30 Unique Dreadlocks Hairstyles for Weddings

Dreadlocks styles for weddings are the latest “in thing” as of late, with more brides embracing their naturally gorgeous hair.

These weddings dread hairstyles boast versatility in the rawest form and offer endless styling options when it comes to weddings or any other extravagant event. If you need some ideas on how to style your dreads, just keep reading!

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30 Dreadlocks Hairstyles for Weddings You Should Try

Without further ado, let’s dive straight into the list of the top 30 beautiful dreadlocks weddings hairstyles 2023.

#1 Side-Swept Braided Dreads

Although simplistic in nature, dreads do pack a punch when it comes to looks. The beauty of dreadlocks hairstyles lies not only in protecting your hair but in the fact that it helps maintain the permanent style.

For a unique texture, twist or braid twists that are small.

#2 Curly Dread Hairstyles with Colors

Keep in mind the tone of your skin while experimenting with different colors. 

The picture holds testimony of the great impact these wedding hairstyles can have in the fall and summer background. Make use of your abundant creativity to come up with natural hair color combinations.

#3 Wrapped Side Ponytail

bride with dreadlocks styles for weddings

This particular dreadlock wedding hairstyle is popular for giving a contemporary and modern vibe.

On one side of your head, wear your faux locks while leaving out some loc strands. You can choose to go for two tones, just as it’s shown in the image.

Use the lock strands and tie them around the base of the ponytail.

Check out this tutorial video.

#4 Short Dreadlocks Women Hairstyle

short hair bride with dreadlocks styles for wedding

Maintenance of the health of your hair and letting it grow out is vital, especially if you’re someone who likes to try out experimental hairstyles quite often. If this describes you perfectly, edgy and short locs hairstyles for weddings will do you good.

#5 Dreadlock Bantu Knots

Dreadlock wedding hairstyles not only look superb, but these hairdos also grant you a carefree vibe and flexibility with the least amount of maintenance.

No matter what time it is, these tight Bantu knots are sure appealing and stunning. These braided natural dreads look super cute and are ideal for a variety of occasions.

#6 Swirly Dread Elegant Bun Hairstyle

For a hairdo to stand out and look attractive, it doesn’t always have to be a complicated hairstyle.

There is a multitude of hairstyles that are simple and creative and are equally efficient and look amazing. One such example is that of this swirly dread bun.

#7 Blonde Small Dreads

These cheeky and small dreads are ideal for those looking for wedding hairstyles that will brighten up their entire look. These amazing dread hairstyles require easy maintenance.

At the same time, the styling is pretty simple.

#8 Medium Dreadlocks Style for Females

Be ready and look polished at all times by styling your medium dreads. It works for both parties as well as is worth it as an office hairdo.

If you’re into undercut dreads or the Mohawk variation, go for the medium dreads.

#9 High Ponytail and Kanekalon on Dreads

Let us warn you at the start itself; this hairstyle requires you to have a certain level of cuteness and sweet vibes.

The usage of kanekalon allows flexibility in terms of wedding hairstyles.

#10 Short Dreads

When the dreads are hanging just around the chin area, this particular hairdo reaches its pinnacle as the gorgeous wedding hairstyle. When the dreads reach this particular length, it’s much simpler and easier to style and manage this fancy and awesome dreadlocks hairstyle.

#11 Blue Locks Hairstyle

You can further accentuate the twists and dreads blend by turning it into a dreadlock ponytail. When it comes to this specific hairdo, the texture becomes the background if you make use of bright colors.

#12 Dread Bun: Half-Up, Half-Down Style

cute girl with half up half down dreadlocks

If you have a date or the girls’ outing coming up on the calendar, the half down half up dread bun makes an efficient choice. The best part is that the hairstyle works equally efficiently for formal occasions such as weddings as well.

The styling is cute and easy.

#13 Dyed Dreads Wedding Hairstyle

pink dyed dreadlocks

If you’re worried that dreads offer limited scope for you to play around with lengths and colors, we’re glad to inform you that’s not the case.

In case you weren’t aware, you can add beautiful ombre extensions to your already amazing dreadlocks.

#14 Top Twists on Blonde Dreadlocks 

If you’re blonde and you want to jump into the dreadlock bandwagon, get this wedding hairstyle. Make it into an elegant wedding updo by making knots and twisting the messy braids hairstyle.

The exciting dreadlocks styles offer you a cute, sweet, and easy option.

#15 Dreadlocks and Twists

Flat twists complement dreads really well. 

Form tidy twisted dread braid styles and blend them with the dreads. We assure you the product looks extremely striking and beautiful.

The pure black girl dreadlocks hairstyles also have a loopy texture.

#16 Dreads with Double Bridal Bun Hairstyles

The dreads with double buns hairstyle require more effort as compared to the single bun dreads style. At the same time, it’s an ideal option if you love exquisite bridal hairstyles and love looking cute.

#17 Beads on Twist Dreads

One can achieve a variety of looks depending on how one styles their dreads. They can go a fierce and bold look or if that isn’t your vibe, choose a softer look.

The twist dreads hairstyles offer tons of flexibility since it makes use of square parting.

#18 Spiral Wavy Dreadlocks

The spiral, wavy dreadlocks endow a flirty and fun vibe. The curls definitely magnify the effect of the dreadlock wedding hairstyle.

It’s among the top fan-favorite dreadlock wedding hairstyle for women with short hair. You can use dread braid styles, setting lotions, and hair rollers to attain the curls.

#19 Coolest Locs Hairstyles for Wedding on Classic Updo

The dreadlock wedding hairstyle is elegant, simple, and easy. Add some jewelry to make your dreads stand out even more

#20 Rasta Dreads Astonishing Style

These magnificent dreadlocks hairstyles offer a mysterious, earthy allure and it’s famous for the same. By either crocheting or natural means, you can form these extravagant dreads styles.

It allows flexibility to the wearer. These famous hairstyles are versatile too.

#21 Huge Mohawk Dreads Badass Styles

Oftentimes, it’s tiring to always have a ton of hair sitting on your head. 

This royal and fascinating updo will surely assist you in saving abundant time and energy. Those with short hair can make use of clip-in hair extensions for weddings in order to make this mohawk dreads style. 

#22 Front-Facing Chignon Dreads

The front-facing chignon dreads exude power and strength in a simplistic manner. It’s ideal for those who demand attention and give off confident vibes.

#23 Half Up Twisted Dreads

The half-up twisted dreads offer a cool hairstyle with an elaborate look. The wedding hairstyles offer an artistic blended style of freely flowing dreads and flat twists. 

If you wish to make this gorgeous dreadlocks hairstyle stand out even more, dye the dreads in a metallic red dip. That will surely showcase the hairstyle perfectly and make you shine.

#24 Long Dreadlocks in Blonde Women

woman with long blonde dreadlocks

These wedding hairstyles are mostly ideal for women with long hair styles and, of course, possess blonde hair. Although if you have short hair, you can always make use of extensions.

There’s just something special regarding blonde dreads. Intricate dreads designs are possible when it comes to longer lengths. It also allows room for tons of creative hairstyles.

You can choose to add braids, accessories or even swirl or twirl them.

#25 Double Braids Dreadlock Hairstyles for Weddings

What’s better than a single braided dreads wedding hairstyle? A double-braided variety.

The two sides of the head flaunt the two braided dreads. It puts focus on the eyes and face of the wearer.

#26 Dreads with Bangs Hairstyles

Add colors to the inverted bun with knots. You are free to add bright colors if you’re not afraid of standing out. Otherwise, there’s also a selection of neutral colors such as light brown and caramel for you to choose from.

These superb dread wedding hairstyles with twisty bangs are bustling a lot, and we are all for it.

#27 Curly Ends on Long Hair Locs

You no longer need to give up the natural curls in order to flaunt dreads anymore. Showcase a harmonious combination of hairstyles by blending long curled locs with tidy square partings.

Use playful ringlets for the curly ends.

#28 Polished Pony

pretty lady with braided dreadlocks

The polished pony dreadlock hairstyles for weddings boast versatility in their truest form. It offers flexibility along with tons of customization options.

#29 Medium-Length Dreads Hairstyle

Loc styles offer protection to the twisted dreaded wedding hairstyles. It matters not what length or color you end up going for; you will be looking absolutely stunning and beautiful.

#30 Burgundy and Red Dreads

These wedding hairstyles for dreadlocks aren’t for those who are shy and afraid to stand out. But, if it does match your personality, these feisty red dreads are everything that you’ll ever need in a dreadlock hairstyle. 

This beautiful hairstyle doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and can last for quite a while. That’s why these dreads are ideal as hairstyles for older brides too.

How to Do Dreadlock Hairstyles for Wedding?

Hairstyles are the extensions of our personalities. You should be able to showcase yourself in your entirety, but also in a way that’s appropriate.

The above statement holds its weight in gold, especially true if you are the bride or someone who’s as important on a wedding day. Of course, you wish to flaunt your hair, your dress, and woo the audience. And that we are well aware of.

In the case of formal ceremonies such as weddings, it’d be wise if the styling of the dreads matches the theme. Tuck pearls or flowers in the cloud of your hair if you’ve got short dreads.

For such purposes, form a knot by tying together 4-5 dreadlocks. Use flowers and weave them in or simply curl or splay the hair ends. 

But when it comes to wedding hairstyles for dreadlocks, medium-length hair is the most efficient.

At the same time, pay equal attention to maintaining healthy dreadlocks. Place importance in achieving abundant growth in terms of length and volume.

Ensure that the dreadlocks are tightly woven in the wedding hairstyle you’re going for. Drying after rinsing thoroughly is crucial when you make use of shampoo to wash the dreads. 

It’ll take a lot of time for your dreads to dry, and that can irritate your scalp if you leave residues.

What’s the symbolism behind dreadlocks?

Different cultures associate dreadlocks with a variety of meanings. Dreadlocks symbolize goodness and purity for certain communities. At the same time, it stands for power, strength, courage, that is, much like the lion’s mane.blonde dreadlocks

Are dreadlocks attractive?

It’s true that dreadlocks can be quite intimidating at first. But speaking from a perspective that’s heavily biased, these hairstyles aren’t only attractive but are also equally cool. Healthy, clean, and well-maintained dreadlocks are for sure deadly attractive.

Why are dreadlocks popular?

Across different cultures, there exist numerous reasons why deadlocks are extremely popular. For some cultures, the hairstyle depicts pride in one’s own ethnicity, while for others, it stands for one’s conviction to their spiritual and religious beliefs. They also exist solely as one’s fashion bias or visual political statements.

Can you do a dreadlock hairstyle for your wedding day?

Contrary to popular belief, many might not be aware of the fact that there are a plethora of wedding hairstyles with dreadlocks that showcase dreadlocks. Not all wedding hairstyles need to look like they came from a natural hair bridal gallery.  For instance, you can flaunt dreadlocks by leaving them hanging, twirling, curling, or even pin them on your high updo as a part of your whole wedding hairstyle.

Is there an ideal type of hair for dreadlock wedding hairstyles?

The texture or hair type doesn’t matter much if you wish to create dreads. At the same time, it’s true that it’s easy to form dreadlocks with certain types of hair. Textured and coarse hair is the ideal hair type for a dreadlock wedding hairstyle. Due to the wiry feel, such hair types offer higher rates of bonding. 

How long is the locking period of dreadlocks?

When it comes to forming dreads, you must consider certain factors. It could take as long as one year or just two months before you begin witnessing your locks getting formed. And all that depends on the type of hair you possess. Based on the care and maintenance provided, the time frame can vary heavily.


A dreadlocks hairstyle for weddings natural hair styles is truly among the most sought-after hairdo at present. For sure, not your cup of tea if you’re a shy type of person. Dreadlocks offer a ton of sass, easy maintenance, and are certainly eye-catching with or without hair vines. So when it comes to dreadlocks, the sky is the limit.

groom holding her bride in pretty dreadlocks

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