Can’t Have the Big Wedding of Your Dreams? Downsize It Into an Elegant Minimony!

If you can't pull off your planned wedding due to current events, consider downsizing it into a minimony! Read on to learn how!

If you have to cancel or postpone planned wedding due to current events, consider downsizing it into a minimony!

We’ve been absolutely loving seeing everybody’s creative compromises when it comes to planning a wedding during current events

Obviously, it’s all far from ideal, but you can still celebrate your would-be wedding in new ways.

One of these ways is with a minimony – which, yes, as you’ve guessed is a mini ceremony.

So, what do these amazing little ceremonies consist of, and how can you organize one yourself?

What is a minimony?

What exactly are these mini ceremonies, and what do they consist of? Well, if you’re facing the harsh reality of a cancelled wedding, it could be the right thing for you.

So, wipe your tears away, and continue with planning a minimony. It’s a gentle reminder that not all is lost; you can still honor your wedding date.

While many have chosen to have a celebration on the original date, others have thrown a minimony.

Obviously, these are a new concept; which is actually great for you – you get to make it your very own. No rules, no traditions, just make it up as you go along.

Essentially, they’re just tiny versions of the big thing – some are just celebratory while others are genuine legal ceremonies (if you can’t wait).

Reception or a party with extended friends and family can come at a later date.

Think of it as a preview of the real thing, or a symbol of the love you have for each other – not even a pandemic could stop you getting married. Amazing.

With that (hopefully) all explained, how can you throw your own minimony? I give my best suggestions below, but remember there are never any set-in-stone rules to this thing.

Decide what you want it to be

There are a couple main options:

  • A legal ceremony
  • A celebration

So, while your minimony should always just be a smaller version of the real thing, decide if you want it to be legit.

Perhaps you can’t wait any longer and just wanted to be married. Get the law involved, in that case. Otherwise, wait until everybody can witness the real thing. This is completely your choice, but would make a difference to the minimony that you throw.

If you plan on keeping the legal side out of it until a later date, consider what outfits you and your partner will wear – the real deal or something a little more casual? Decisions, decisions.

The vows

Have a conversation about your vows, and what the plan is. Will you say them at both ceremonies (if you have a bigger one later on), or just at one.

You could always write out two versions of vows – one for the minimony and one for the post-lockdown celebrations.

Obviously, this will be a little more work for you, but we’re all filled with a lot more time than usual lately, aren’t we?

How will the guests attend?

The main issue – guests. “Stay at home rules” are a little confusing, but they essentially prohibit large groups meeting up.

Even though many states are reopening to some degree, a large wedding is still completely off the table at this time in most places.

So, how will you decide which handful of guests can socially distance and witness the real thing? Make sure they know exactly what’s happening, and the rules surrounding it.

Will you organize a live stream or video call for others to join? That’s a wonderful idea and gives everybody something to look forward to.

Did you know, in some states, you can actually legally marry over Zoom? If that’s something you’re comfortable with, I say go for it!

P.S: Still send out invitations (in a safe way), those little traditions shouldn’t be forgotten.

Decorations for your minimony

This is the main thing, that will make everything feel a little more like a wedding. Decorate your house or garden like your reception would have been.

Either with little floral decor, or go all out with an extravagant wedding arch – you only have one lockdown wedding, after all.

Balloons, flowers, glitter, confetti – it’ll all make it feel a little more special. Just because it’s not what you imagined, doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful.

Food and drink

flat-lat photography of pink-icing colored rosette cake

That wonderful menu that you probably had all thought out, unfortunately, won’t be at your minimony. Unless by some stroke of luck you live with the chef.

The drink is an easy one to solve – buy tons of bottles, and have a lockdown celebration that you deserve.

Food is a little more tricky. You can try to replicate the menu you would have had on that day, or just order a nice take-out. Personally, I would go for the latter – nobody should cook on their wedding day.

Try to order a mini wedding cake, which is a (literally) taste of what’s to come. Every minimony needs cake.

I hope this gave you some nice idea of how to make your original date, something more than just another thing you had to miss in lockdown.


What is the difference between a Minimony and a micro wedding?

Basically, the only thing that makes a minimony and a micro wedding different from each other are the number of guests in attendance. 
A micro wedding is like a traditional wedding with just a small number of guests (below 50 people). On the other hand, a minimony is an intimate affair with even lesser people in attendance (10 or less). And surprisingly, this number already includes the photographer and officiant of the wedding.

How many guests are at a Minimony?

Since minimonies are intimate celebrations, there are usually no more than 20 guests. This is a perfect option for those who prefer to have a small gathering with just the closest friends and family members in attendance.

Is 125 people a small wedding?

There is no strict rule on how many people accounts for a small wedding. On average, however, a small wedding usually has 50 people or less attendants. A minimum wedding includes a guest list with 50-150 guests. Meanwhile, a large wedding has more than 150 attendees.

Are you considering a minimony? Will it replace your wedding entirely or just be a prequel? Share below!

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