19 Beautiful Black Lesbian Wedding Ceremony Ideas

There exist numerous ideas for themes when it comes to a black lesbian wedding. Be it wedding dresses or suits; the variety is simply endless. Besides, you can either choose to keep your outfit a secret or shop together. Whatever it may be, we’re sure you’ll find something you like in this list of the 20 beautiful black lesbian wedding ideas for 2021.

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19 Black Lesbian Wedding Ceremony Ideas

#1 Bid Goodbye to the Rulebook

Our personal favorite for sure on this list! Come up with your own dress codes.

#2 Black and White

This particular wedding idea makes possible the monochrome look. One of you can wear a black dress (or tux, if you prefer), while your partner wears a white dress (again, or tux).

#3 Luxe Life

Style your day based on your personality. Have fun by being yourself! We promise that when you look back on the wedding pictures, it will be worth it.

5 Lesbian Wedding Ceremony Ideas Th...
5 Lesbian Wedding Ceremony Ideas That Will Have You Skipping Down The Aisle

#4 Let Out Your Personalities

Here the main theme is luxury: both you and your partner don ultimate couture gowns. Don’t hold back and give yourself a treat, from the photographer to makeup artists to the wedding planning. 

#5 Striking the Silhouette

Ensure to coordinate your silhouette with your partner. Both of you must shine equally.

#6 Everything Gorgeous

Be it dresses or suits, look classy and fabulous in whatever you choose.

#7 Matching Textures

Mix and match brocades, patterns, and textures for your dresses. You can tap into your roots and draw inspiration from your heritage.  


#8 Whimsical Princess Theme

In case the princess and ultra-feminine is your vibe, dive straight in.

#9 Dramatic Vibe

Throw in dramatic jewelry or a statement headpiece to make your way out of the traditional theme. Ditch the basic black tie wedding and spice it up.

#10 Two-Way Rustic

Come up with your own rustic signature styles.

#11 Don a white pant suit

Not really a fan of dresses? You can choose to don a crisp white pantsuit that matches beautifully with your partner’s gown.

#12 Mis-Match Moderns

You can achieve similar silhouettes and styles on D-Day. For that purpose, you are choosing dresses that are, in a sense, contemporary works great.


#13 Flowers Crowns and Low Backs

Adding Flower Crowns and Low Back gowns is effective if you’re wearing dresses that look similar. These aspects prevent them from looking too similar.

#14 You Do You

You and your partner can choose to wear what makes you guys feel amazing. Comfy and more confident.

#15 Embrace Colorfulness

Break free from the traditional wedding colors by adding a twist of your own shades. Not to forget, as beautiful lesbian brides from the black community, you’ll become your own style icons.

#16 Mix and Match Your Accessories

Wearing the same dress and mix-matching your accessories will look perfect for an elegant wedding.

#17 Rock Your Jumpsuit

If dresses aren’t really your forte, you can go for a white bridal jumpsuit. That’s especially true if you wish to stick to the “bridal” theme.

#18 Do What Brings You Joy

Do you wish to don detailed tailoring with a mani, makeup, and flowers? Or is it an authentic dress in white you desire? Choose whatever you feel comfy in.

#19 Boho Aura

This particular style helps you bring together different bolo elements in a way that’s simple eclectic. So it matters little if you and your partner are going for different ensembles.

Black-Owned Businesses to Shop for Your Wedding Essentials

Here are some LGBTQ friendly stores:

Ninalems’ Party

Mindful representation, extravagant black lesbian wedding cake toppers, and immense style gave birth to Ninalem’s Party. The black-owned business specifically specializes in offering statement wardrobe items and statement pieces of jewelry.

Mwokaji Cakery

You’ll be able to find the best custom cakes at Mwokaji Cakery. They are experts when it comes to flowers and fresh fruit organic embellishments and personalized wedding cakes.

To top it off, Tamara Brown, the famous pastry chef, is the owner of Mwokaji Cakery. So there’s no way the cakes will not taste delightful.

Pantora Bridal

Andrea Pitter leads this popular black-owned business in Brooklyn, New York. Her collection of black lesbian wedding outfits are what you might term as “relatable luxury.”

The store has dresses for flower girls, bridal accessories, and veils, among other things.

Bloom & Plume

The black-owned flower brand is the creation of the artist and flora designer Maurice Harris who’s based in Los Angeles. It’s undoubtedly among the fiercest and most popular vendors.

She leads a successful empire boasting clients such as Nike, Dior, and Louis Vuitton.

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Inspiring Black Lesbian Wedding Photos


What is the best way for gay couples to coordinate wedding outfits while maintaining their individual style?

Choose colors and fabrics that’ll compliment both you and your loved one.
In case you wish to keep your wedding outfit a secret, hire the same stylist to assist both you and your partner.

Is it better for same-sex couples to have a shared bachelorette celebration or a separate one?

Whatever makes you happy! It’s your wedding day. There aren’t any set rules in this game.
You and your significant other can decide to have a separate bachelorette. Later on, the whole group can come together for a karaoke session.mrs and mrs wedding cake for a black lesbian wedding

Is it more difficult for lesbian couples to have destination weddings?

It is easier to host a destination wedding in a location in which there are laws in place that advocate gay marriage/same-sex marriage.


That concludes our listing of the 20 beautiful black lesbian wedding ideas for 2021.

When it comes to planning a wedding, communication is key. It’s crucial that you’re constantly on the same page with your partner.

Work out a theme; stick to it! Remember that both of you are dressing up for the same ceremony.


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Which one is your favorite black lesbian wedding idea? Let us know in the comments below!

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