Qalo Vs Enso: Which Silicone Rings Are Better?

Shopping for a silicone wedding ring and trying to figure out the difference between Qalo vs. Enso? I’ve got your back! Below, we’ll go over everything you need to know about these two popular brands! Let’s skip the chit-chat and dive right in with our comparison guide, shall we?

One quick note before we start: this post does use affiliate links. If you decide to buy through them, I’ll get a small commission at no extra cost to you.

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What is the Difference Between Enso Vs Qalo Rings

Enso Rings and Qalo Rings are two of the most popular silicone ring brands right now. Each company uses a different quality of materials, has different collections, and branding strategies.

We’ll look at the differences between the Enso and Qalo rings for you to get a quick idea as to what each of them has to offer. In the end, I will also give my opinion about which one I prefer!

Let’s start with a side-by-side view of a similar offering from each brand, one of their black bands. The one on the left is Enso, the one on the right comes from Qalo.

enso black silicone wedding ring
qalo black silicone wedding ring


Enso Rings are more reliable in this case as they offer a lifetime warranty whereas the Qalo Rings only offer a one-time warranty.

The Collection

At Enso rings, you will find a slimmer collection of hand-crafted rings. On the other hand, Qalo rings offer a sturdier, thicker ring collection.


Enso rings have more designs and fewer options to personalize your rings, however, at Qalo you will get more options to customize. Enso has more classic, halo, and thin rings which can be causally worn. Qalo offers rings for those mainly who love to engage in more outdoor adventures.


Enso Rings offer bracelets as side accessories and they can be additionally purchased. Qalo has a wide variety of accessories to choose from.


At Enso, you will find rings at prices ranging from $11.99 to $49.55, however, Qalo offers rings between $8.98 to $39.95.

Discounts and Charities

Enso donates a certain percentage of all proceeds to charities. Qalo offers discounts to first-time purchasers and those who are in the military.


Enso offers more traditional styled rings, this means the rings are silicone-based and there is no extra material up-gradation. Qalo developed Q2X silicone which is much more durable, temperature, and sweat-resistant as compared to normal silicone.

Quality Differences Between Enso Vs Qalo

Let’s talk about the quality of these two in more detail.

Qalo Rings

Qalo claims to be making their rings from 100% food-grade silicone. This means the rings are more durable, tolerant to high temperatures, and non-conductive. These rings are also hypoallergenic.

Qalo has a special range called the Q2X. This is the best quality of silicone; you can say that it is a modified version of the basic silicone material. It is up to ten times more resistant to gasoline, oil, and many a number of solvents too. The material also proves to be resistant to household and automobile chemicals. Q2X can handle the pressure of about 23lbs and temperatures up to 575” F.

Qalo rings are offering the best quality in the market right now. Here’s a peek at a few of their most popular options.

Enso Rings

Enso rings are handmade in Utah which adds a natural touch to the rings. The hypoallergenic silicone rings are backed with a lifetime guarantee, so, you can be sure that the quality is not compromised.

The Anti-Ring Avulsion technology makes these rings very safe to wear. Even if the silicone ring experiences high pressure, it might snap but your skin and bone won’t be damaged.

Again, let’s look at a few popular options from the brand.

Which One Has Good Varieties: Enso Or Qalo?

Let’s go through the varieties and collections of each brand.


Enso rings have two main trending products i.e. the Enso rings and bracelets. I have listed the ten different collections you will come across on their website.

  • The Bevel Collection

This collection was made keeping traditional wedding rings in mind. You will come across eight different colored rings which can be used as wedding bands.

  • The Forever Collection

It consists of a variety of colored rings, 19 for women and 9 for men. The infinity sign is wrapped around each of these infinity rings.

  • Inked Rings

These are very unique as you will never find two similarly inked rings by Enso, hence, these are limited edition.

  • Stackable Rings

Simply there are thin rings stacked on top of each other. You get 9 different styles of rings to pick from and an array of colors is available too.

  • The Elements Collection

9 different colors of rings with precious metals infused in each. This range looks luxurious and is excellent for people who want to wear silicone rings that have a metal touch to them.

  • The Ultra-lite Collection

Rings from this collection are extremely light and comfortable to wear both indoors and outdoors.

  • Dual Tone Rings

It consists of two colors, one on the exterior of the ring and one on the inside. If you get something engraved on the outside, the inside color pops beautifully!

  • Contour Legends

Inspired by folklore and myth, Enso claims this is one of their best collections. The rings are available in six different colors.

  • The Legends Collection

This collection is inspired by myths and folklore as well. However, you will only find 7 colors but each ring adds a unique look to your fingers.

  • The Birthstone Collection

Silicone is infused with gemstones and of course, a different color for each month! 12 different colors of rings are available in this collection! 


Qalo has split its collection for each gender. Currently, you will find 6 different collections on their website.

  • The Unisex Modern Rings

The material used in these rings is QX2 which means they are made to withstand the roughest conditions. The fusion of classic and modern looks adds elegance to each ring available in this collection.

  • The Realtree Collection

These rings are designed using natural colors which bring you closer to nature.

  • The Strata Rings

This collection is lightweight and comfortable to wear. Customers can also get personalized patterns and engravings done on these rings.

  • The Step Edge Style

These are the typical sturdy rings with thick rims.

  • The Switch Collection

A reversible ring that can be worn at informal and formal events, it is available in various colors, prints, and designs.

  • The Tie and Dye Collection

My favorite! You will find rainbow-infused colors in each ring which adds a happy yet trendy feel to your whole look. 

Enso vs Qalo: Pricing Differences

In comparison to metal rings, silicone rings are always cheaper. The best part is that they will always fit your budget no matter how constrained it is. Although I do think that both Enso and Qalo offer rings under a reasonable price tag, however, I have still discussed the price range for both the brands.


The price varies according to the collection with the most expensive collection being the Contour Legends which is about $49.55. Similarly, the Elements collection is also round about the same price spectrum i.e. about $39.99.

The standard legends and stackable collection are the cheapest being at $14.99 and $11.99 respectively.

Any engravings or customization will cost an extra $9.99.


The Strata Collection for both men and women is the most expensive line starting at $39.99.

On the contrary, the Unisex Classic bands are the cheapest at $24.95. The stackable rings for women can be brought for as low as $8.98!

If you wish to get a Qalo ring engraved, it will cost you $11.95, however, the customizable strata ring covers the price of customization too.

As I mentioned earlier about Qalo offering discounts, so, if you are a first respondent or from the military, you get 15% off your purchase!


Both the companies have a reasonable price range but Enso is the clear winner here!

Qalo vs Enso: Return Policies


Qalo Rings offer a return policy that is actually very attractive i.e. a forever warranty; however, it is not that simple. While you may be able to replace your ring easily, you must show evidence of wear and tear or stretch. Be prepared to explain the whole process of how the article got damaged.

The rings can only be replaced with the size and color of your original ring. In case your ring is out of stock or not available, you can pick from a comparable ring option.

You have 30 days from the date of purchase to return the ring and 60 days when you need to exchange a ring. There are no refund policies available for customized rings.


Similar to Qalo, Enso also offers a lifetime warranty of exchanging the ring in case it gets discolored, stretches, or snaps. You can return your ring within 30 days from the date of purchase and exchange it within 90 days from the date you purchased it.

What is Recommended: Enso Or Qalo?

If you have made up your mind to go with silicone rings, congratulations because you have already made one of the best choices in life! I mean, literally, these rings are exceptional as they are very long-lasting; come in so many beautiful customized options and never fail to impress!

You can wear them every day, anytime, anywhere!

Both Enso and Qalo are great options to consider. The customer reviews and quality of rings from both brands are praise-worthy. Enso offers more sleek and chic styles whereas, at Qalo, you will find sturdier and advanced quality silicone rings. You can also check out these beautiful silicone rings

Enso and Qalo have great ring collections to offer while keeping in mind the budget of an average wager. The quality is unmatched and the material used is safe to wear both outdoors and indoors.

I am a true silicone rings lover but my taste is more inclined towards the sleeker, minimalistic styled rings so Enso is always going to be my first choice.  You can also check out groove vs qalo. If you are more into thicker bands, consider Qalo!

Both the brands offer top-notch quality and customer services!

Enso Vs Qalo FAQs

Do QALO rings stink?

When silicone rings come in contact with constant exposure to dust, smoke, sweat, and gasoline, they can accumulate bacteria and stink over time if not cleaned. It is very important to keep your silicone rings clean.

Can QALO rings get wet?

If you dip your hands in water, yes they can but it will never feel like a wet cloth wrapped around your finger! You can definitely do any water activity with your Qalo ring on and it will never slide off or get wet!

What is the point of ENSO rings?

Enso rings are a safer option for people who have many outdoor activities to perform. These rings are safe to wear and snap under extreme stress but never damage your finger.

Do Enso rings stretch out?

Yes, but, only after a certain period of time. This is why it is recommended to order half a size smaller than your actual size.

Can you shower with Enso rings?

Yes! You can easily shower with your Enso rings without having to take them off! They won’t tarnish, slide off or discolor.


In the end, buying an Enso or Qalo ring is totally up to you! It depends on your preferences. Both the rings have excellent quality and the warranties are so worth the purchase.

These brands have a hassle-free exchange and return policy and the shipping is turbo fast as well!

I personally love the collection they have to offer. These silicone rings can be used as engagement rings and wedding rings as well. Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and trendsetters.

Both Enso and Qalo never fail to provide the best possible services to their clients and they are always bringing up something innovative every now and then to impress us!

You will never regret purchasing a silicone ring and you can take my word for it! Plus, this enso rings review has it all covered! 

Happy shopping!


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enso vs qalo silicone ring review

Do you like Enso or Qalo rings? Let us know in the comments below!

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