7 Beautiful Suits & Pant Sets That Make Gorgeous Lesbian Wedding Guest Attire

Lesbian wedding guest attire only has one rule- follow the dress code set by the couple. That said, we've got some great ideas you may love. Take a look!

When it comes to the right lesbian wedding guest attire, there’s one rule only- follow the overall dress code set by the couple. If they tell you to dress for a garden wedding, dress for a garden wedding. If they say, “Dress to the nines for a formal wedding,” pull out that tux or gown- whichever you prefer. Key words there, “whichever you prefer.”

If gowns are your usual forte, there are countless places to find one. You don’t need our help. So, we’re focusing on our friends who love the suits and pants look but don’t really know where to shop and what to wear. We have you covered with suggestions from reputable fashion boutiques that will class you up in no time at all.

Suits and Pant Sets That Make Perfect Lesbian Wedding Guest Attire

Below are some of our favorite lesbian outfits for guests. Once you know the dress code for the big day, you can narrow down your choices. 

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1. Dignitary Custom 2-Piece Suit

Available at HauteButch for $450!

Wearing a custom suit is really fly. You get a vest and matching slacks made to your specific measurements so you know it will complement your lines very well. Choose custom linings, monograms, colors, and fabrics, you quite literally will get a suit tailored just for you. The best part is no one will have anything quite like it! We know it’s the happy couple’s big day but you will surely get a ton of compliments too!

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2. Black Sequin Blazer with Shoulder Pads and High Waist Trouser Suit

lesbian wedding guest attire- Black Sequin Blazer with Shoulder Pads and High Waist Trouser Suit

Available on Etsy for $175

If you wanna be just a little extra (or a lot) this sequin power suit is sure to turn heads. It’s handmade and the delivery will come at no extra cost to you. If you think the sequin outer layer will make this suit very uncomfortable then you’d be wrong.

It’s lined with a very soft satin lining that is very soft to the touch. It’s meant to be a loose-fitting suit with shoulder pads with trousers that have a high-waisted fit. Since it’s handmade if you would like something more fitting perhaps the seller could accommodate.

3. The Ambassador 3-Piece Suit

The Ambassador 3-Piece Suit

Available at HauteButch for $750

If you want a full three-piece custom-made suit, then opt for this Ambassador option that is sure to change your suit game. It’s fully lined and comes with the same choices of monogram and linings will incur extra fees and changing the fabric will too.

It comes with the Prince of Wales fabric but you still have the option to customize it with any of the fabrics they have available. The double-buttoned, single-breasted suit will make sure you are among the most stylish guests at the wedding

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4. The Lt. Colonel Tuxedo Jacket

The Lt. Colonel Tuxedo Jacket

Available at HauteButch for $630

If you selected the dignitary suit, you may want to customize a tuxedo jacket to top off the look. The single-breasted metallic textured fabric with garners similar attention to the second option on our list. Shine like a star at your loved one’s wedding.

There are five interior pockets to guarantee enough room for all your important belongings in this slim-fitting jacket. The 4 black sleeve buttons really add a touch of character and contrast to this all-white tuxedo jacket.

5. The Navy Chief Dinner Jacket

The Navy Chief Dinner Jacket

Available on HauteButch for $650

This tuxedo jacket classes you up and adds a super stylish vibe. The plush blue velvet suit may make you look like a character straight out of Austin Powers or the game of Clue.

The peak lapel is what sets this apart (other than the amazing blue fabric) and it also features 5 interior pockets for you to keep your belongings close. The single front button single-breasted suit can also be monogrammed and customized for an added cost.

6. Comfortable Linen Suit

Navy blue comfy linen suit, perfect lesbian wedding guest attire

Available on Etsy for $133.98

For ladies or gents that want a looser fit with airy and breathable fabric, we have this customized linen suit for you. The elastic waist makes it a comfortable fit and the colors can be customized as well! So if the happy couple has a dress code or color theme, you can match it!

The pants are wide-legged and cropped to make sure it doesn’t drag and the kimono wrap features a front tie closure for comfort. All you need to do is figure out what you’ll be wearing on the inside.

7. The Echo Tuxedo Jacket

The navy blue echo jacket makes for beautiful lesbian wedding guest attire

Available at HauteButch for $630

To stand out yet still be a bit subtle than the shimmering jacket up there in # 5, you can go for this single-breasted tuxedo jacket that comes in metallic blue. It’s all metallic including the lapel and even the button!

The side vents will give you more freedom of movement and the interior pockets can hold more than you think without compromising the fit and shape of the jacket.

Custom-made suits, jackets, and slacks are a great way to go to weddings. They end up being very unique and will garner a lot of looks and compliments.

It’s important to be well-dressed on this important day and spending a little extra for the perfect lesbian wedding outfit is worth it! Just remember to follow the brides’ dress code!

Lesbian wedding guest attire only has one rule- follow the dress code set by the couple. That said, we've got some great ideas you may love. Take a look!

What are your favorite suit and pant sets to wear as lesbian wedding guest attire? Share below!

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