45 Best Finger Wave Wedding Hairstyles

If you’re looking for a super simple yet beautiful way to wear your hair on your big day, you’ll love these finger wave wedding styles! From vintage waves with Roaring 20s vibes to more modern styles, there’s something for everyone below. Let’s check them out!

45 Best Finger Waves Updo Hairstyles – Ideas & Tutorials

It’s easier to create these wedding hairdos if you have long hair. But in case you have short hair, fret not! You, too, can make full use of these 45 beautiful finger wave wedding hairstyles 2021 and wedding hair tutorials.

#1 Long Zig-Zag Sew In

finger wave wedding hairstyles

This hairdo offers you a flat and wavy look, and all it takes is a few well-placed metal clips.

#2 Blonde and Retro Fingerwaves

If you like bold, cute, and retro styles, this one is for you.

#3 Cute Finger Wave Prom Hairstyle

You get the victory rolls from the 40s and finger waves from the 20s.

#4 Fingerwaves Wedding Hairstyle on Brown Hair

This hairdo is for you, especially if you have thick hair.

#5 Chic and Vintage Hairstyles

The elegant curls falling on your shoulders will surely turn many heads.

#6 Inspiring Fingerwaves Bob

bride with short hair

Use a curling iron or a straightener to create this 1920s hairstyle.

#7 Fingerwaves Hairstyle in Platinum Blonde

Beautiful girl blonde hair with an elegant hairstyle, hair wave, curly hairstyle.

A beautiful and bold style for a beautiful and bold bride!

#8 Fingerwaves for Blonde Short Hair

Wear this wedding hairstyle with confidence. It won’t disappoint you.

#9 Super Short Waves

short finger wave wedding hairstyle

Want to be fashionable? You cannot go wrong with this finger wave hairstyle.

#10 Fingerwaves on Natural Curls

short finger wave wedding hairstyles

Tame your short and cute baby-fine hair using a cream to attain this glorious hairdo.

#11 Side-Parted Short Fingerwaves

The wedding hairstyle exudes elegance, class, and confidence.

#12 Over-Sized Formal Fingerwave Updos

You can wear these splendid finger waves updo hairstyles for various formal ceremonies.

#13 Fingerwaves on Light Blonde Hair

Become a show-stopper by flaunting this glorious finger wave wedding hairstyle.

#14 Black Hair Fingerwaves

If you’ve got black hair, this finger wave wedding hairdo will look ecstatic on you.    

Check out this video to know how to fingerwave black hair

#15 Buzz Cut

If you want to go for a different but playful style, this is an ideal choice.

#16 Detailed and Defined

lady with a wavy hair

You need two elements for this look; 3 minutes and loads of fine hair. That’s it!

#17 Pinched Neon Pink Fingerwaves

lady with pink finger wave wedding hairstyle

When it comes to cuteness, no other hairdo can beat this amazing wedding hair.

#18 Fingerwaves on Black Short Beautiful Hair

Demi Lovato with short, wavy hair

Flaunt your baby hair; this is the most perfect and sleek alternative.

#19 Scarlet Finger Wave Hair

scarlet wavy hair

Ideal for short hair, you’re blessed in terms of volume with this particular hairdo.

#20 Finger Wave Hair with Accessories

Make this hairdo trendier and more stylish by adding a vintage hair accessory.

#21 Contemporary Finger Wave Mohawk

To accentuate this sexy hairstyle, you can make use of pin curls.         

#22 Pretty and Wavy Amazing Hairstyles

Simply elegant! The hairdo endows you with a delightful and retro look.

#23 Purple and Retro Wedding Hairstyle

jewel-tone hair color

For those of you who love pop colors and don’t mind standing out, go for this finger wave hairdo.

#24 Bangs on Shaped Hair Waves

If you want a beautiful vintage-style finger wave wedding hairdo, you can’t go wrong with this one.

#25 Finger Wave Hairstyle on Blonde and Short Fixed Hair

curly hair with white flowers

This glamorous hairstyle offers you easy maintenance and a fiery look.

#26 Luscious and Long Retro Fingerwaves

You’ll get larger finger waves if you make use of a large iron barrel.

#27 Braids on Brown and Light Fingerwaves

You can add cute and loose waves to your braids to complete your brown bridal hair.

#28 Long and Vintage Attractive Hairstyle

The ideal harmony of posh and messy, these classy finger wave hairstyles offer chic and smart vibes.

#29 Pixie Fingerwaves on Natural Hair

Don’t have time for full-finger wave kinky hairstyles? The pixie wedding hair style is ideal for you.

#30 Wavy Dark Natural Hair Wedding Hairstyle

You can get more detailed waves by using a tooth-comb brush that’s small.

#31 Formal Updo Fingerwaves

elegant finger wave updo

This decadent hairstyle blends the looks of loose and softer hairs with a deadly beehive.

#32 Old Hollywood Finger Waves Wedding Hairstyle

lady with finger wave hairstyle

If you’re looking for a classy hairstyle, go for this one!

#33 Side Parted Fingerwaves on Black Hair

Lily Collins with wavy hair

Confidently flaunt your long luscious twisted hair by curling your hair into this hairstyle.

#34 Pink Bangs on Fingerwaves

If you’re the type who loves looking cute, this hair styling is for you.

#35 Short and Elegant Fingerwaves

short and elegant finger wave wedding hairstyles

You’ll look beautiful and bold, especially with the middle parting.

#36 Finger Waves Long Hair Updo

jumbo braid wedding hairstyles for thin hair

This finger waves hairstyle for long hair is perfect for a carefree and elegant look. It’s also among the most gorgeous Asian bridal hairstyles.

#37 Simple Fingerwaves Wedding Hairstyle

bride with vintage waves hair

These particular finger wave hairstyles are ideal for all hair types.

#38 Retro Hairstyle and Short Curly Baby Hairs

This finger wave wedding hairstyle is extremely easy for you to maintain.

#39 Bob Fingerwaves

Jennifer Lawrence at the Los Angeles premiere of 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2' held at the Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles, USA on November 16, 2015.

It looks brilliant, classic, and chic and is everything you’ve ever wanted.

#40 Black Short Gorgeous Finger Wave Wedding Hairstyle

The short black finger wave hair offers you intense elegance and style.

#41 Cute Fingerwaves for Medium Length Hair

bride with loose curls

It offers you a classy and elegant yet very simple wedding hairstyle.

#42 Splendid Purple Wedding Hairstyle

The purple-pinkish vibe will help you be different yet unique and assist you in standing out even more.

#43 Formal and Blonde

mermaid waves

If you’re a blonde with highlight, forget about everything else and flaunt this hairdo.

#44 Short Vintage Fingerwaves in Detail

Elegant hairstyle of curls on long colored hair, styling. Bright color coloring, concept.

You’re definitely going to enjoy showcasing this beautiful vintage-inspired side curly hairstyle.

#45 Icy Grey/Silver Long Finger Wave Wedding Hairstyle

Plus size model with blond curly hair in knitted sweater outdoor

Accentuate your feminine side with this wedding hairdo.

How to Do Finger Waves on Long Hair?

  • Dampen your hair.
  • Use a comb to straighten it back.
  • Section your hair either to the sides or the middle
  • Apply ample gel.
  • Put two of your fingers on the part.
  • In the shapes of a C, move the two fingers forward using the comb.
  • Repeat the process for the sections of your hair adjacent to it.
  • Use a blow dryer or let it dry naturally.
  • Create two rows of hair using the hair on the bottom half.
  • Make curls of small hair strands using the bottom row. Set them up using pins.
  • Following the opposite direction, curl the second row.
  • Let these rows set and curl them up using pins.
  • You can choose to use a hair spray at this point.
  • Based on your preference, adjust it. Let it all down.

What to Keep in Mind for Fingerwave Updo Hairstyle?

  • Ensure that you hold and set the wave properly.
  • You must make sure that your updo finger wave hairstyle dries out.
  • Using the face to frame your waves will help you greatly.
  • Make use of deep side parting in case you’re new to fingerwaves.
  • Most basic yet so vital: Wet hairs are crucial.


How long does the hair need to be for finger waves?

Ideally, short hair is the best for finger wave hairstyles. So your hair doesn’t need to be that long if you wish to wear a finger wave hairstyle.

Are finger waves a black hairstyle?

The finger wave hairstyles first made their appearance in the 1920s. It added layers and style to the already prevalent bob hairstyles. It was only in the 1990s that people started considering these hairstyles as a “black hairstyle.”

Can you achieve finger waves on natural hair?

Yes, you’ll be able to create finger waves on natural hair. Finger wave hairstyle is ideal for short black natural hair.

What is the purpose of finger waving?

As a professional hairstylist, the purpose of finger waving is for you to be able to shape and direct your hair by following an S-shaped pattern. And you achieve that by making use of a lotion, comb, and your very own fingers.


That concludes our listing of the finger wave wedding hairstyles.

I am sure that you’ll be able to find a wedding hairstyle that will grow on you and endow you with all its glory.

It’s best that you try out a few of them before deciding on one. After all, it’s not every day that you get married!

pretty bride with finger wave hairstyle

What are your favorite finger wave wedding hairstyles? Please share with us below!

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