17 Gorgeous Asian Bridal Hairstyle Ideas You Can Try

If you have been looking for Asian wedding hairstyles for long hair, then your search ends here! I have some easy-to-make hairstyles that will make you look fabulous on that special day of yours! No wigs, extensions, or fake buns, just your natural hair, flaunting!

Top 17 Asian Bridal Hairstyle Ideas 

Let’s dive into these top 17 elegant wedding hairstyles that help your hair look gorgeous!

#1 The Thick Braid with Passa

Asian wedding hairstyle with passa

This Asian bridal hairstyle for long hair is a true beauty! If you have waist-long hair, all hairstyles which include braids in them are for you! Naturally, you must try this thick braid with passa for sure!

How to go about it? Just give your hair some twists from the front, followed by a thick messy braid at the back. At the end accessorize it with your favorite passa! It’s definitely going to make heads turn when you walk to the aisle! 

For those of you who don’t know, a passa is a piece of traditional Indian jewelry that is usually pinned to one side of the head.

The passa originated during the Mughal Era – which spanned between the 16th and 19th centuries – and has been passed down since as a piece of bridal jewelry in South Asia – especially India.

The passa is traditionally worn on the left side of the head but has become increasingly worn on the right side as wedding trends have become more modern. 

Four popular passas include: 

  • Pearl passa – this traditional passa has short strands of small pearl beads connected with gold and green beadwork. 
  • Embellished/bejeweled passa 
  • Simple passa – a minimalist take on this traditional bridal piece
  • Elaborate passa

#2 Mix it up with some flowers!

beautiful Asian wedding hairstyles with white flowers

Asian weddings are all about beautiful flowers! Flowers enhance the look of everything they are adorned on! Asian bridal hairstyles and flowers go hand in hand. Check out this gorgeous cross-hair bun which is embellished with beautiful white flowers. You can pick any flower of your own choice, from roses to orchids, it’s all up to you!

While most flowers are lovely additions to any wedding, there are certain flowers that will make your Asian theme pop. The most popular flowers in Asian weddings are: 

  • Marigolds – these symbolize brightness and positivity; a great way to start your marriage! 
  • Jasmine – symbolizes luck, prosperity, and success 
  • Chrysanthemums – symbolizes happiness, health, and well-being
  • Tuberoses – also called Burpee flowers, these dainty white flowers native to Mexico and now cultivated throughout the world, are fragrant and hardy – making them a lovely addition to an Asian wedding
  • Carnations – represent love and captivation; popular in Hindu wedding ceremonies

#3 Neat buns with rolled strands

bridal hair neat bun with white flower

If you are looking for a touch of elegance and royalty to your whole look then these rolled buns are your go-to! Although they require care and an ample amount of time to make, they will give you a gorgeous look on your special day! The locks are tactfully tucked in, to make them look artistic and aesthetic. You can add small pearl pins to add to the final look.

#4 The neat bow bun

Beautiful bride with fashion wedding hairstyle - on white background

Are you someone who finds it a hassle managing long hair? If so, then this neat bow bun is perfect for you! Not only does it look attractive but also stays in place for a long time. Pair this Asian wedding hairstyle with a simple bridal dress. The neat bow and bun look beautiful with boat neck dresses too. What’s stopping you from looking like a queen?

#5 The Rapunzel Look

Beautiful young woman with long hair, twisted into a braid, walks in the woods.

Your long hair is a gateway to that magical Rapunzel look! Surprisingly it’s very easy to get the look too! If your hair length reaches down your hip then this is your call! A fishtail braid studded with small white jasmines or pearls… I can already imagine you looking like a princess from the fairytale! 

With modern hair extensions and some creative hairdressing, the Rapunzel look can be rocked by any bride – regardless of their hair length. Hair extensions can be used not only for length, but also to add thickness. After all, does anyone remember the fairytale heroine having a thin braid, or a thick, luscious braid decorated with ribbons and flowers? 

Many qualified hairdressers – especially those who specialize in bridal hairdos – will be able to match your exact hair color to an extension of your choice, then add layers and length to your hair. If you’re aiming for something a little more exotic, you could even weave in extensions of a bright color or add ribbons to complete your princess look!

#6 Luscious waves

mermaid waves hairstyle

This is the Asian bride hairstyle every bride-to-be can carry very well! Luscious locks and that too, wavy, look very charming! Do you crave a minimalist look? Is your dress heavily studded? If so, then these glossy wavy stands should be your top pick. Easy to style and easy to carry!

#7 Detailed braids

fishtail braid

A messy detailed braid has its own vibe! This is the best way to flaunt your long beautiful hair while keeping it royal! It looks fabulous in every season and looks amazing with almost every outfit. If a braided hairstyle for your special day has always been on your mind, then this is the best way you can get that eye-catching look!

#8 Voluminous bun

bride with rose gold hair

Got thin hair? This voluminous bun hairstyle is about to sweep away your worries! It’s your special day and such days call for something extraordinary! Your wedding event could go on for hours and we understand that you would want something which makes you stand out without much hassle. Try out this stylish, easy-to-make bun. We are so sure it won’t disappoint you!

#9 Let those curls fall free

bride with long waves hair

Nothing beats letting your lovely long hair fall perfectly! Let it open and curl up the ends of your hair. Accessorize it with a dazzling tika and you are all set to rock the stage!

#10 Mogra all the way!

Long hair and that too braided don’t look grand without Mogras. You can make a luscious braid out of your long hair and deck it up with some beautiful Mogra bands. It gives an old-school vibe, but, let us tell you, decorating your hair with mogra is classic! It never goes out of style.

Unlike a passa, which is the traditional name for the Indian bridal jewelry, mogra is simply the name for Arabian jasmine. Besides draping jasmine over the back of your hair, there are other ways to incorporate this popular flower into your hair. 

Jasmine blossoms can be pinned or woven into a flower crown, giving you a regal look. They can also be pinned into a bun or woven into a braid.

#11 Half hair updos with jasmine bands

Indian Wedding Hairstyles with jasmine bands

Want to look gorgeous without doing much? Jasmine bands are your answer! All you need to do is tie your hair halfway and secure them with a clip. Next, pin the jasmine bands/chains across your hair length. Nothing else can beat the look of your ravishing hair. Plus jasmine smells exotic so get ready to look and smell sensational.

#12 Waves with a flower tiara

bride with pretty wavy hair and flower crown

The fairytale look is indeed very much possible with a little effort! You get to live your fairytale wedding with this beautiful Asian wedding hairstyle. All you need to do is add waves to your long luscious hair and let them flaunt down.

Add a flower tiara, you can pick your favorite flowers to be weaved into the tiara. What’s stopping you from looking like your dream Disney princess bride?

#13 Bulky Bun with a tiara

bulky bun with a tiara

Get all your locks wrapped up in a bulky bun, neatly tied and clipped. Add a studded tiara on the top of your head because why not? Every girl is a queen in her own way! You can pick between a delicate tiara to a slightly thicker one. Look at the girl in the picture carrying her crown like a queen!

#14 Half hair updo with a tiny tiara

half hair updo with tiny tiara

Something chic, royal, and stunning! You can partition your hair from the middle and tie them up halfway. Add waves at the end of your hair length as shown in this picture. For the final touch add a small glittery tiara. Not only does this hairstyle add an aesthetic touch to your whole look but it is very manageable too!

#15 The Braided Affair

Collection of wedding hairstyles.

The classic chignon is to die for! You can add fishtails and French twists to this romantic up-do. You are bound to get numerous compliments with this romantic hairstyle. The fusion of braids and classic twists and turns doesn’t look overdone despite its intricacy. If you were lately wishing for a contemporary Asian bride hairstyle, this one is a must-try!

#16 The Simplistic

bride with simple hairstyle

If you crave minimalism, no Asian wedding hairstyle can be more appropriate than this one for you! Sleek long hair with a studded headband looks absolutely mesmerizing. Simplicity has a certain charm to it and that’s exactly what you will find in this hairstyle.

This minimalist hairdo also works great if you have an elaborate dress, and an equally elaborate hairdo would be too much.

Or, as minimalist weddings have become increasingly popular in recent years, a simple hairdo with a ribbon or headband serves as a great addition to a simple, yet elegant dress. 

#17 Simple braid with flower garland

Indian bride with braided hair

The traditional braid with a jasmine flower garland looks regal on every bride! You cannot overlook the intricate beauty this Asian bride hairstyle carries.

You get the best of both worlds! First, the rare view gives you a chance to flaunt your long luscious braid with the most pleasant-smelling jasmine flowers. Secondly, since the top section of your hair is a little pulled back to hold the flowers, you get to show more of your face and the jewels you wear with it.

The hairstyle looks even better if you add a passa on every bend of the braid.

5 Tips To Know About Asian Hairstyling

Before you get to styling your luscious locks, here are a few tips you can follow the enhance the look of your hair!

  • Before styling your hair, make sure they are washed properly. Used a good hair conditioner and a serum. This really helps hair to settle well into the hairstyle you have decided to make.
  • Blow-dry hair but not on very high heat. Try not to damage your hair, we recommend you to towel dry your hair if you pick to braid them or tie a bun. In case you plan to leave your hair open, only then should you blow-dry your hair.
  • Asian hairstyling means you are going to need flowers or accessories to add a touch of glamour to them. Always use fresh flowers and flower garlands to accessorize hair.
  • If you decide to use a passa to decorate your hair, you should consider light-weighted passas.
  • Do not forget to use a hair setting spray in the end! It helps your hair stay in style for a longer period.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What hairstyle is associated with Asian bridal?

Mostly, a soft airy updo has been popular among Asian brides in recent years. However, braids never go out of style. Most Asian brides are seen to carry a fusion of buns and braids at their weddings.bridal braid

Do Asian girls like straight hair at weddings?

Most Asian girls like their either curled or waved in some way. Straight hair for special events is too mainstream for most Asian girls.

Do Asian brides use extensions for hairstyles?

It varies from bride to bride. Some Asian brides, who love to open their hair at their weddings, consider using hair extensions to add to their hair length. However, most brides prefer stylish buns as they are easy to manage and don’t get in the way through the event.


We hope that after reading this insightful article, you will be able to finally decide what hairstyle to adorn on your big day! You can see a mix of traditional, modern, and trending hairstyles in this read so you have a wide variety to chose from.

Don’t wish to be that mainstream Asian bride? No worries! You can also check out the pixie wedding hair or the locs hairstyles for wedding. These are more chic and modern than conventional hairstyles.

You can look up all the minimalist to luscious braided hairstyles in this blog. We hope this was helpful for you to decide your dream Asian wedding look! Don’t forget to capture your beautiful hairstyle and post it on your social media handle to get the appreciation it deserves!


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Asian bride holding a white bouquet

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