Enso Ring Review: 5 Top Picks and Things to Consider

If your occupation requires working with your hands a lot, this Enso rings review can really help you out! Working with heavy machinery with accessories such as rings can be dangerous. Wearing a silicone ring, like Enso, instead of a metal ring at such workplaces can sometimes be life-saving! So, let’s jump into our Enso Ring Review!

Enso rings have become very famous in recent years as they are available in multiple styles, colors, and sizes. Below, you will find out everything about them, from the best features to the prices and why you should or should not consider buying them.

Let’s start with a look at some of their best offerings, then we’ll dive into the brand’s history, reputation, and more.

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Top 5 Best Enso Rings

Here are the top five best Enso Rings which are not only trending but are very unique too! You are bound to fall in love with each one of them. Check them out, then keep reading to find out more about the brand itself.

1. Enso Rings Classic Elements Silicone Wedding Ring

Enso Rings Classic Elements Silicone Wedding Ring

These Enso rings are available in different colors. If you are active in sports and frequently visit the gym, this serves as an excellent alternative to your traditional wedding band.

These rings are slightly flexible as well, so, even if your fingers expand while lifting weights, these silicone rings won’t get in the way! The feather pattern also looks very chic!  

Enso Rings Classic Elements Silicone Ring – Wedding Engagement Band – 6.6mm Wide, 1.75mm Thick (Volcanic Ash, 10)
  • ELEMENTS CLASSIC SILICONE RING: Our Elements Silicone Rings are redefining silicone rings. Each ring is infused with precious materials, blurring the line between traditional rings and silicone rings. The Elements Ring is infused with real precious metals to give you a metallic sheen while providing all the benefits of silicone rings.
  • UNISEX WEDDING BAND: This silicone wedding band looks great on men and women, allowing you and your fiancé to purchase a matching set! The thin ring is 6.6mm Wide, 1.75mm Thick. Purchase the same color ring for you and your partner, or complimenting colors.
  • BREATHABLE FLEXIBLE FIT: The Enso Classic Elements ring is in a league of its own. Each ring is created with internal breathing channels, making them not only the most luxurious silicone rings but also the most breathable. The unique, flexible design means wearing your ring will be comfortable even if your fingers or hands are prone to swelling.

#2 Enso Rings Ultralite Silicone Wedding Ring

Enso Rings Ultralite Silicone Wedding Ring – Men’s Hypoallergenic

The Enso rings have a soft touch feel and are ultra-light in weight. Excellent for sporty men who are always ready to embark on an adventure.

The wedding band has a comfortable contour fit and is also finger-safe. The anti-avulsion ring keeps your finger and skin safe so even if it goes through high pressure, it snaps but doesn’t damage your finger.

#3 Enso Rings Birthstone Collection

Enso Rings Classic Birthstone S

For anyone who is a firm believer of horoscopes and everything spiritual, these beautiful birthstone rings are available in every gemstone color!

These powerful statement rings are made in fine quality material and metallic colors too. You can use these as gifts for loved ones as well.

Enso Rings Classic Birthstone Silicone Ring – Unisex Wedding Engagement Band – Comfortable Breathable Band – 6.6mm Wide, 1.75mm Thick (April, 13)
  • BUY more, SAVE more! Get 10% off the second ring and 15% off the third!
  • Made in the USA: Made with the highest quality materials to set the standard for luxury silicone rings!
  • Ultra Comfortable: Unique, flexible design for ultra comfort even with swelling fingers and hands

#4 Enso Rings Stackable Braided Silicone Wedding Ring

Enso Rings Stackable Braided Silicone Wedding Ring

Looking for a perfect way to express your personality? You can do that with these stylish braided silicone wedding rings. They look great on both men and women, no matter what the event is, these unique rings will make you stand out. Since it is hypoallergenic, your skin allergies won’t be aggravated as well! 

Enso Rings Stackable Braided Silicone Wedding Ring – Hypoallergenic Unisex Stackable Wedding Band – Comfortable Minimalist Band – 2.5mm Wide.8mm Thick (Misty Grey, Size 6)
  • STACKABLE BRAIDED SILICONE RING: The original stackable silicone ring! The Braided Stackable started it all and continues to be one of our most popular stackable rings. Enso Stackable Silicone Rings are the perfect way to express your unique personality. The possibilities are endless!
  • STACKABLE BRAIDED WEDDING BAND: This thin, silicone wedding band looks great on men and women, allowing you and your fiancé to purchase a matching set! The ring is 2.5mm Wide, 1.8mm Thick. Purchase the same color ring for you and your partner, or complimenting colors. Show off your personality with the unique pyramid-style stackable ring.
  • COMFORTABLE CONTOUR FIT: The Enso stackable ring is in a league of its own. The unique, flexible design means wearing your ring will be comfortable even if your fingers or hands are prone to swelling. Enso Rings are perfect for the gym, the job, or the outdoors. They go wherever you do.

#5 Enso Rings Etched Star Wars – Classic Silicone

Enso Rings Etched Star Wars

The ultra-flexible, unique pattern Enso star wars rings are an absolute favorite among the Star Wars fan base.

It has breathable channels so that your fingers don’t get sweaty and stay comfortable. It is best for those who often suffer from swelling on their fingers and hands.

Enso Rings Etched Star Wars - Classic Silicone Ring - 8mm Wide, 2.16mm Thick (Storm Trooper, 7)
  • Pledge your loyalty to the empire with a Stormtrooper Ring.
  • Made in the USA: Made with the highest quality materials to set the standard for luxury silicone rings
  • Ultra Comfortable: Unique, flexible design for ultra comfort even with swelling fingers and hands

What is the History Of Enso Ring?

Enso Rings came into existence when one of the co-founders met with an accident while rock climbing. Sounds tragic right? However, this accident led to the creation of something amazing! 

The Enso Rings company is owned by Brighton and Aron. The inspiration for the brand came from a dreadful event that occurred with Brighton. While rock climbing, Brighton’s metal ring got stuck while he was fixating his hands on the rocks for a grip. It caused serious injuries to his finger and he almost lost it.

After this traumatic incident, Brighton together with his long-time friend Aron decided to launch a ring brand that would be safe for all people who love wearing rings and are looking for alternatives to the traditional ones. This is when the Enso Rings came into existence.

It is estimated that every year in the U.S alone, about 150,000 ring avulsions occur. This proves that metal rings are indeed dangerous, and anyone who feels such an accident could happen with them must switch to alternatives like Enso rings!

What Are Enso Rings

Enso rings might sound like funky accessories only, but they can be used as elite wedding bands as well. These rings are going to be a unique addition to your vanity box due to their make and material.

The Enso rings are made with propriety silicone which is safer than other metals as well as wood. These rings prove to be amazing for those who are athletes or perform frequent outdoor activities.

The rings are durable and safe. If the Enso rings experience high pressure, they will snap but not damage your skin or finger in the process.

What Are the Different Types Of Enso Rings?

Due to the high demand and different tastes of customers, there are many types of Enso rings available. We will just talk about the collection from the Enso Rings Company. All of the rings I mentioned earlier come from one of these collections.

Infinity Collection

For lovers, this is for you! These rings are specifically designed to express long-term commitments and relationships which are meant to last forever. These Enso ring designs symbolize emotions such as trust, gratitude, warmth, and love.

Bevel Collection

This collection is designed for those who love traditional wedding rings. These rings look like they are made in metal, however, they are actually made in silicon and feel very comfortable and safe to wear. These rings have very lightweight as well!

Inked Collection

For the younger generations and those who love art, these rings are dedicated to you by creative and talented artists. You can choose any of the three patterns trending and available on the website ie; penguins, snowflakes, and star sweaters.

DualTone Collection

You can get two different colors on the same silicon ring in this collection. One color features on the exterior of the ring and the other are hidden on the inside of the ring. You can also get something written on the exterior of the ring if you wish.

Ultra-lite Collection

These are very thin, light, and durable. The material used makes them is partly flexible so it is easier to work with them.

What is Special About Enso Rings?

Enso Rings are not like the traditional metal rings. These are made with silicon material which is flexible and is available in lightweight.

Enso rings are special as they prove to be excellent for people who are prone to finger injuries at their workplaces or outdoor activities. Under high pressure, they snap but never press onto your finger which can be skin damaging or even bone-breaking!

Enso rings are available in beautiful colors and patterns. What makes them even more special is that they can easily replace the traditional metal wedding bands, and they are on the lower end of the price spectrum. These Enso rings look elegant as wedding bands and are available in all sizes as well!

Enso Rings Sizing Guide

Ring sizing guides can be challenging and when it comes to choosing your Enso ring size,  you need to be careful! Not only do these rings look and feel different from the traditional rings but they also have different sizing.

You need to pick a size smaller than your usual metal ring size. I suggest at least half a size smaller than your actual size will be good enough to fit your finger. This is because these rings are made in silicon which tends to stretch. The ring won’t bother you much as it stretches to grip your finger.

For the exact size, however, you can send the company your traditional ring’s exact radius which fits you. Even if you think the size is smaller or larger than your actual fit, you can exchange it effortlessly with Enso Rings easy exchange policy.

Another thing to take note of is that these rings tend to stretch over time. So pick a size which just fits right to your finger. Also, another way to check would be to look for any marks of redness after you take the Enso ring off. If the ring feels like it is hindering your blood flow to the finger, you should get it changed with a bigger size.

Things to Know Before Buying From Enso Rings

Buying from Enso Rings is quite an easy process! Here is everything you need to know.

Quality and other Details

One thing which you must know before you even think of purchasing these rings is that they are not metallic. These rings are made with silicon which makes them durable, soft, and flexible. The quality of these rings is good enough to replace metallic rings.

These rings don’t come with a hefty price tag and are available in stylish looks. The color schemes available are bright as well as pastel hues. You can also find rings with passages for air to reach the skin under the ring. This keeps the fingers dry and comfortable.

If you are looking for a comparison between different types of silicon rings, you can also check QALO vs Enso

Purchasing Process

You can purchase an Enso ring from Amazon as well as the Enso rings website. On the website, you will find lots of colors, new collections, and different patterns and styles.

From bold rings to simple and aesthetic ones, you will find them all under one roof. In fact, the website can sometimes be overwhelming due to so many amazing options to pick from!

All you need to do is add your favorite Enso rings to the cart and proceed to check out. If you reside in the United States, your shipping will be much faster and efficient. In case you are ordering from outside the U.S, the shipping might take some time but the wait is totally going to be worth it! The shipping process is smooth.

Enso Rings Exchange Policy

In case, the ring you got doesn’t fit you right, Enso rings company has a very easy exchange policy. Just a few steps to follow:

  • Check out the website and find the exchange policy, there will be a form available which you need to fill out
  • Next, you will be receiving an email from the company stating the address you need to mail the ring to be exchanged. Put the ring in an envelope and the address on where it is supposed to reach and drop it in your mailbox.
  • Once they have received your ring, a customer representative will inform you when your new ring will reach your address.


Here comes my favorite part! Every Enso ring you purchase comes with a Lifetime Warranty. This covers rips, breaks, tears, and discoloration. The company promises to replace the item. 

Where to Buy Enso rings

Amazon: Enso rings are available on Amazon. You can easily pick your favorite from their collection available and no matter where you are, shipping is always easier with Amazon!

Enso Rings: The pioneers and the best store where you can get your hands on! You can explore their store; they have almost every genre of silicone rings available.


What are Enso Rings for?

Enso Rings are designed to break away when a finger is under stress. As a result, it can avoid against ring avulsion instances. Even though these rings are sturdy, they have been designed to stretch and be flexible.

Who wears Enso Rings?

Since Enso Rings are silicone rings that eliminate the risks of injuries caused by ring avulsion, they are designed to be worn by people who operate heavy machinery. They are also suitable for firefighters, law enforcement, construction workers, mechanics, and military men.

How long do Enso Rings last?

Enso Rings have a lifetime guarantee. These are made out of durable material which does not deteriorate over time. Under extreme pressures, it might snap. However, always remember, care prolongs the life of every material. The more carefully you use it the longer and stronger it stays.

Are Enso rings comfortable?

Enso Rings are made to a comfortable contour fit. These are made of a stretchable material that sets just right around the skin of your finger. The rings are finger-safe and also very light in weight. Some rings also have air passage ways to help the fingers feel dry and prevent sweating. 

Are Enso Rings successful?

In April 2019, Enso Rings had sold more than 2 million rings in more than 80 countries! It is especially popular among those people who are looking for alternatives to diamond and heavy metal rings. Thus, these rings have been very successful in recent years.

Are Enso rings medical grade?

Yes, this option is available. These rings prevent bacteria from accumulating and are hypoallergenic also.

Can I wear my Enso Ring in the shower?

Enso Rings are made of versatile and flexible material. This means you can wear your ring when you take a shower so you do not need to take it off when you’re about to hop in the shower.


Enso rings are a great alternative if you don’t want to wear sturdy diamond or metal rings to your workplace. Many people also prefer a minimalist everyday look, for such people, Enso rings have proved to be a success.

These silicone rings for women are truly a must-have! 

The best thing about Enso rings is that they have a soft feel, grip your finger in a comfortable way, and don’t cause hindrance to work. These rings have lately also been popular among doctors and other medical practitioners as the absence of metal in these rings prevents shocks to patients during an examination.

The Enso rings are trendy and look very beautiful when paired with other accessories. You will be impressed by the exclusive designs, smooth lines, and beautiful cuts. These women’s stackable silicone rings are a true joy! Quality and durability are a guarantee so all you should be doing now he heading to the website and ordering right away!

I hope this review got much of your confusion cleared regarding Enso rings. After reading this article on Enso rings review, you can easily decide which ones to go for!

plain white enso rings

What is your favorite Enso ring? Let us know in the comments below!

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