5 LGBTQ Friendly Stores You Should Visit

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If you’re looking at LGBTQ-friendly stores so that you can support businesses that actually care about the community, I’ve got you covered.

Other than the existing stores, tons of new brands and stores made their appearance and released their merch earlier this year. You find a variety of stores that cater to the LGBTQ+ audience and even those owned by the members of the community.

Thus, without further ado, here’s a list of LGBTQ-friendly stores that we love!

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#1 Lush

Let’s kick things off with a national retailer that everyone knows and loves (we’ll look at smaller indie stores below, too, don’t worry). Whether you’re looking for everything you need to get glam for your wedding, an amazing new all-natural signature scent, or just a relaxing little gift to yourself to help you relax and unwind, Lush has it all.

The company takes being a good ally very seriously, too, with a series of articles and campaigns designed to raise awareness about trans rights and teach their employees (and everyone else, really) how to be a decent human being and treat EVERYONE with respect.

#2 Show & Tell Concept Shop

Show & Tell isn’t just an LGBTQ-friendly store, it’s actually a queer-owned, Black-owned, and woman-owned shop…all rolled up into one amazing woman, Alyah Baker.

Long before Alyah Baker started the now popular Show & Tell Concept Shop; she had a career where she specialized in merchandising and corporate retailing. The Show & Tell Concept Shop speaks volumes about the owner’s love and respect for the LGBTQ and BIPOC communities. The goal of the store is to share products that raise awareness.

Identity and intersectionality are the two key elements that lie at the heart of the business of the Show & Tell Concept Shop, according to Alyah Baker. Feminist and queer organizations, the tradition and culture of black communities are what inspires and breaths life into the product designs of this LGBTQ-friendly store.

Through the practices of her business and Show & Tell Concept Store itself, Alyah Baker wishes to uplift and celebrate such communities.

The LGTBQ friendly store sells hand-dyed clothing, head wraps, candles (signature collections), home goods, accessories, and apparel, among many others. Thus, it’s evident that they sell almost everything that you can think of.

The store’s Pride-themed Rainbow Sherbet Lounge Set is one example of its closeness to the LGBTQ community. The fabric used is blended soft cotton, and the set includes a matching pair of top and bottom.

The set comes in a wide variety of sizes, that is, from S to XXL.

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#3 Bokksu

Another great mention in this list of LGBTQ-friendly stores is that of Bokksu. 

After living in the land of the Rising Sun, CEO and founder Danny Taing felt accustomed to the snacks that were so readily available in Japan. So, he started the store as a medium to fulfill his cravings for snacks, specifically those made locally in Japan. 

Through Bokksu, Danny succeeded in representing the Asian-American communities. Also, the store itself acts as a platform to bridge cultures and traditions.

As a member of the LGBTQ community himself, Danny Taing ensures that the doors of his store remain wide open to people from the community. Bokksu is a testimony to Danny’s closely-knit support and peers.

The snack store has been able to develop itself as a network for people from shared and varying backgrounds. The LGBTQ-friendly store offers its large number of customers a variety of authentic snacks and food items.

In order to do that, the store collaborates with Japanese snack-makers who have been in the business for centuries.

The Bokksu’s market offers its customers kitchenware, tea, and snacks. You can even buy their famous subscription box to avoid all the confusion and hassle of choosing snacks individually.

#4 Equator Coffees

This gem of an LGBTQ-friendly store opened its doors for business twenty-six years ago. Women stand at the helm of the Equator Coffees. Considering the entirety of San Francisco, the coffee roaster is the pioneer when it comes to achieving the status of a Certified B Corporation. 

The founders of the store, Brooke McDonnell and Helen Russell started the business aiming towards cultural inclusiveness. They wanted a workplace that offered an environment that would accept people as they are and work towards gender equality.

The store aims towards making a positive and healthy impact on the customers it caters to and in the plethora of communities it serves within.

With regards to the services and products, Equator Coffees offers instant coffee, cold coffees, espressos, and various blends. The store also sells mugs, filters, grinders, and brewing equipment.

The fan-favorite Equator Blend offers a spicy, nutty, and chocolaty flavor.

#5 Stuzo Clothing

Uzo Ejikeme and Stoney Michelli gave birth to the gender-free clothing store in the year 2010. The LGBTQ-friendly store is among the few establishments that view the BIPOC queer communities as their main customer base.

As stated earlier, Stuzo Clothing specializes in creating clothes that are gender-free or unisex.

The brand boasts a massive following and caters to customers from a wide variety of communities, other than those belonging to BIPOC queer circles. Jada Pinkett Smith, Tiffany Haddish, and Ruby Rose are among the many celebs who make use of clothing created by the store. 

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5 More LGBTQ-Friendly Shops to Consider

While the five above are definitely my personal favorite, they’re far from the only stores that respect the LGBTQ community. From national retail chains to smaller indies with an online presence, here are some other options you may want to consider:

  1. Target– Not only does the major chain carry Pride merchandise, but they ran an ad featuring a same-sex couple to promote their gift registry, according to Huffington Post.
  2. JC Penney– While it’s getting harder and harder to find a JCP these days (they closed down tons of stores recently), if you can find one, you’ll be happy to know that they’re very LGBTQ-friendly.
  3. Haute Butch– The queer-owned shop specializes in selling custom-made masculine-style clothing for ALL body types.
  4. Fluide– the LGBTQ-owned cosmetics shop specializes in stunning pallets designed to help you express your “otherworldly self.”
  5. Rebirth Garments– Finding gender non-conforming clothes is easy thanks to Rebirth. They specialize in making all types of clothes for EVERY body shape.


There are many LGBTQ-owned stores and brands, but these rank at the top of my list. These stores are allies and offer ideas that are sometimes subtle, but at other times, quite flashy, yet their existence remains necessary.

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Do you know other LGBTQ-friendly stores not mentioned above? Please share with us below!


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