The Ultimate 2023 Guide to Hairstyles for Your Wedding – 18 Best Ideas

There are many thoughts about obtaining the best hairstyles for your wedding. Many details will determine whether you should have messy updos, glossy barrel curls or a twisted bun. If you have long hair, you will have more options in what can be done to your hair. However, your hair type, face shape and wedding gown will help you determine the best wedding hairstyles for you. 

The bridesmaid’s hairstyles should complement the bride’s hair. However, the bride will want a different hairstyle so that she will stay the focal point. 

The wedding party may go to a hairstylist to create a cohesive look. This is a great idea to help you get a dynamic look without the stress. 

Hair accessories are great additions to complete your wedding hairstyle. You can always do your hair yourself if you have a boho wedding theme. You will want a matching boho wedding hairstyle with a flower crown. 

Women with short hair can opt for a faux hawk or pixie cut. 

Black women can have great fun styles for the ceremony. A teeny weenie afro is a cute style. Ultimately though, her hair is part of her persona. Micro braids, twisted updos and classic chignon are great styles too.

Follow this guide to learn more about the best wedding hairstyles to complement your wedding look.

Easy Beginner Wedding Hairstyles for Your Wedding

You know what you like when you style your hair every day. Some days you may even style it multiple times throughout the day. 

That is why you — yes, you — are the most qualified individual to work on your wedding hair. All you need is some inspiration and a little practice.

You can save hundreds if you are over budget by doing your own hair on your wedding day. Sure, taking charge and DIYing your ‘do could be nerve-wracking. But practice makes perfect and styling your wedding tresses is easier than you think.

Try a braid, a bun or bouncy waves. When in doubt, recruit a bridesmaid for help or filter through the whole bridal crew until you find the one that learned how to French braid at summer camp (new bridesmaid criteria alert!).

1. Side Swept Hairdos

For this style, one side of your hair should be neatly swept away. On the opposite side, the curved limb can fall naturally. This creates a feminine organic look that is also controlled. This makes a perfect hairstyle suited to fairy tales and traditional and rustic wedding themes. 

2. Elegant Wedding Hairstyles

Elegant wedding hairstyles can be possible for all hair types. Test your hair in straying, curly or high updos. A small amount of jewelry in a light color is recommended with these looks. The technique gives your hair added classiness but does not compromise its power or durability. There are many elegant options for a veil. A flowing veil blends beautifully with organic textures and flows your hair. 

3. Side Hair Clip Bridal Ideas

Consider putting on side clips for your wedding hairstyles. Side clips are a chance to create big, extravagant statements. They work well formally and casually, and with all hair types. This is an exciting look we enjoy at spring and autumn weddings during the transition of seasons. 

4. Charming loose curls

Loose curly hair is an ideal wedding style for any bride. Wear the look for boho, traditional, garden, alternative, fairy tale and all themes that embrace nature and romance. Jewels and flowers make a good accessory choice. Because this style has a lot of flexibility, you can do as much as you please without the risk of sacrificing aesthetics. It’s easy to mix in braid styles to create a unique look.

5. Casual Simple Updos

Casual updos are also an excellent choice for any hair type. This style looks great for a late summer wedding. 

Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

If you have long hair, your options are pretty limitless. Whether you select a classic updo or desire your hair down, there are many unique ideas for you!

6. French Twist Hair Style

This wedding hairstyle is a classic. The style is a flawless hairstyle for any wedding theme. The arrangement of the hair can be along the face or to the back.

7. High Bun

A high bun presents natural beauty and elegance at a ceremony. Releasing a few strands around the head can make the hairstyle more weightless. Use a small roller to add volume.

8. Loose Waves

This is the most straightforward option to develop a natural look. Boho weddings look great with the light flying waves. The style is currently trending on Instagram and Pinterest. 

It’s a good idea to curl the bangs away from the face to develop a wind effect. Wind the hair onto the curling iron without a clip and twist the bundle of hair tightly. The waves will turn out very natural looking.

9. Half Up, Half Down

A half-up half-down is one of the most favored hairdos for the wedding day. It is very delicate and attractive, emphasizing the bride’s natural beauty. You can style all hair near the face with braids or bundles. Combing the crown area a little bit is preferable. It will add volume and emphasize the beauty of your face. It’s also perfect if you want to add accessories.

10. Long Wedding Ponytail

A peaceful hairstyle like this demonstrates the beauty and richness of the bride’s hair. Add volume in the bangs and crown areas so that the hairstyle looks harmonious. Combing the tail from the inside to keep its shape and volume throughout the event is better. Release some strands of hair to add naturalness and tenderness to your look.

Wedding Ideas for Medium Hair

Medium hair length is the perfect option for wedding hairstyles. Here are a few examples to consider for your bridal party. 

11. Asymmetrical Twisted Updo

This hairstyle is fantastic for a bride with open or bare shoulders at the wedding. The look is simple and easy to pull off. The twisted-up is great for a black-and-white wedding theme, as it’s elegance blends perfectly with the atmosphere. You can start weaving the asymmetric style near the face to present a voluminous, time-lasting result.

12. Timeless Chignons

This bun has a light and natural texture. This traditional look at weddings is considered timeless. It also suits most hair types. The perfect chignon has large strands of hair curled in a wide curling iron. The waves in the hair present a natural look. 

13. Elegant Low Bun

An elegant low bun is a stylish hairdo for a wedding day. Smooth, shining hair provides an added gloss to your style. Wear large earrings to pull off an extravagant look. It’s a beautiful opportunity to complete a classical look with a jacket or headdress.

14. Slightly Messy Curly Updo

This hairstyle is an excellent addition to a light, fresh style. The slightly messy updo will help emphasize the natural weightlessness of your hair. A luxuriant dress, a flying veil or beads of pearls will make it even more gorgeous.

15. Ponytail For Casual Brides

To achieve a natural look, the ponytail will need a slight curl. Use an iron to make elegant and wild waves. To create the perfect volume, comb the tail and use hair powder.

Short Wedding Hairstyles

There is an excellent variety of gorgeous short wedding hairstyles. Here are some to try.

16. One Side Pinned Hair

Pinning your hair to one side is a unique wedding hairstyle for short hair. The length produces an airy and delicate wedding look. A large accessory in the form of a flower will make it even more weightless. This hairstyling is suitable for a modest and straightforward dress without tulle or many elements.

17. Stylish Straight Bob

The modern straight bob is one of the trending wedding hairstyles right now. Use a brush with a hairdryer to land the perfect hairstyle and then go over it with some ironing. Putting some product on your hair will provide shine. Remember to backcomb the hair. It will add some volume.

18. Easy Side-Swept Hair

This care-free look is very stylish. Curls can be combed at the roots so the hairstyle’s shape will look perfect for the day. You can apply some powder to add volume to the roots and work the entire hair length. 

How to Choose a Hairstyle That Fits You

Choosing the perfect wedding hairstyle is crucial to any bride’s big day. With so many options available, deciding on a style that fits you and your wedding theme can be overwhelming. 

Choosing a wedding hairstyle that fits you for ladies requires careful consideration of your face shape, hair texture, and length, wedding dress style and neckline, weather and location, personal style, and comfort.

Let’s elaborate on these points.

1. Consider your face shape

Different hairstyles suit different face shapes, and choosing a style that flatters your features is important. For example, if you have a round face, opt for a hairstyle that adds height and volume to elongate your face. 

A sleek updo or a high ponytail can achieve this look. If you have an oval face, you’re lucky as most hairstyles suit this face shape. However, avoid styles that cover your face too much, as it can make your face appear longer than it is.

2. Consider your hair texture and length

Not all hairstyles work for all hair types. If you have thin hair, avoid styles that require a lot of volume or backcombing, as it can damage your hair. Instead, opt for loose waves or a simple updo with minimal teasing. If you have thick hair, you can experiment with different styles like braids, curls, or voluminous updos.

3. Consider your wedding dress style and neckline 

Your hairstyle should complement your dress and not compete with it. For example, if you have a high-necked dress, an updo would be the perfect choice to show off the neckline. Loose curls or waves complement the bare shoulders if you have a strapless dress.

4. Consider the weather and location of your wedding 

If you’re having an outdoor wedding in hot weather, an updo would be ideal to keep your hair off your neck and prevent sweating. If you’re having a beach wedding, loose waves or braids would complement the relaxed atmosphere.

5. Consider your personal style and comfort

Your wedding day is all about you; you should feel comfortable and confident in your chosen hairstyle. If you’re not used to having your hair up, don’t opt for a complicated updo that will make you feel uncomfortable all day. Instead, choose a simpler style that still looks elegant and suits your personal style.

By considering these factors, you can find a hairstyle that complements your features and makes you feel confident on your big day.

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Bridesmaid Hairstyles

Typically, the bridesmaids are the first to walk down the aisle. The wedding dresses and hair set the tone before the bride walks down the aisle with her father. The bridesmaids’ styles will give the audience the expectations of what to see from the bride’s style.

Contrast the bridesmaids’ style with the bride’s, but remember to keep them similar. For example, the bride could wear her hair in a stunning oversized fishtail braid worn to one side, then the bridesmaids could wear their hair loose and down, with just one small scalp plait braided into one side.

Find a Style and Tweak it.

It can be tempting to provide the bridesmaids with the same hairstyle. However, it’s worth considering all the bridesmaids are likely to have different hair textures and tastes. 

Tweak a simple style to each bridesmaid’s assets. You want her hair to complement your bridesmaids’ beauty. If you select a relaxed top-knot, you will adjust it slightly to suit the bridesmaids’ facial characteristics.

For instance, a round face benefits from a top knot with plenty of height and volume at the roots. A bridesmaid with a square face should wear a top knot with a few loose waves around the face to soften the jawline.

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