10 Absolutely Gorgeous Wedding Makeup Ideas

Need some gorgeous wedding makeup ideas?

We’ve got you covered!

Wedding makeup can and should make a bride feel beautiful and flawless on her special day!

Need gorgeous wedding makeup ideas? We've got you covered! Wedding makeup should make a bride feel beautiful and flawless! Check out our favorite looks!

Whether you go for a bold and flashy look or an understated natural look, you want something that lets your best features really shine through in your photographs.

Check out some of our favorite wedding makeup looks!

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Gorgeous Wedding Makeup Ideas

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1. Black Smoky Eyes


There is something so sophisticated and sultry about smoky eye makeup. Pair it with a bold lipstick, or tone it down a bit with a more natural look throughout the rest of your face.   Kick your makeup up a notch and make a statement on your special day!  If you’re planning to do your own makeup, here are a few great smoky eye shadow palettes to try:

2. Bold Lip

OK, so this look is pretty much the exact opposite of the smoky eye: a bold lip color paired with more subtle and/or neutral eye makeup.

What’s great about this look is that you can match your lip color to whatever inspires you: your bouquet; centerpieces; or even the groom’s tie!



3. Extreme Lashes


Want your eyes to really pop? Take your lashes to whole new lengths…literally! You don’t have to wear fakes to get long and fluttery lashes! I highly recommend trying out fiber lash mascara.

You’ll want a kit that comes with two tubes: one is kind of like the primer/glue. The other holds the actual fiber lashes. Together, they add volume and length to your eyelashes without complicated falsies.

While there are a lot of different brands, my all-time favorite is this 3D Fiber Lash by Lash Factory:

4. Metallic


Whether you choose gold, silver, or both there’s no doubt that metallic makeup will add touch a of the unexpected on your wedding day!  Using a sparkly metallic or glittery eye shadow can really make your eyes pop on your special day!


5. Pastel


A gorgeous pastel makeup palette is so incredibly pretty and romantic, especially if you’re planning a spring wedding! You can choose from pinks, purples and greens – the choice is yours! Dress it up a bit with a little shimmer! ColourPop has an awesome My Little Pony palette that would work beautifully. As the name implies, it’s inspired by the hit children’s show.

 6. Rainbow


If you’re all about bright and bold colours, then the rainbow makeup look is for you!  A rainbow makeup motif is gorgeous and definitely makes a statement!

Check out my favorite rainbow eye palette from NYX!


7. Vintage


The vintage look remains popular to this day, and with good reason: it’s really sexy!  Think thick black cat eye liner paired with a bold red lip color, kind of like 1940s Hollywood “starlet” look! Gorgeous, right?

8. Natural



Not all brides want to wear full makeup on their wedding day, and that’s where the simple and natural look comes in

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9. Rose Gold


You can never go wrong with classy rose gold. One of the hottest makeup trends of the last few years also makes a gorgeous wedding makeup idea! Try pairing rose gold eye shadow with either a brown or light black mascara.


10. Holographic Lipstick


Okay, so this wedding makeup look is definitely for more adventurous brides, but isn’t it gorgeous? You don’t have to go to extremes with it, there are lipsticks that give a slightly more subtle look. I love this Unicorn Tears gloss by Too Faced!

As much as your wedding day is the day that brides want to look their absolute best, it might not necessarily be the best time to try and experiment with bold and new makeup looks.  If you look and feel beautiful on your special day, that radiance will shine through for everyone to see!

What are some of the most gorgeous wedding makeup ideas you’ve ever seen?

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