10 Amazing Minimony Invitations for Your Downsized Wedding

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If you’re looking for beautiful minimony invitations for your downsized wedding ceremony, you’re in the right place! Below, we’re looking at some gorgeous options that are just right for your tiny-but-still-big day! All of our options are gender-neutral (no Mr. or Mrs. on them), so they’re perfect for gay or lesbian weddings. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

10 Amazing Minimony Invitations for Your Downsized Wedding

The world is nowhere near perfect right now, and with so many weddings being canceled, postponed, or moved online, it’s important to find alternatives. However, there is such thing as a minimony. It’s a small celebration, preparing everything for the real deal, whenever that will happen.

In this article, you’ll find amazing minimony invitations, so you get to have a wonderful celebration with a small group of friends or family. 

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1. Greenery Minimony Invitation

Greenery Minimony Invitation

This is one of those invitations you can order and edit yourself, which is great. It’s beautiful, fresh, and perfect to send out for your minimony. The template is available on Etsy.

2. Watercolors Minimony Invitation

 Watercolors Minimony Invitation

If you love fancy and floral invitations, you’ll love this one. It comes in two variants, with black or white backgrounds, and you get to edit it the way you want. It’s available on Etsy and you get the evening reception invitation, RSVP card, as well as details card. 

3. Minimalist Minimony invitations

Minimalist invitations

Sometimes all you need is something minimalist, and these are the perfect invitations for that. You can find them on Etsy and order as many as you need. Just remember to have a chat with the seller and give your full text for the invitations.

4. Wax-Sealed Minimony Invitations

Wax-Sealed Minimony Invitations

On the very fancy side, these eucalyptus-themed, wax-sealed invitations are going to make a huge difference. They are on Etsy, and you get the invitation with the details, as well as an RSVP card.

The price in the listing is for a sample. Final price depends on how many you need. They’re pricier than the other minimony invitations on this list, but since your guest list is shorter, they’re worth it!

5. White and Gold Minimony Invitations

White and Gold wedding Invitations

This is a combination you can’t refuse, especially if you’re planning on having a very fancy ceremony. These are available on Etsy and come in two sizes, with four foil colors to choose from. 

6. Purple and Lavender Minimony Invitations

 Purple and Lavender Minimony Invitations

This one is a fully editable template for invitations and RSVP cards you can find on Etsy. They are absolutely beautiful, and perfect for any minimony, regardless of the theme. 

7. Newspaper Minimony Invitations

Newspaper microwedding nvitations

Having your minimony on the first page is definitely a dream, and you can make it true with these Etsy invitations. They are templates, meaning you can edit them however you want, and you’ll have some impressive memories from the ceremony.

8. Greenery Geometric Minimony Invitations

Greenery Geometric Minimony Invitations

These are my personal favorite, and you can tell they are premium. The design is special, every element fits in where it should, and it’s an editable template so you can add your details and print it when you’re ready. You can find it on Etsy.

9. Humorous Minimony Invitations

Humorous Minimony Invitations

This invitation is for those friends who will drop anything when it comes to drinking and partying, and if that’s your group, you’re good to go. This is a printable and you can find it on Etsy.

10.  25Pcs Handmade Real Dry Flower Vintage Wedding Invitations

25Pcs Handmade Real Dry Flower Vintage Wedding Invitations

These handmade wedding invitations from Amazon are absolutely stunning! You’ll have to fill in the details by hand, but with a pared-down guest list, that shouldn’t be a major problem. In fact, I think that’s one of the benefits of having a minimony- you can put a more personal touch on every aspect of your day.

Picky Bride 25Pcs Handmade Real Dry Flower Vintage Wedding Invitations with Real Leaf Vein, Unique Wedding Gifts Rustic Invite Cards for Your Stylish Wedding Theme 10 x 20cm
  • Handmade Vintage Wedding Invitations with Real Leaf Vein:sold in set of 25 pcs (if want 50, choose quantity 2); All You can see from the pictures included: Item List: Vintage Paper Pocket + Babysbreath Dry Flower
  • Impress Your Guest: It is an Real Leaf Vein to Meet Your Stylish Wedding Theme.
  • Why we made this Invitation for Wedding(Moral): When the gorgeous leaves have fallen, the veins of our love can be clearly seen.
  • Being Picky is Being Sensible. Wedding Invitations and Save the Dates set the tone of your overall event. This is the only chance you have to interact with your guests before the event itself, so the purpose is not only to inform, but also to excite.
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I’m really hoping that these minimony invitations will help you choose something impressive for your celebration. Remember, since you have far fewer to send out, you can totally splurge on something fancier if you want! Of course, the minimalist ones are gorgeous, too.

What are your favorite minimony invitations? Share below!

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