35 Pretty Wedding Hairstyles for a Pixie Cut

Looking for the perfect pixie cut wedding hairstyles that are both simple and elegant? These ideas below are incredibly gorgeous yet won’t require sitting in a salon for half of your big day (who wants to do that anyway, right?). Check them out, then bookmark this page to show your stylist!

35 Best Pixie Wedding Hairstyles Ideas

From super simple straight cuts accentuated with a pretty pin to elegant waves secured with a tiara, these ideas will help you find just the right hairstyle for your big day.

#1 Floral Headband Accentuates Simple Pixie Cut

Begin by creating a touch of assymmetry and brushing aside one section of your natural hair. Decorate the other section using a gorgeous hair accessory such as a floral branch. Voila, elegant wedding hair!

#2 Sleek Edgy Bob with Metallic Clips

With regards to short hair, in terms of wedding hairstyles, nothing does it better than angular chops. Use shiny clips to pin the hair back and let your jawline do all the talking.

#3 Platinum Bridal Pixie: The Tousled Ice Queen

The ethereal and elegant updo is perfect for those brides who have a cool undertone and fair skin. Use a silver hair accent to go with the platinum soft curls.

#4 Highlighted Waves Under Thin Floral Band

This particular wedding hairstyle makes use of the highlighting technique called Balayage. The aim is to get an appearance of a sun-kissed hairdo by painting sections of the bride’s hair.

#5 Flower Headpiece: Renaissance Style

Let your pixie-cut wedding hairstyle speak for itself. The hair patterns get surrounded by a halo of floral traces.

#6 Front Braid on Loose Chin Length Waves

A few bridal hairstyles are only cut out for brides with short hair. The chin shines through the flyaway waves while the bone structure gets accentuated by the far side part frame and wide braid.

#7 Glamorous Curly Hair on Bridal Pixie Cut

Add in some romantic and natural curls along with your cropped pixie cut. The face shines elegantly through the deep side part while stressing the shoulders, collarbones, and neck.

#8 Half Down Half Up Style

In modern times, brides are going for more rustic and natural wedding concepts. Let the half-up bob shine through and express the youthful and refined beauty in you.

#9 Unique and Sleek French Braid

The slick pixie wedding hairstyle boasts chrome colors. The elegant combover shadows the sleep French braid.

#10 Cute and Curly Bob Wedding Hairstyles

A long veil fits naturally with a short pixie wedding hairstyle. Let the healthy curls shine for themselves.

Other than a pretty white veil and elegant wedding dress, you won’t be requiring anything else.

#11 Gorgeous Beach Babe Curls with Sparkly Barrette

Such a pixie-cut wedding hairstyle is ideal for an outdoor wedding theme. It’s evident from this hairdo that the best asset of a bride is her short hair.

#12 Short Wedding Hairdo with Star Clips

These gorgeous wedding hairstyles are ideal for brides with short hair and playful streaks. Use sea star clips to pull back a section while you leave the other section open.

#13 Somber Finger Waves with Bedazzled Coif

The hairdo is among the best pixie chic wedding hairstyles. Perfect for those brides who have heart-shaped faces, the classic pixie haircut brings out the eyes.

#14 Chic Wavy Effortless Updo with Pearls Tucked In

Let a section of your hair rest on one side. The layers of bang don’t need to necessarily need to hang. Whilst, an asymmetrical pixie offers elegance that blesses the other side in this complicated hairstyle.

#15 Easy Soft Glam Bridal Bob

Lately, a popular trend is that of a classic bob hairdo parted in the center, tousled lightly. Pair it with a hairpiece such as a beautiful halo.

#16 Natural Classic Short Pixie

The pixie wedding hair puts your soft, sweet curls to the front. The forehead, cheeks, and eyes become the focal points thanks to the volume of the hair along with the deep side parting.

#17 Elegant Curls with Artsy Silver Hairpiece

Among wedding hairstyles for pixie short hair, this hairdo offers a preppy look. The top of the head holds the maximum volume of hair, giving it the extra oomph factor. 

#18 Pixie Hairstyle with Curly Side-Swept Bangs

This side parting curly cut is ideal for brides with narrow chins and foreheads. The jawline gets highlighted by the curls.

#19 Voluminous Wavy Wedding Hairstyles for Pixie Short Hair

Show off the glossy curl crown at your wedding and accept the queen that you are. The back of your head features soft ringlets, while the top houses the voluminous curls.

#20 Sprigs of White Flowers Tucked in Asymmetrical Waves

On the day of your wedding, let your highlight shine. These feature tons of colors through fluffed up and tousled waves.

#21 Loose Easy Ringlets with Gorgeous and Fancy Barrette

Use a large accent to highlight the dark tresses. Use pretty hairpins to clip some layers at the back while other layers fall on your face and around the head.

#22 Beachy Waves, Curls, and Pearls

Brides with short hair can go for sun-kissed and bouncy curls for their wedding day. Due to the loose nature of these soft waves, the hair doesn’t appear stiff.

#23 Super Wide Braid Crown

This specific pixie wedding hair is among the cutest in the game. A cheerful wavy, straight bob carries the flat braids.

#24 Pixie Hairstyle with Sparkly Hairpiece

This cute and crisp pixie cut wedding hairstyle is perfect for straight hair. Use a sparkly and floral headpiece for a flower crown, to highlight the features of this hairstyle.

#25 Edgy Faux Hawk using Fairy Glitter

This stunning wedding hairstyle speaks volumes about fairy princesses and punk rock. The undercut sections of the hairstyle feature fairy-like silver glitter.

#26 Royal Wedding Style Headpiece

The royal wear a hair adornment known as the “fascinator.” It’s ideal for brides who wish to go for a “Duchess” look on their wedding day.

#27 Natural Wavy Bun featuring Braided Flowers

If the “Duchess” look falls short of your expectations, these curly locks will surely make an impact on you. To add more magic, make use of the baby’s breath on your medium-length hair.

#28 Sparkly Accent on Old Hollywood Chic Bob

Among the various pixie haircut wedding styles, this one surely brings back the glamour of the silver screen. The lashes brush against the side bangs.

#29 Delicate Daisy Accents on Fresh Bridal Bob

The crown holds the key to this pixie wedding hairstyle. For a wholesome and fresh vibe, add a bunch of fresh daisies.

#30 Classic Vintage Pixie Wedding Hair

The hairstyle surely reminds you of the 1950s fashion era. The head of the wearer naturally holds extremely voluminous bangs.

#31 Stylish French Girl

There’s a certain sass about this pixie wedding hairdo. To add more to the natural texture, use dry texture spray such as sea salt on the waves.

#32 Chic Hippie Delicate Jeweled Headband

Men and women would wear their hair free and long in the 1960s and 1970s. The hairstyle is a statement of the bohemian standards of beauty represented through the lens of modern times.

#33 Asymmetric Feisty Pixie Hairstyle with Volume

One side of the hair features girly ringlets and lots of curls, while the other boasts a rockstar faux undercut. 

#34 Gold Hairpiece on Gorgeously Tousled Short Tresses

The hairstyle is perfect for those with short and thick hair. It features carefree waves alongside fishtail braids and twists crown adorned by a gold hairpiece.

#35 Jewel Clip on Roaring 20s Curly Bob

The bob was a revolutionary haircut back in the 1920s. The jawline and curls get highlighted by the flirty curls.

Things To Keep in Mind About Pixie Cut Wedding Hairstyles

Face Shape Is Not Everything

Your state of mind has more to do with whether you can carry off a pixie cut than your facial features do. Discovering what leaves you feeling comfortable and confident—is key to choosing the perfect style.

Texture Matters

Remember to keep an eye on your hairdresser’s cutting technique. Too much shaving may make fine hair seem dry, while wavier or thicker hair requires lots of hair texture ends to keep things from looking lifeless. 

Visual Representation is a Must

Whether it’s a hair inspiration photo you found on Pinterest or Instagram, show your stylist a visual representation of what you want to get the perfect pixie cut.

For damp hair, the chin length bob is a great choice. It’s a chic and modern style that features layers of choppy bangs. This short hairstyle looks great with all dress styles and lengths, making it an easy to wear look for your special day.

There are also plenty of options for adding accessories to this style so you can make it unique to you!

By researching wedding hairstyles online and bringing in photos, or even just discussing what kind of look you want on your big day with your stylist, you’re sure to find the perfect wedding hairstyle that will suit both you and your dress. With these tips, getting the perfect pixie cut isn’t as intimidating as it sounds!


Are pixie haircuts in style for 2023?

For sure! Contrary to a complicated hairstyle, pixie hair wedding styles are time-efficient, bold, and extremely versatile, which fits the needs of the 21st Century women.

What face shape can pull off a pixie cut?

Regardless of the shape of the head, the majority of people can pull off a pixie cut. But general, women with hearts, round, and oval-shaped heads are the ideal candidates for the pixie cut hairstyles.

Do guys find pixie cuts attractive?

Based on tons of polls and surveys online, there’s a general consensus that guys do find girls with short hair/pixie cuts more attractive. The pixie cut endows women the ability to grab attention and become simply irresistible.bride with short hair

How do I know what pixie cut is best for me?

Factors such as the exact length, the hair color, and hair types, the shape and size of your head, and the volume are key. If you’re a short-haired bride or have got a heart-shaped head, the Somber Finger Waves Pixie hairstyle with Bedazzled Coif will do wonders for you.
For wedding hairstyles for short hair, a flower crown can be a great option. A flower crown is an elegant and romantic accessory that will add a touch of femininity to your wedding day look.
It also works well with many different wedding dress styles and lengths. For long hair, an updo like the Somber Finger Waves Pixie hairstyle with Bedazzled Coif can be a great choice.
This elegant style is perfect for wedding day and will create an eye-catching look. It’s important to keep in mind the factors mentioned earlier such as the exact length, hair color, and hair types, the shape and size of your head, and volume when selecting wedding hairstyles.
With careful consideration of these aspects, you can find wedding hairstyles that are perfect for you!
For wedding hairstyles with longer lengths, braids are a great way to add some texture to your wedding day look. Choose from two side braids or a more intricate braid like a French braid or fishtail for added drama.


There exist many forms and varieties of wedding hairstyles such as Asian bridal hairstyles, pixie cuts, and dreadlock wedding hairstyles.

Pixie wedding hair completes the bridal ensemble and embodies what you stand for. It could be the sweet, natural wave chignon or the spiky undercut with fairy glitters. Ultimately, whatever hairdo you go for, these are the 35 best pixie cut wedding hairstyles to try.

What is your favorite Pixie cut wedding hairstyles? Please share with us below!

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