6 Unconventional Wedding Themes For Unique Couples

Want to plan a unique wedding that fits your personality? Check out our favorite unconventional wedding themes!

These days, there are so many types of wedding themes out there – and any of them can be tailored to your exact wedding fantasy.  From Steampunk to Harry Potter, here are some amazing unconventional wedding themes that are sure to leave an impression with your guests, and showcase you and your spouse’s individuality!

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Unconventional Wedding Themes


Steampunk wedding themes are as beautiful as they are different from an everyday wedding. Inspired by the Victorian era, the Industrial Revolution and so much more, Steampunk style is edgy, fun and often one of a kind – think vintage fashion with a modern twist.  Have a look at this amazing wedding style here:

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If you and your significant other love all things to do with camping and the rustic outdoors, consider a glamping-themed wedding!  You can bring the outdoors to your guests with decorative touches inspired by nature, such as greenery or wildflowers.  You can also set up cozy tents and picnic tables for a true camping feel!  Get inspired here:


Harry Potter

Some of you might be in love with J. K. Rowling’s masterful Harry Potter books – so why not choose a Harry Potter wedding theme?  From a Honeydukes Candy Buffet, to magic wands, to handmade props from Hogwarts, there is really nothing more wonderful than a wedding based in a fantasy world!  Have a look here for some major inspiration:


Great Gatsby

Set in the roaring twenties, known for its glamour and jazz music, why not throw a Great Gatsby themed wedding?  Based on a classic love story, you can use anything from romantic vintage centerpieces, to beautiful costume jewelry, fabulous music and whatever else reminds you of the era!  Find out much more here:



With fabulous mid-century style and some amazing red lipstick, why not plan a Rockabilly wedding?  Rockabilly style brings to mind the classics from the 1950’s: pin-up girls; sports cars; diners; and of course, rock and roll music.  Why not bring it all together for your own interpretation of a Rockabilly-themed wedding on such a memorable occasion?  For some great ideas, check it out here:



Carnival themes appeal to the kid in all of us, from amazing décor (multicolored balloons and streamers, perhaps);  to fun amusement park food ideas (cotton candy stands; self-serve candy bars; and maybe some deep-fried funnel cakes for good measure).  A great way to have an enormous amount of fun on your wedding day – and isn’t that what it’s all about?  Get inspired here:


The sky’s the limit when it comes to planning your wedding – anything you adore and can possibly imagine can become reality on your special day!  I hope you’ve enjoyed my list of some really amazing unconventional wedding themes.

Did you have a theme for your wedding?  What it traditional or not?  And finally, what are some of your favorite unconventional wedding themes?

11 thoughts on “6 Unconventional Wedding Themes For Unique Couples”

  1. I like the carnival theme, that looks like so much fun. My theme was more beachy (I guess), I had a cake with orchids and a pirate’s treasure chest top.

  2. What awesome ideas! Our original wedding was very traditional, but we had a fun rockabilly themed renewal celebration five years later that was much more us.

  3. The carnival theme is a super neat one I hadn’t thought of before! I had some friends do the punk theme and it turned out so cool.

  4. These are such cool ideas! We had a very traditional Greek-Italian wedding, and if I had to do it all over again, it’d be so different and likely with a fun theme.

  5. Oh these themes are amazing . I absolutely love the first one . I have to say that I would like to stick to a classical flower theme .

  6. Well this sound really great. Its good for the couples who are looking forward for a bashing wedding bell. These all themes are so amazing.

  7. Love the Harry Potter wedding idea. That looks so fun. The Glamping idea also looks fun. I think it is awesome when people are creative and different.

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