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Did you know that they make silicone wedding rings with stones?

True story!

They’re really the best of both worlds- practical and affordable yet classy and traditional.

Let’s take a look at some of my favorites, shall we?

Did you know that they make silicone wedding rings with stones? True story! Read on to discover 5 that we absolutely adore!

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What are Silicone Wedding Rings?

We touched on this when we talked about the 10 most beautiful silicone women’s wedding rings, so I’ll just recap a bit here.

Basically, they’re exactly what they sound like- rings made out of silicone instead of precious metals.

Some of the top benefits include:

  • Affordability -you’ll rarely pay more than $20 for a basic silicone wedding ring
  • Flexibility- literally, they’re more flexible than metal
  • Allergy-friendly – while silicone allergies exist, they’re a bit rarer than allergies to metal
  • Work-place friendly – even surgeons can wear them under their gloves

Most of these benefits apply to silicone wedding rings with stones, with one exception- they’re not as workplace friendly,

Since the stone does “pop” out from the ring, it can get snagged on gloves, in machinery, and more.

So, if you’re considering this option, you may want a “backup” silicone band to wear in the work place.

Beyond that issue, though, they’re still just as affordable, flexible, and hypoallergenic.

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Is it possible to find silicone wedding rings with stones?

Yes…and no.

Your options are a bit limited if you have your heart set on a silicone wedding band with a stone attached.

Stones are quite a bit harder to “set” into silicone, for one thing.

For another, adding precious gems significantly increases the price, and silicone wedding bands are geared toward a budget-conscious audience.

If you’re willing to let go of the idea of a ring lined in real diamonds, though, you have a better shot at finding a great silicone band with a “faux” stone.

If you’re willing to accept a “simulated” stone (basically, an extension of the silicone in a stone shape), you’ll have even more luck.

We’ll see some of each option below.

Best Silicone Wedding Rings with Stones

Did you know that they make silicone wedding rings with stones? True story! Read on to discover 5 that we absolutely adore!

For the best silicone wedding rings with stones, I turned to two of my favorite retailers- Amazon and Etsy.

Between them, I usually find what I’m searching for. Take a look to see what I found for you!

Rating5 stars5 stars4.5 stars5 stars4.5 stars
Top FeatureInlaid stoneLarge stoneSimulated stoneAffordableMetal-like colors
PricePrice not available$30.60$11.99$18.70$12.99

1. Supgear Silicone Wedding Ring Set with Rhinestones

Supgear Silicone Wedding Ring Set with Rhinestones

Each ring in Subgear’s 5-piece set features a small diamond-like rhinestone in the center.

They also sell a matching set without rhinestones. The price is low enough that you could buy both and stack them.

I like the idea of sandwiching one with a stone between two without.

Supgear 5 Pieces Silicone Wedding Ring with Rhinestones for Women,Thin Braided Rubber Wedding Bands Stackable Ring,2 Layer Round Rubber Design,Comfortable Fit, Skin Safe and Anti Allergy for Sport
  • GREAT PROTECTIVE➤These silicone rings can replace your traditional wedding ring not to be damaged from heavy work or strenuous exercise like electrical work , swimming, weight lifting ,etc. The sleek and comfortable material would prevent your ring finger injuries.
  • PREMIUM SILICONE➤Our rings are all made of pure medical grade silicone.They’re comfortable,smooth,non-conductive and definitely safe even for sensitive skin.They’re flexible &durable and it won’t out of shape even being strong pulled compared to other silicone rings.
  • Double-Layer removable➤Our silicone wedding rings are ergonomically designed, and the double-layer removable design allows you to mix and match colors to create a more stylish and beautiful style. Available in rhinestone /Without rhinestone versions.
  • THE PERFECT GIFT IDEA➤ Our silicone wedding ring is the best idea for a cool & trendy gift – for her birthday, Valentines and more.
  • SATISFACTORY WARRANTY ➤ Lifetime warranty, if you have any dissatisfaction with the silicone ring, please contact us, we will fix your issue within 24 hours.Please check the size before buying.

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2. HelyDesigns Clear Swarovski Silicone Ring

Available on Etsy for $30.60+

If you have your heart set on something that looks more like a real stone, Hely Designs on Etsy is your best bet.

This one is my favorite for those who want something diamond-like. It’s made with a clear Swarovski crystal.

If you prefer a colorful gem, though it’s available in 30 different styles.

3. Rinfit Silicone Wedding Ring Set with a Stone-Style Band

Rinfit Designed Silicone Wedding Ring with Stone-Like Band

This 3-piece set by Rinfit is an example of a “simulated” stone using silicone. Again, you can stack the rings or wear each one separately.

The set comes in multiple colors, including a pretty pastel pink & lilac set. If pastels aren’t your thing, the black and teal combo is also fun!

Designed Silicone Wedding Ring for Women by RINFIT. Set of Thin and Stackable Rings. 3 & 4 pack. Affordable, Comfortable, Soft, metal free rubber wedding Bands. (Peach, Pastel Green, 4)
  • ✔ RINFIT QUALITY “Couture Collection” by Rinfit features elegant clean lines and modern style to match any outfit. High-quality silicone wedding band for women. U.S. design patent pending.
  • ✔ THIN & STACKABLE mix and match your favorite colors for a unique look every day. Safe & durable silicone rings.
  • ✔ LIFETIME WARRANTY - 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • ✔ THE PERFECT GIFT FOR HER Rinfit’s Silicone Ring is a perfect gift for a wedding, anniversary, birthday, Valentines, Christmas and more.
  • ✔ STAY ACTIVE Rinfit’s Silicone Rings are specially engineered to comfortably fit each and every one’s unique lifestyle, whether you have an active lifestyle or your day job requires you to work with your hands this is the right wedding band for you!

Don’t forget to also check these stackable rubber rings!

4. HelyDesigns “Emerald” Silicone Ring with Stone

Available on Etsy for $18.70+

Another one by Hely Designs, this one features a smaller stone “set” into a silicone band.

This particular listing is for the “emerald,” but you can check out their shop for other options.

It’s available in numerous different finishes, including gold and silver.

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5.  Rinfit Couture Metallic Collection 

 Rinfit Couture Metallic Collection 

The overall style of the Rinfit Couture set is similar to #3, but these rings look a bit more like real metal.

Again, the stone is more of a simulation rather than an actual stone, but it’s definitely among my favorites.

Choose from several options, including black and gold together, just gold, just silver, and more.

Silicone Wedding Ring for Women - Couture Metallic Collection by Rinfit - 3 pack (Size 6, Gold)
  • Rinfit Quality & Patent - “Couture Metallic Collection” by Rinfit. High-Quality Silicone Wedding Rings For Women. Design Patent Pending. Size 4-10.
  • The Rinfit Warranty Replacement Guarantee means if your first ring fails to perform, you’ll get another one free of charge.
  • Elegant Wedding Ring - With a Metallic-brushed Finish, Rinfit Silicone Wedding Bands are as Classy & Elegant as They are Comfortable.
  • Stay Active - Rinfit rings are specially engineered to comfortably fit each and every one’s unique lifestyle, whether you have an active lifestyle or your day job requires you to work with your hands, this is the right ring for you.
  • Unique Gift -Rinfit Silicone Rings are a perfect gift for a Wedding, Anniversary, Birthday, Valentines, Christmas and more.

Final Recommendation

Like I said earlier, your options for silicone wedding rings with stones are a bit limited, but there are still some great choices

If you want a ring with an actual stone, Hely Designs is your best bet. They’re affordable and stylish.

On the other hand, if you just want the simulation of a stone, I really like the last one by Rinfit.

Do you know of any other silicone wedding rings with stones? Share below!


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