding.

Like the turquoise invites above, they are blank on the inside, so same tips apply.

Depending on the printer, you may even be able to have your wedding details printed directly on the blank interior.

3. Two Grooms Pop up Wedding Invitation

Pop up Mr. and Mr. wedding invitations

These are probably my favorite out of all the Mr. and Mr. wedding invitations!

They come in a few different styles and colors so you can find the perfect one for your big day.

Tada Cards will also personalize them for you. Just look for the first option on the list above the “add to cart” button.

4. Elegant Navy Blue Laser Cut Wedding Invitations

gay wedding invitations

If you don’t want an invitation that specifically says “Mr. & Mr.” on the front, I really adore these navy blue gates invitations.

While gates mean different things to different cultures, if you believe in dream symbolism, they symbolize the entry point of a new phase in your life.”

I like to think of them as representing a threshold between your old life (pre-wedding) and your new one (as Mr. & Mr.).

5. Rustic Blue Wedding Invitations

two grooms wedding invitations

Planning a rustic outdoor wedding? These invites are absolutely perfect!

Order them as is with blank cream-colored inserts or message the seller and request a customized listing to have them do it for you.

You can even send in your own design idea for the inserts! The entire purchase is backed by a 100% “no questions asked” guarantee.

6. Black Tree Wedding Invitation

Mr. and Mr. wedding invitations

Did you know that many cultures plant a tree to celebrate a new couple? If you think about it, it makes sense.

Trees, like your love, only grow stronger over the years. As they grow, they provide comfort, nourishment, and a shelter against the storm.

These gorgeous wedding invites are a brilliant way to incorporate that symbolism into your day!

They’re made by the same company as the invites above in #5, so same basic steps for personalization apply.

7. 3D Wooden Invitations

Mr. and Mr. wedding invitations

You’ll either need a big budget or a very small guest list for these invites, but they are too gorgeous to leave off this list!

Each one is made from real wood (three different types to choose from) with your wedding details engraved on the inside.

All of the wording can be customized however you like. These are definitely not “throw away after the wedding” invites

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Since they are pricey, you could use them just for your parents and closest friends, then maybe use the black tree invitations for the rest of the guests.

8. Two Grooms Are Better Than One

Mr. and Mr. wedding invitations

Although these are technically congratulatory cards, there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t turn them into your wedding invitations!

They are blank on the inside, so you can either fill out the details or have an insert printed up.

I love them for a super simple casual wedding. The only issue is that the price is for one card, so if you’re inviting a lot of people, it can get pricey.

9. United as One Invitations

Mr. and Mr. wedding invitations

Another one that’s meant to be a congratulations card, I think these pop-up cards actually make pretty perfect Mr. and Mr. wedding invitations, too!

Again, since the price is per card, you’ll need a good-sized budget. Each one comes in a sturdy box, making them perfect for hand-delivering to your guests.

10. Navy Blue Belted Invites

Mr. and Mr. wedding invitations

This last one is fantastic for a larger and fancier wedding. It comes in a few different colors, but I love the combo of navy blue and gold.

The insert is blank, but they will customize it for you if you contact them first.



If you have something super specific in mind, your best option is to go to an actual wedding invitation printer.

However, if you want to save a little money (printers can be crazy expensive) or want something super unique, it’s entirely possible to find the perfect invite on Amazon!

All of these Mr. and Mr. wedding invitations are easy enough to customize yourself, and as you saw, some sellers will even do it for you.

Which of these Mr. and Mr. wedding invitations do you love most? Share below!

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