How to Choose the Best Gay Wedding Hashtags (and Avoid Embarrassing Ones)

Need some tips for choosing the best gay wedding hashtags for your guests to use during the big day?

Maybe you want to use just the right hashtags to help you find inspiration for planning your lesbianl wedding?

Either way, we’ve got you covered!

How to Choose the Best Gay Wedding ...
How to Choose the Best Gay Wedding Hashtags

Take a peek at a few of our favorite general LGBTQ wedding hashtags, then read our tips for choosing one for your big day.

Need some tips for choosing the best gay wedding hashtags? Check out our tips, plus take a peek at a few of our favorite general LGBTQ wedding hashtags!

How to Choose the Best Gay Wedding Hashtags

We live in the age of technology and we’re all trying to fit in one way or another.

Whether you want to research some wedding styles or let everyone know you’re getting married, you need to choose the best gay wedding hashtags.

Instagram has a strict algorithm regarding hashtags and if you want to show up in searches or find what you are looking for, you need to know where to look.

While Twitter is a bit more lax with their hashtag algorithms, you still want to choose the right one to narrow down your search.

So, let’s start with some general gay wedding hashtags that will help you find inspiration while planning your event.

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Let’s Take a Look at The Best Gay Wedding Hashtags

  1. #gaywedding
  2. #gay
  3. #wedding
  4. #instagay
  5. #gaycouple
  6. #loveislove
  7. #gaylove
  8. #lgbtq
  9. #lgbt
  10. #lgbtwedding
  11. #gaymarriage
  12. #samesexwedding
  13. #pride
  14. #twobrides
  15. #gaypride
  16. #lovewins
  17. #lesbian
  18. #queerwedding
  19. #lesbiancouple
  20. #weddingday
  21. #gaygirlgang
  22. #casamento
  23. #femmelesbians
  24. #lgbtqcommunity
  25. #love
  26. #lovemakesafamily
  27. #weddingphotography
  28. #casamentogay
  29. #brandymarsdesigns
  30. #bhfyp
  31. #gayboy
  32. #gayfamily
  33. #samesexmarriage

A simple Instagram search for #gaywedding or #twobrides, you will almost find what you need. But there’s more than that.

In order to get maximum results for your post, you need to see which hashtags are trending and how many posts are in that category.

For example, the #gaywedding search will generate approximately 355,000 results, which is a lot.

On the other hand, some of hashtags are really general and not wedding-specific (although you will find wedding inspiration within them).

The #gayboy hashtag search results in about 25 million posts, which is a very big number and you may get lost among them.

Then, there’s the issue of hashtag hijacking, which is when someone uses a positive hashtag to spread a negative message.

Unfortunately, this happens all too often with gay wedding hashtags, especially on Twitter.

Small-minded people use the hashtags to spread hateful messages.

That said, using gay wedding hashtags is still a great way to find inspiration.

Now, let’s talk about how to use hashtags to showcase your own big day!

How to Choose Your LGBTQ Wedding Hashtags

Now, this is the real question! Before we can answer it, we need to decide what we want your wedding hashtags to accomplish.

If you want your wedding to pop up in general searches (maybe to inspire others, or because you’re really proud of how it turned out), you need to choose relevant hashtags for your post.

Choosing relevant “general” wedding hashtags

Let’s say your gay wedding takes place in Paris and you go for a vintage decor.

It’s perfectly appropriate to use hashtags such as #vintagewedding, #vintagegaywedding, #gayinparis or #gayweddinginparis.

They will offer a limited number of results, but they are relevant to your story.

Choosing personal gay wedding hashtags

Most couples also want to choose a more personal hashtag so that guests can share moments from the big day in a way that’s easy for everyone to find.

It just helps keep things organized, so you can quickly find photos and comments from all stages of your wedding.

Your best bet is to use a wedding hashtag generator.

Shutterfly has a good one! Just type in your names (including last and married names), nicknames and date, then scan through the results for one that pops out for you.

As explains, though, you have to be super careful here!

Before choosing one, make sure read it out loud. Remember that old game of “spell ICUP?”

Think about it. #ICUP, when read aloud, translates to “I see you pee.”

Make sure your wedding hashtag doesn’t say something awful when read aloud!

A few final tips…

Inspiration doesn’t always come on the spot and there’s nothing wrong with choosing to postpone your post or add hashtags after you publish.

Instagram allows you to use a maximum of 30 hashtags which, to be completely fair, is more than enough.

Most of the time 30 is a little too much and just by filling that space with everything that goes through your head won’t bring you the coverage you want.

Besides, by using too many hashtags, the Instagram algorithm can blacklist your posts, meaning they won’t reach many people.

It’s also important to know that hashtags can be hidden from the main caption.

By adding them in the first comment, you will get the same coverage and your caption will remain clean and beautiful.

The social media experts though, advise us to use hashtags in our captions and the first comment.

By doing so, an account with 5,000 followers won’t need more than a total of 14 hashtags, which is less than half the maximum number allowed.

Choosing the hashtags can really be a tough job and there are a few rules you must follow.

Stay relevant, keep it clean and don’t overcrowd your post.

This way, your content will be engaging, easy to find and your gay wedding hashtags will be successful.

Did you already get married? How did you choose the best gay wedding hashtags for your big day? Share below!

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