50 Unique Bridal Hairstyles With Veil and Tiara

There are tons of gorgeous wedding hairstyles with a veil and tiara, each one with its own unique appeal. So, if this is the look you’re going for on your big day, you have your work cut out for you to choose just one!

To help you narrow down your choices, I rounded up the 50 most stunning ideas! Let’s check them out!

The Best Bridal Hairstyles With Veil and Tiara

From pinned-up buns to braids to cascading waterfall locks, there’s a perfect wedding hairstyle with a veil and tiara for you! I’ve included video tutorials for most of these hairstyle inspirations as well!

1. Side Braided Hairstyles with a Veil

This elegant style is neat, tidy and easy to pull off!

2. Updo with Jeweled Hair Accessories

This elegant bridal hairstyle features a soft, loosely pinned chignon adorned with delicate white floral and crystal hair accessories. The natural, sun-kissed blonde highlights complement the romantic, airy feel of the updo. A subtle interweaving of strands adds texture and depth, making it a timeless choice for a dreamy wedding look.

3. Updo with Beautiful Tiara

The crown held by the gorgeous updo endows you a royal look. Try it with these braids:

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4. Tiara on Half Up Half Hair Down Ideas

Nothing looks better than a tiara accentuating your entire hairdo. A sophisticated bejeweled tiara sits atop the voluminous half-up, half-down style, adding a regal touch to the look. The bride’s rich brunette hair, with its subtle highlights, perfectly complements the intricate detailing of her lace gown, creating an overall image of timeless elegance.

5. Beautiful Hair Updo

Another simple yet elegant look! I love it with a bun:

6. Bridal Updos with Veil and Tiara

These bride hairstyles with veil and tiara give you a grand appeal. For instance, this elegant updo, with strands meticulously twisted and pinned to create a sophisticated silhouette. Crowning the updo is an ornate, silver tiara that adds a touch of majesty, perfectly framing the face and securing the sheer, traditional veil that cascades gracefully down the back. The hairstyle, paired with the tiara and veil, evokes a sense of classic bridal splendor, ideal for a ceremony steeped in regal charm.

7. Veil on a Bun Wedding Hairdo

A tiara attached to the back of your naturally gorgeous locks looks supremely gorgeous!

8. Bridal Curls with Tiara

The Tiara keeps the curls in check, giving you a casual vibe. Check out the video:

bridal curl

9. Rose Curls

This natural and bohemian bridal hairstyle showcases voluminous, curly hair accented with a delicate baby’s breath crown, weaving through the curls like a whisper of nature. A single, oversized pink rose is tucked into one side, creating a focal point and adding a romantic, whimsical touch. The combination of florals gives a fresh and earthy feel to the style, ideal for a bride with a love for organic beauty and simple elegance.

10. Tiara on Glamorous Wedding Day Hairstyle

The updo offers you a clean and fresh look. The tiara completes it.

11. Birdcage Veil Chic Wedding Day Hairstyle Perfect

Picture source Instagram @twigsandhoney

Ideal for short hair; the style gives off a great vintage aura.

12. Messy Updo with Curls and Tiara Headband

Perfect for the fall season, it offers you an elegant and chic vibe.

bridal hair with tiara

13. The Veil on Finger Waves Long Hair Updo

This vintage-inspired bridal look exudes Hollywood glamour, featuring silver screen-worthy waves that cascade elegantly down one shoulder. The bride’s hairstyle is crowned with a chic fascinator, topped with a classic birdcage veil that adds an air of mystery and sophistication.

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14. Loose Hair Curls and Tiara

This hairstyle for weddings is all about celebrating your curls!

15. Veil Underneath the Wedding Bun

Complete your small, chic, and gorgeous bun with a tiered veil underneath.

16. High Updo with Soft Curls

You get an extremely casual and fun vibe with this hairdo.

17. Elegant Breezy Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair with Tiara

This hairstyle with tiara sits beautifully on long hair!

half hair updo with tiny tiara

18. Classic Wedding Hairstyle with Layers

This bridal hairstyle is an exquisite display of classic elegance, featuring a voluminous bouffant updo that gently sweeps back the hair, highlighting the bride’s delicate features. The hair is crowned with a dainty, sparkling tiara that sits just above a sheer veil, adding a touch of royal grace. Soft tendrils frame the face, lending a relaxed yet refined finish to this timeless and sophisticated wedding day look.

19. Most Requested Blonde Wedding Hairstyle

Perfect for modern weddings, there’s a reason this is the most requested hairstyle! This sophisticated bridal updo combines the classic charm of a French twist with contemporary styling. Swept back from the face, the hair transitions into an intricate, voluminous twist that exudes elegance. Embellished with a delicate crystal hairpiece that adds a touch of sparkle, this hairstyle is perfect for a bride seeking a chic and polished look with a hint of glamour.

20. Flower Bun

The combo of veil and flowers add elements of natural beauty to your wedding look.

flower bun bridal hair

See how to do it with long hair:

21. Pulled-Back Beautiful Curls

The tiara headband pulls back the soft curls offering you a sweet and cute vibe.

22. Ombre Hairstyle

If you have ombre locks, let them flow loose and gorgeous with this simple style!

woman with ombre hair

23. Side Parted Hair with High Wedding Updos with Tiara and Veil

If you want a neat and fresh look, go for these cute wedding hairstyles with veils and tiaras.

side parted hair with tiara

24. Natural Hairstyles for Boho Brides

If you’re into exploring and experimenting, go for this low-maintenance wedding hairstyle.

25. Curly Ponytail

Highlight your cute bridal ponytails with luscious curls and a tiara on top.

bride with curly ponytail

26. Braided Bun Elegant Wedding Hairstyle

This old-school and classy minimalist hair get accentuated by the delicate hair piece you place on the lower bun.

27. Low bun and Side Wedding Hairstyles with Veil

The hairstyle offers you a royal look along with grace and elegance.

28. Hair Down Veiled Style

Let the veil do all of the talking with this simple style!

29. Tiara and Veil on Short Edgy Wedding Hairstyle

I’m crazy about this enchanting look for short hair, aren’t you?

30. Messy Low Bun

The bun holds the veil while offering you simple and effortless wedding hairstyles for older brides.

messy bridal bun wedding hairstyles for thin hair

31. High Updo with Side Curls

Add a touch of elegance to a casual messy bun by topping it off with a cute tiara or veil!

high updo with side curls

32. Beautiful Half Up-Half Down Wedding Hairstyle with Veil

This one offers plenty of volume, height, and a royal look through the veil, pearled, and glamorous hair accessory.

bride with tiara and veil

33. Gorgeous Flowing Hair with High Braided Bun

The crown tiara shades the braided bun, adding elegance to the mixture.

rear view of bride's wedding hairstyle, close up

34. Natural-Looking Braided Hairstyle with Veil

Another one of the hottest wedding hair trends, it’s so easy to pull off a braided look like the one above, or below in the video!

35. Casual Bouncy Curls

This one is perfect for a casual backyard wedding!

bride with wedding hairstyles with veil and tiara1)

36. Veil on Elegant Hair

If you have slightly wavy hair, just let it flow loose on your big day. Add a simple veil and you’re ready to walk down the aisle!

37. Gorgeous Wedding Updo

If you’re looking for fan-favorite wedding hairstyles for long hair with veil and tiara, you’re going to love this hairdo.

38. Crystal-Embellished Hair Accessories on Updo

The tiara endows you with the royal charm while the twisted updo holds it.

39. Tiara Bun Chignon

The tiara sits at the base of the chignon giving you a neat and graceful wedding look.

lady putting veil on the bride's hair

40. Veil on Pixie Hair

Show off your pixie cut by pinning the veil at the back of your head. So cute, right?

chic pixie haircut

41. Side Pin-Up Formal Hairstyles

You’ll look drop-dead gorgeous with your perfect hair that gives off a casual vibe like in the video below:

42. Half-Up Wedding Hairstyles with a Veil Cover

Forget princess, this beautiful style is fit for a QUEEN! That’s exactly what you are on your wedding day, after all. Take a look at this video:

43. Long Veil Romantic Wedding Hairstyle

This particular hairstyle offers you elegance and grace in abundance.

bride with curly hair

44. Birdcage Veil on Side Ringlet Angelic Curls

The curls add volume and richness to your asymmetrical hairstyle. The veil adds a vintage vibe.

45. Crown Veil

A beautiful and simple hairstyle gets an instant upgrade with a veil AND a tiara!

pretty bride with veil and crown

46. Mantilla Cathedral-Length Veil Hairdo

The curls and the delicate veil together give you a jaw-dropping look full of elegance.

47. Pulled-Back Simple and Beautiful Bridal Hairstyles

The hairdo with the gorgeous veil looks magnificent and complements your dress.

simple bridal hair

48. Updo Wedding Hairstyle

Add height and volume to your wedding look with this gorgeous hairstyle.

49. Hijab Wedding Hairstyle

If you’re planning on wearing a traditional hijab for your ceremony, this is the perfect style for you.

50. Gatsby Inspired Hair

Let the barely-there veil complement your hair and assist you in becoming the diva that you are.


Can you attach a veil to a tiara?

It really depends on both the veil and the tiara, but I wouldn’t recommend it. If the tiara slips, it’ll pull the veil with it and vice-versa. Plus, you want to be able to easily remove your veil during the ceremony.

How should I wear my hair with a tiara?

Remember that grip is the most vital element when it comes to wearing your hair with a tiara, so you may not want freshly washed hair. Take the sides and pull it back over the tiara for the perfect look!

How do you secure a tiara on your head?

Depending on the type of tiara you’re using, you can try a variety of methods. For instance, you can use hairpins to hold the tiara in place. Also, you can even braid your hair and pin the tiara to it.


With so many unique, wedding hairstyles with bridal veils and tiaras, it’s hard to pick just one! I recommend talking to your stylist to help you decide.

What are your favorite wedding hairstyles with a veil and tiara? Share below!

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