Groove Vs Qalo Rings: Which One Should You Buy?

If you’re also caught in the “Qalo vs Groove Ring” debate, let me help settle things for you. There aren’t many efficient alternatives to a traditional wedding band/silicone band made of precious metals such as silver or gold bands.

To imagine that there would come a day when we would substitute these bands with those made by using silicone is simply interesting. With those specific aspects in mind, let’s dive into this debate on Groove vs Qalo silicone ring reviews.

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What is the Difference Between Qalo vs Groove Rings?

To answer that, in a gist, there are a variety of aspects that differentiates Qalo rings from Groove rings. Regardless, we’re going to dwell deep into the variations in the following sections. Let’s begin!

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Quality Differences Between Qalo Vs Groove Life

In terms of quality, both Qalo and Groove use extremely high-quality materials. You get a blend of two molds that are fused and layered together with respect to the wide range of silicone rings that Groove offer. But when it comes to Qalo, you only get a single mold version.

Also, Groove Life rings offer you a slimmer special design that provides better breathability. In contrast, you get a much firmer and thicker design with Qalo rings.

What more, you ask? You’re blessed with a generous lifetime warranty if you were to purchase a Groove ring. Whereas, Qalo offers an anytime warranty. That is, you can add on the warranty anytime but only up to one time.

Durability: Groove Ring vs Qalo Ring

Here are two similar styles side-by-side, with Groove on the left and Qalo on the right. Let’s see how they compare in terms of durability.

Groove Ring


As stated earlier, Qalo rings are thicker than those produced by Groove. So you get a ring that’s albeit thicker, but it also means more durability. Be it high-intensity sports or other heavy lifting jobs, Qalo rings hold up pretty great when they’re put to the test.

At the same time, the drawback is their size. There are high chances that Qalo rings are prone to abrasions and scratches.

With regards to Groove rings women, although they are slimmer, it doesn’t make them more fragile or less durable. Rather, Groove makes use of an extra-sturdy silicone to pack a punch in its slim size. Due to their slimmer size, Groove rings are less prone to getting scratched or damaged.

Which One Has a Better Variety: Qalo Or Groove?

Variety is definitely a major factor in deciding which option to go with. So, which one offers more options? Let’s find out.

Groove Life Rings

Groove offers a wide variety of rings that you can choose from. It even has job-specific rings. For instance, you can purchase a camo ring for someone who’s a professional hunter. Not only will it offer its durable properties, but it also fulfills its purpose as a ring for a hunter.

Based on your style, you can curate your own rings that best fit your personality. You can even add small images or have text engraved on the ring if you so wish for it. Since Groove ring sizing is pretty slim, you can even go for the Groove stackable rings. These stackable styles do not look awkward or weird but offer a pretty and aesthetic look.

Qalo Rings

If you weren’t aware, the brand QALO signifies Quality, Athletics, Love, and Outdoors. It boasts sleek finishes, styles, patterns, various Qalo ring sizing, and a wide range of colors. Qalo offers an extensive selection of men’s and silicone wedding bands for women as well as everyday jewelry.

What’s strikingly amazing about Qalo rings is that you can easily customize the wide selection of colors available for your rings based on the style you choose. You’ll be able to do it without having to pay extra charges. Thus, it’s not the same as rings with custom features but surely better!

To give you a gist of its wide variety, consider the Switch and Tie-dye collections by Qalo. The rings in the Switch collection are unique in the sense that it offers you the ability to customize the solid color options or pattern anytime.

In comparison, you get an unlimited variety of colors in the Tie-Dye collection.

Qalo Vs Groove: Pricing Differences

Both are fairly affordable, but let’s take a closer look at how each one affects your budget.


Generally speaking, Groove rings are more expensive than Qalo rings.

On average, basic Groove traditional rings are going to cost you about $30 to $33. And if you were to add in the charges for customization, the total cost would tally up to around $40.

At the same time, Groove Life offers a lifetime guarantee on all its traditional wedding bands and jewelry. That means you have the popular option to make unlimited exchanges when it comes to Groove rings.

Also, if you were to lose your ring or end up damaging it, Groove Life assures its customer’s complete assistance as long as you have valid reasons to back it up.

So it’s vital that you take this factor into account as well.


When it comes to Qalo rings, the basic non-customizable and affordable options will cost you about $15 to $30.

The prices are different for collection pieces and special editions. At the same time, their costs don’t increase extensively. Based on the level of customization you opt for, the prices will vary accordingly.

The elegant designs and bands you choose may also impact the prices. Regardless of that, Qalo rings, on average, will cost you around $39 to $41.

Also, they do offer a Qalo ring warranty in the form of the “one-time anytime warranty.” Thus, unlike Groove, you can only avail yourself of this perk only once.

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Qalo Vs Groove: Return Policies

Even though these rings are fairly inexpensive, it’s still nice to know you’re not out $15-40 if something goes wrong with your order. So, let’s see which offers the best return policy.

Groove Life

Other than its lifetime warranty feature, Groove Life even offers a limited return policy. In that regard, it offers a standard 30-day return policy.

That is, in case you receive a faulty ring/band, you have 30 days within which you must initiate the return process.


Whether you buy it from their official store or from online retail outlets such as Amazon, it provides you with the basic Qalo return policy of 30 days.

What is Recommended: Qalo Or Groove Life?

Taking into account factors such as quality, durability, variety, prices, and other such aspects, we recommend you to avail yourself of Groove Life rings.

It is indeed quite true that Qalo rings may be a bit more durable owing to their thicker size. But that also makes them more prone to damages in the form of abrasions and scratches.

The thicker size of the Qalo rings also means lesser breathability.

Consequently, moisture, body odor, as well as bacteria will likely find their way into the silicone wedding rings. That will make the ring and also your finger smell pretty bad.

Also, you only get a one-time anytime warranty with Qalo rings. That means you’ll be able to make use of the warranty once.

In contrast, Groove Life makes up for its durability issues by offering you a lifetime and unlimited warranty.

At the same time, do not make the mistake of underestimating the quality of Groove Life rings. These rings make use of the extra sturdy silicone and fall short in terms of durability by only a small margin.

Check this video if you want more comparison details:

Qalo vs Groove FAQs

Is Groove ring the best?

As explained earlier, in terms of quality, durability, variety, and other such factors, Groove Life rings are among the best and most durable silicone rings in the market. On top of that, you can purchase these rings at a price that’s comparable to those sold by any other high-end brand.

Can Groove rings break?

In simple and plain terms, yes. Groove Life rings can indeed break.
A pressure of around 15lbs will break Groove Thin silicones rings. In contrast, it will require you about 32lbs of pressure to break the silicone rings that belong to the Groove Original category.

Do QALO rings stink?

Qalo rings are thicker and firmer. So it doesn’t offer much breathability and thus, traps moisture, body odor, or even bacteria.
Thus, not only are these rings capable of stinking, but they can also cause infections or rashes.

Do Qalo rings make your finger smell?

Since Qalo rings may trap moisture, body odor, and even bacteria owing to their thick size, they can make your finger smell. At the same time, you can prevent this from happening by cleaning your Qalo ring regularly.

Are Groove Or Qalo rings worth it?

Qalo and Groove Life rings make for efficient alternatives as wedding silicone bands for those who cannot use metal wedding bands due to their professions. That holds true for electricians, construction workers, hunters, etc.
They are durable and nonconductive to heat and electricity as well. But if you have to choose, we recommend that you buy a Groove Life ring.


With that, we conclude this article on “Qalo vs Groove: Is Qalo or Groove Better?”

Although both these brands are almost at the same level, Groove Life rings surely have an edge in terms of practicality, hygiene, and functionality.

The slim size of the Groove silicone rings may appear as a drawback, but it offers efficient breathability because of this very reason. That is, in contrast to the thicker Qalo ring that’s prone to smells and damages.

To top it off, the lifetime warranty and excellent customer service that Groove offers are definitely a plus.

Therefore, it’s clear that the odds heavily favor Groove rings. However, the race as very close, so don’t let it keep you from buying a Qalo ring if you find something you like better from that brand.

Qalo vs Groove rings comparison guide

Which one do you prefer, Qalo or Groove rings? Please share with us below!

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