Want Custom Silicone Rings? 7 Important Considerations!

Want custom silicone rings for your big day? Check out our buying guide, along with the most important considerations!

If you want custom silicone rings, there are two major important factors you’ll need to consider. For starters, where do you find them? Once you do find them, what types of personalization can you get? Below, we’ll take a look at the answers to those two questions. Then, we’ll check out a few examples of custom silicone wedding bands that I really love!

Want Custom Silicone Rings? These Are the Most Important Factors to Consider!

Right about here, I’d give you a list of reasons why silicone rings are so neat. However, since you’re already at the point where you’re searching for custom options, I feel like you probably already know the answers to that question. Besides, we’ve already gone over all the pros and cons of silicone rings here. So, check that out if you’re just starting your shopping journey.

For today, we’ll skip ahead and dive right into what you really need to know about custom options. I think it makes sense to start with the second question first. The answer will help you decide if custom silicone rings are truly the right choice for you.

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What types of personalized silicone rings can I buy?

When it comes to customized silicone bands, there are two main options- engraved and printed designs. Both are exactly what they sound like. With the engraved option, your message or design is actually etched right into the silicone itself, much like you’d find with an engraved metal band.

With printed options, your chosen design rests on top of the silicone. Printing usually involves some sort of indelible ink (or some sort of fancy laser ink), so that it doesn’t wear off.

Personally, I prefer engraving because it looks like it’s actually part of the ring, like the gods themselves forged this silicone band for you and you alone. Okay, so that’s a little melodramatic, but seriously, I do think it looks a bit nicer. While engraving typically matches the ring itself, some companies do let you choose different colors for the etching. More on that below in the buying guide.

Printed options look more like an “afterthought,” in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, they’re super cute and fun! I think they actually make adorable wedding favors or bachelorette party gifts

They just don’t scream “wedding ring” to me. It’s also important to understand that since the designs rest on top of the rings, they can eventually rub off. Even the best permanent ink isn’t as permanent as the name implies.

If you do love the style of printed options- especially the fact that your design is in a different color than the band- there are places that engrave the ink right into the band. However, again, at some point that ink will most likely wear off. However, since it is etched into the surface, the symbol/text/etc is still there. It just looks more like plain engraving at that point.

Now, onto the next big question: where to find custom silicone rings!

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Where can I find personalized silicone rings?

Finding custom silicone rings isn’t the hard part. Pretty much any place that makes those cute promotional silicone bracelets can also make rings. Finding wedding-band quality silicone rings is where it gets tricky!

See, those promotional product companies aren’t really making things designed to last a lifetime. Heck, if you’ve ever grabbed a free silicone bracelet at a business expo, you know that they’re not even designed to last a year!

There’s a reason that they cost “as little as $0.24 each.” While they’re good options for party favors (no one expects those to last forever), I am assuming you want your wedding band to last more than a few months, right? In that case, here are a few places that I recommend:

  • Groove Lifehands-down the best place to get custom silicone wedding rings. They offer both traditional engraved styles as well as colorful options.
  • Enso– another popular silicone band company, they allow you to engrave custom text in one of three different fonts, as well as a small selection of special symbols.
  • SafeRingz– they offer a selection of icons and up to 8 characters of personalized text in 8 different font options.
  • Qalo– while their options are somewhat limited (two fonts, up to 12 characters), they are beautiful.
  • Etsy a great place to find smaller (yet highly rated) brands who don’t have their own website.

While all of the options above are fantastic, Etsy is my favorite because I can see the reviews and ratings for each ring upfront. Plus, I love knowing that I’m supporting small businesses, especially during times like this.

Let’s take a look at some of my favorite custom silicone rings from the world’s largest handmade retailer, shall we?

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Best Custom Silicone Rings to Buy on Etsy

All of these personalized silicone wedding rings have at least a 4-star rating across at least 500 reviews. All of them offer enough diverse styles to make them a good fit for gay or lesbian weddings as well as for opposite-sex couples.

1. RuffRings Personalized Silicone Bands

RuffRings Personalized Silicone Bands

While RuffRings is probably best-known for their amazingly affordable bundle sets of silicone rings, they also have beautiful customized options as well in an insane amount of colors (please don’t make me count them, I lost track after 20)! Choose a single ring for $19.99 or save money and grab a bundle of 3 or 5.

Just leave a note during checkout with the message you want inside or outside the ring. They recommend only up to 12 Characters, and they accept letters, numbers, and symbols. They can also do some custom logos, so if you have a special design in mind, ask if it’s possible.

2. AeraRings

custom silicone rings aerarings

AeraRings offers customized rings in sizes for men and women ranging from 4 all the way to 15. They have several styles, not just the “his and hers” pictured above. Depending on the ring, you can add up to 20 characters (including spaces).

Enter your custom engraving instructions. Any text, special characters, symbols or image can be used. Recommended 20 character max including spaces! According to their description, they’re “Engraved with Anything You Can Think Of!” So, sounds like they can do custom characters and symbols. Just ask first, though, to be sure.

3. LaserPrintedProducts Rings

custom silicone rings laserprintedproducts

Sure, they may not have a cutesy name, but don’t rule them out! This company can print a variety of symbols as well as text, and it’s all laser-etched (as the name implies). I feel like the images don’t do their ratings justice. Over 4,200 customers gave them a 5-star rating, so they must be doing something right!

They offer a few different colors (not as many as RuffRings, but still a solid selection). Plus you can engrave the rings on the inside, outside, or both. Sets range from about $34 all the way up to $75, depending on the design.

4. InkValleyDesigns Rings

custom silicone rings ink valley

InkValleyDesigns has a small selection of customizable silicone bands in about 10 colors. Each one can hold up to 15 characters of text, including spaces. They also do custom designs, so if you have something in mind, let them know. One reviewer says, “Couldn’t find anyone able to do the design we wanted for our rings, but ink valley took the chance to try to help us and we couldn’t be happier.”

5.  Engraved Silicone Wedding Rings

custom silicone rings pizzamoneyllc

This last option by PizzaMoneyLLC is the most affordable of all (and none of them are particular expensive). They only offer a handful of colors, but I think they’re among the most vibrant of the bunch. Add up to 12 characters of text, including spaces. With over 9,000 5-star reviews, definitely don’t overlook this one!

Want custom silicone rings for your big day? Check out our buying guide, along with the most important considerations!

All of these Etsy sellers offer several different options, so if you don’t love what you see above, take a peek around their shop to see if something else pops out at you. Between them and the retailers mentioned earlier, it shouldn’t be hard to find a set of amazing custom silicone wedding rings for your big day!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Possible to Make a Silicone Ring at Home?

Absolutely. There are affordable and easy ways to make silicone rings in the comfort of your home. These DIY methods are elaborate; you can make them in any color of your preference. You will need skin-grade silicone, available on eBay, Amazon and several shopping stores.

You will also need ring moulds and gel-based food dye, all available on Amazon and in a store near you. First, mix the skin-grade silicone and add the gel-based food dye. Next, pour the mixture into your ring moulds and wait six hours for the silicone to cure. And there you have your silicone rings. Easy peasy, right? You can make several rings with various colors.

Why Should I Get a Silicone Ring Instead of a Standard Metal Ring?

Silicone rings have numerous benefits over conventional wedding rings. First, they are safe and more comfortable, especially for couples who work in the construction industry, healthcare, people working with electricity etc.

Unlike metal rings, you can wear silicone rings in all work environments due to their flexibility and softness. Also, they will less likely to damage your finger. Not to mention, you would rather lose a silicone ring than an expensive diamond ring.

Can I Have a Silicone Ring and a Traditional Metal Ring?

Yes. You can alternate the two whereby you wear the silicone ring when handling strenuous activities such as hitting the gym, hiking or at the workplace. In addition, you can wear your metal ring during special occasions, dinner and when hanging out with friends or family.

Do you know of any other places to buy custom silicone rings? Share below!

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