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Need some fabulous tips on planning a fall wedding on a budget?

We’ve got you covered!

From finding the perfect venue to choosing the most gorgeous flowers and decorations, you can plan the ultimate autumn wedding without breaking the bank!

Read on to find out how!

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Need some fabulous tips on planning a fall wedding on a budget? We've got you covered! From finding the perfect venue to choosing the most gorgeous flowers and decorations, you can plan the ultimate autumn wedding without breaking the bank! Read on to find out how!

Fall Wedding Ideas on a Budget

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Wedding location tips for fall wedding

While many people say that you should plan a wedding around the dress, I say the venue sets the tone! Having a fall wedding provides you with the opportunity to have an indoor or outdoor wedding.

1. Non-Secular Fall Wedding Venues

Ihr Lieben, irgendwann in der nächsten Zeit steht meine 100. Hochzeit an – Zeit, für mich mal in mich zu gehen und über meine zukünftigen Ziele nach zu denken … Silk and Magnolia wird sich verändern zu den Jahren 2019/2020. Etwas wird wegfallen, etwas wird hinzukommen und vieles wird bleiben. Wegfallen werden meine kleinen Hochzeiten, weil man das am besten in Zahlen festmachen kann: florale Dekorationskonzepte im Bereich 1000-1200 Euro wird’s zukünftig nicht mehr geben (können). Warum? Ich hatte schon Hochzeiten, da lag mein Stundenlohn bei 2,83 Euro und das war nicht mein Anfangsjahr. Gefühle & Emotionen und meine Liebe zu Blumen kann man nicht in Euro messen, aber eine innere Zufriedenheit und schon gar nicht die Blumenhändler Rechnung bezahlt sich mit glückstrahlenden Paaren. Ich habe manchmal Bräute, die vor Glück weinen, wenn sie ihren Brautstrauß in Empfang nehmen. Das berührt mich sehr – aber dafür brauche ich auch die Freiheit mein Brautstrauß-Budget nicht bei 80 € zu begrenzen. Ich werde nicht teuer – aber vielleicht an mancher Stelle angemessener. Was neu hinzu kommt – aber auch gar nicht sooo arg neu für mich ist, ist die gesamte Hochzeitsplanung. Ich möchte zukünftig noch stimmiger alles für meine Paare arrangieren und das kann man am Besten, wenn man in die komplette Planung involviert ist. Wobei es natürlich auch nur Teilplanungen oder Zeremonienmeisterdienste am Hochzeitstag gibt. Gibts denn auch weiter nur florale Dekorationskonzepte? Na, aber klar- nur eben die ganz kleinen nicht mehr. Ich bin übrigens keins dieser Mädels, die nach der eigenen Hochzeit gedacht hat, kann ich auch: ich arbeite seit fast 30 Jahren in einer öffentlichen Kultureinrichtung und organisiere Veranstaltungen, ich kenne die Locationszene in NRW halbwegs- wer behauptet alle zu kennen, wäre wahrscheinlich unglaubwürdig, ich kenne viele Stärken und Schwachpunkte dort – ich weiß um die Wichtigkeit von guten erfahrenen Hochzeitsdienstleistern und auch um die Charmigkeit von DIY Projekten. Ich hoffe, es wird noch viele glückliche Silk&Magnolia Paare geben, vielleicht seid ihr ja eins! *Werbung*

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If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, nature will take care of most of the decorations for you! You can also do a combination of an indoor/outdoor wedding at one of these great locations:

  • Vineyards
  • Historic inns
  • Castles (if you’re lucky enough to live near one!)
  • Barns (yes, even a barn can be transformed into an elegant wedding venue)

2. Church Wedding Venues

Prefer to have the ceremony at a church? While some do require you to be part of their congregation, don’t feel like this option is out for you if you’re not a member of any specific church. There are some that welcome everyone.

A friend of mine got married in some sort of universal church (I can’t recall the name) and it was a very nice ceremony, although I think the minister was a little heavy-handed with the carpentry metaphors! I kid you not, I could have gone home and built a house after his sermon!

While some churches are still behind in recognizing same-sex marriage, there are a few that have changed the definition of marriage to allow for any two committed people to be wed in their congregations. These include:

  • The Presbyterian Church
  • Evangelical Lutheran Church of America
  • Episcopal Church
  • United Church of Christ

Once you decide where to have the wedding, you’ll want to give it a bit of a makeover! Read on for some of the best fall wedding decorations on a budget.

Fall Wedding Decorations on a Budget

Even if you are on a budget, you can still have some beautiful decorations for your fall wedding. As I mentioned above, if you are planning an outdoor wedding, nature will take care of most of the decorating for you!

Still, you’ll want to add a few extra special touches to really make it your own. Start by choosing your color palatte, then go from there.

1. Choosing your color palette

When choosing the colors for your decorations, the rich fall colors are perfect.

  • Your wedding palette can include metallic colors like pewter, copper, gold and bronze.
  • Other color choices include orange, yellow, gold, burgundy and brown.
  • You can also opt for unique colors like sage green or deep purple.

2. Harvest Decorations

Harvest items are common at fall weddings. Why not take advantage of the season’s bounty and decorate with accents such as apples, gourds and pumpkins. You can choose one of them as a highlight or a combination of all three of them.

You can even turn your decor into wedding favors! Towards the end of the reception, bring out some bags and let your guests take apples, pumpkins, and so on as they leave!

Other decoration ideas for a harvest theme include ripe grains, bales of hay and nuts.

3. Branches & Leaves

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Pip berry candle rings around a spiced candle, on a beautiful fall day – is it just us, or is this just an amazing thing? Somehow it just helps us solidify that fall is actually here. The colors, the smells, the simplicity… all together and it's one of the first things we pull out when we decorate our home in the fall. Bring this beauty home and you're bring home a little fall: 3.5 inch Autumn Pip Berry Candle Ring – Add a jar or pillar candles and decorative plate or bowl to complete an easy centerpiece for your table! Features little resin pips in warm autumn colors colors – dark rusty brown, burnt orange, golden yellow. Brown paper wrapped wire base. Inner diameter is approx 3.5 inches. Outer diameter depends on how much you decide to "fluff" it (arrived compacted for protection in shipping, photo shows it more fluffed out). Will be about 8-9 inches. #autumn #fallhomedecor #pipberries #primitivehome #primitive #fall #fallwedding

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Fallen branches and leaves make gorgeous (and free!) fall wedding decorations. Just remember to pluck them from the ground and not tear them off living trees.

Here’s an easy yet elegant idea: Place some beautiful fallen branches into simple glass vases from the dollar store, then add some extra special touches like flowers or little crystals that catch the light.

Leaves and fall weddings go hand in hand like pumpkin and pie. Consider sprinkling some around the table centerpieces or making a table runner with them.

4. Lighting

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Although I get super stoked about a wedding anytime of the year, I am slightly biased toward fall weddings, since that is when my day was. This isle decor idea will bring you the autumn feel on your way to the altar. Here is what you need: -Isle runner (Optional depending on your venue and preference) -Lanterns (Color of your choosing. I used black) -Candles (Real or fake flame) -Autumn leaf garland The number of lanterns, candles, and garlands will depend on how long your isle is. I used 9 sets spaced about 3ft apart. The great thing about all these items is that they can be bought almost anywhere that sells decor, and can be reused to decorate your first home together! #weddingcoordinator #wedding #cordof3strands #fallwedding #falldecor #aisledecor #autumnleaves #weddingdecor #weddingdecorideas #fallweddingdecor #fallflowers

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There is nothing more romantic then dining by candlelight. You can incorporate the fall season and romance into your wedding by adding Mason jar candles to your tables or adding rustic lanterns.

For a great way to incorporate fall into your indoor wedding, change the light bulbs in the lighting fixtures to one of the colors of fall such as orange, red or yellow.

5. Other autumn wedding décor ideas

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🍁Attn Pittsburgh fall brides and grooms!🍁 For my wedding last year, I grew all white pumpkins to use as the centerpieces. They turned out so beautifully (if I do say so myself 💃🏻) and I had such a fun time growing them, I thought it would be cool to do it again for another couple! SO, if you or someone you know (please share!) might be into pumpkins as centerpieces please message me! Varieties are totally customizable to whatever look the couple wants. Planting time on these would be end of this month (June), so I’d need to make plans before then. Let me know ASAP! 👰🎃🤵 #hawkandhen #pittsburghbrides #pghbrides #pghweddings #pumpkins #centerpiece #burghbrides #rusticdecor #whitepumpkins #fallweddingdecor #pghflorist #pumpkincenterpiece 📸 cred: @tylernormanphotography

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Some other great ideas for your fall wedding décor includes the use of fruits and vegetables that are in season.

  • You can use sliced apples in a bowl of water, much like floating candles.
  • If you are having the wedding at a barn or outdoors under a tree, try some corn husks for decorations.
  • Use mini-pumpkins and gourds for table decorations or decorate the tables with cinnamon scented and vanilla scented candles.


Balloons in fall colors like orange, yellow and brown can be used as elevated centerpieces or to make an entrance arch.


Painted pumpkins that feature a wedding motif is a fun and seasonal way to decorate your reception area. Some neat ideas are to paint the entire pumpkin white and then draw you and your partner’s silhouettes (or just your initials if you’re not artistic) in black or vice versa.

Autumn wedding favors that double as decor

Using decorations that double as wedding favors (or vice versa) is another great way to save money on your fall wedding. When it comes to getting cute favors for fall wedding decorations for sale, there are several reputable online places that you can choose from, but we love My Wedding Favors!

My Wedding Favors has been featured in Brides Magazine as well as Modern Bride Magazine. They have many fall wedding favors that will bring the season’s warmth to your wedding reception. Check out a few of my favorites!

1. Pumpkin Shaped Cheese Board

How cute are these cheese boards? If your budget is tight, just get one for each table along with a selection of really good cheese and crackers so guests can snack while waiting for their dinner. Got a bit more wiggle room in your budget? Get one for each guest so they can take them home as wedding favors!

2. Rustic metal buckets

At first glance, these buckets don’t exactly scream “fall wedding decorations.” Bear with me for a moment, though! At just over $1 a piece (less when you buy in higher volume), these are the perfect starting point for a really cute centerpiece. Wrap some fall ribbon around them or use stencils and markers to decorate them with your wedding colors.

Fill them up with leaves, flowers, or even some nuts for snacking. Voila! Super cheap, cute, and practical wedding decor!

3. Vintage Love Mini Linen Drawstring Pouch

These Vintage Love Mini Linen Drawstring Pouches are perfect little favor bags. Add some candy or other small favors into each one, then set them out at each table.

You can also fill a rustic basket with them and leave them at the entrance of your reception area so guests can take one as they come or go.

4. Pinecone place tag holders

Another classy way to add a special touch to your tables, these would look great mixed in among real pine cones! Guests can take theirs home as a memento of your big day.

5. Wooden guest cards

As simple as they are, these wooden guest cards are my favorite wedding decorations of the bunch. Place them in a rustic bucket, along with some fall-colored Sharpie markers, and add a sign asking guests to share a thought or wish with you!

Other favor ideas include:


Fall Wedding Flowers on a Budget

Flowers can add so much beauty to your wedding day but they can also add a great deal to the budget as well. There are so many different uses for flowers in your wedding like the bridal bouquet, altar arrangements, pew decorations and reception décor, to name a few. However, you can still have gorgeous flowers for your wedding without all the expense. Here are some great wedding flowers that you can choose on a budget.

1. Chrysanthemum

❄ Plantas de invierno ❄ Crisantemo: Podemos encontrar esta planta con flores en colores muy variados. Florece durante el otoño/invierno, y atenti 👆, que si se poda la planta después de la floración, vuelve a florecer en primavera. Apta para jardín o para maceta. Es ideal para lugares con mucho sol y soporta vientos fuertes. Nombre científico: #Chrysanthemum Dato curioso: En México, se llevan crisantemos al cementerio el día de Todos los Santos. #gardendesign #botanical #plantpower #winter #jardin #colours #naturephotography #gardenphotographer #gardening #floral #flowers #landscapedesign #garden #photographer #plants #plantsofinstagram #planting #plantbased #plantportrait #vivero #plants #jardinería #espaciosverdes #maceta #macetas #plantas #paisajismo #botanica #decoracion

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These flowers are often called mums for short and the word means golden flower. They make a great fall flower because they come in an array of colors such as pink, white, orange, red and yellow.

2. Mini Calla Lily

These flowers come in an array of colors as opposed to the standard calla flower that is only available in white. They work well with all your wedding flower needs from vases to boutonnieres and you may want to consider choosing dark colors like orange and crimson.

3. Marigold

Marigolds actually bloom in the summer months but they do last throughout the fall months, dying off only when the first winter frost appears. These flowers come in stunning fall colors like red, orange and yellow.

4. Dahlia

These flowers bloom in September and come in an array of colors, although the most popular colors for fall weddings include brown, red, yellow and orange.

5. Gerber Daises

These beautiful flowers bloom during the summer months but will last well into the fall months. Because of their size, they can be used as either a single stem flower or in a bouquet.

6. Sunflower

When someone requests sunflower with pompom… here it is 🌻

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These flowers have pretty thick stems and their blossoms are large in size so they can also be used as a single stem or a small bouquet. During the fall season, you can find these flowers in brown and yellow colors.

These are just a few of our favorite tips on how to have a gorgeous fall wedding on a budget! With a little creativity, you can have the wedding of your dreams without going bankrupt!

Do you have any favorite fall wedding ideas? Share below!




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