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gay couple wearing a stunning suit and tie combo with a black jacket and a red tie

One of the hardest things to do when it comes to a wedding is choosing the perfect suit and tie combination. If it’s also a fall wedding, then you’ll really want to choose appropriate colors to perfectly complement the beautiful season.

Let’s see what the best suit & tie combos are for the fall! They’re perfect for all events, including, of course, same-sex weddings.

6 Stunning Suits and Tie Combos for a Fall Wedding

Maybe you’re planning a gay wedding and want to coordinate outfits? Perhaps a lesbian wedding where one or both of you prefer to wear suits? However you choose to celebrate love, we’ve got you covered below.

While there are no rules saying you have to choose fall colors for an autumn wedding, part of the season’s charm is in all the wonderful shades that surround us. Take advantage of the riot of reds, golden yellows and earthy oranges by incorporating them into both your decor and your wedding wardrobe. Here are some of our favorite suit and tie combos that do just that!

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1.Little Black Tux’s Red Peak Lapel Tuxedo

Little Black Tux offers a very large selection of suits and tie, for every event, weddings included. With this red suit, you will perfectly match the stunning fall foliage around you. Plus, whether you’re going for traditional or a full street chic look, matching a shirt and tie to this one isn’t terribly challenging.

I’d choose either a white or black shirt, then a tie in the exact same shade as the jacket. If you can’t find one, take your jacket to your tailor for help making one. Too complicated or time-consuming? Opt for a white shirt and a black tie. I love this one by Haute Butch. The sheen goes beautifully with the glossy red jacket.

2. Bindle and Keep’s Fall Suits

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From the Bindle and Keep store you can expect to find some of the best suits, such as this one. The colors are absolutely perfect for a fall wedding that’s going to stay with you for a lifetime!

They make wedding outfits designed to fit every single body shape and style. Along with your suit, they’ll craft a perfectly matching shirt and tie to go with it.

3. Wildfang’s Custom Suits

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Choosing a colorful suit and tie can never fail. It’s one of the classiest choices and WildFang really understands how to focus on style, comfort AND functionality. For example, the one pictured here has very big pockets for you to carry everything with you.

The ladies behind the store are on a constant mission of creating a more tolerant world, where women can and will wear whatever they want!

4. Haute Butch’s Custom LGBTQ Suits

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Confidence Comes from Within In today’s world, external validation is something that many people seek. They get caught up in creating content for their digital lives that they forget to check in with how they feel internally. Real confidence comes from within. It’s knowing that you have value as you are today. You don’t need to do anything specific to be worthy of love, respect, and consideration. It’s your birthright! You are perfect just as you are without feeling the need to do anything special to ‘earn’ a place in the world. Keep that in mind the next time you feel out of sorts. You are exceptional by just being you! . . . . #HauteButch #Confidence #SpecialOccasion #Vest #AllDressedUp #HandsomeDevil #MasculinCouture #ButchFashion #TomBoys

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Haute Butch is setting a new standard for wedding suits, and this navy blue Echo Tuxedo suit is everything you need for this fall.

These suits can look incredible on anyone and will definitely bring a classy touch to every occasion. They’re very customer-service oriented, so if you need help picking out a tie, just ask them! That said, I absolutely love this Blue Lady tie for a fun & funky look.

5. Little Black Tux’s Navy & Black Peak Lapel Tuxedo

This Little Blaxk Tux suit is really setting a standard when it comes to fall shirt and tie combos. Leave it as is- minus the shirt- for a sleek and sexy wedding, or pop on a matching blue or black top underneath the vest for a toned-down version.

6. The Tailory’s Custom Suits

If you’re looking for specially created suits, The Tailory will make sure your wedding attire is absolutely perfect. The only drawback? They don’t have an online store because you need to go there in person so they can create something customized for you.

Final Recommendation

Our top choice for finding the perfect suit and tie combos for a fall wedding is definitely Haute Butch. The prices are reasonable, especially for custom clothing. They even offer payment plans for their more expensive items.

All Butch, Tomboys + Trans Gear - Fierce . Handsome . Apparel - Shop The Collection - HauteButch

It may be hard to find the best suit for your wedding, but as soon as you find it, you’ll know!

Looking for some amazing ideas for suit and tie combos for a fall wedding? Check out our top six custom outfits that will look absolutely stunning!
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What are some of your favorite suit and tie combos for a fall wedding? Share below!

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