35 Braided Wedding Hairstyles for Any Hair Length

From simple and elegant to more contemporary, I’ve gone through a plethora of tutorials and bridal pictures to create my list of braided hairstyles for weddings. I’ve included video how-tos for each in case you want to recreate the look on your own for your wedding day. Or you can just show your favorite one to your stylist and let them take it from there. Let’s dive in!

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11 Braided Hairstyles for Short Hair

Let’s start with some amazing ideas for those with shorter locks. Below, you’ll find plenty of fresh ideas for how you may reimagine this hairstyle so that it’s perfect for your short locks.

#1 Messy Crown Braids

This particular hairstyle embodies versatility and beauty. Sleek and pretty crown braids are ideal braid hairstyles for weddings.

If you’re going for a boho bridal style, it allows you flexibility. Overlap two Dutch braids if you have short hair. Make sure to use bobby pins to secure the braids.

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#2 Braided Romantic Updo

In comparison to other types of bridal hairstyles, a braided updo does take longer to pull off, but it’s worth it! This wedding hairstyle braided updo is perfect for church services, job interviews, graduations, and weddings, among many other formal occasions. 

French braid multiple sections and pin them in case you have short hair.

#3 Braids Plus Beads

If you’re tired of your usual hairstyle with braids, try adding a mix of beads into the mix. This must-have accessory adds a certain playfulness or modern vibe to these hairdos.

For people with long hair, use beads to make Fulani braids or box braids. In contrast, hairdos such as tree braids or mini cornrows are possible for short hair.

#4 Waterfall Braids

When it comes to loose braid wedding hairstyles, waterfall braids are versatile and offer tons of flexibility to work around. It looks equally good on people with long as well as short hair.

Waterfall braids are suitable for thick and fine hair types since the hairdo doesn’t require much hair to make. It’s ideal for a feminine, romantic, soft look that is perfect for a beach wedding.

#5 Accent Braid Ponytail

There are times when we don’t really feel like giving much thought to what hairstyle to wear. Ideal for such a mood is the Accent Braid Ponytail hairstyle.

If you want to class it up a bit more, add a few beads into the braided hairstyle. It’s a gorgeous option for the modern bride.

#6 Classic French Braid

Compared to simple braids, if you’ve got short hair, a Classic French braid makes for a much more efficient option. 

That’s because, in the case of a simple braid, the strands are sure to come undone, similar to the ponytail. But the strands stay intact and in place in the case of a French Braid.

#7 Side French Braids for Short Hair

For those who have a bob cut, this particular braided hairstyle makes for a natural choice. This art of a hairstyle manages to add freshness and ups your usual bob.

Since you can actually see the braid while making it, among the many one-sided hairstyles for wedding, the Side French Braid is super easy and saves time.

#8 Classic Cornrows

If you’re looking for a wedding hairstyle that is perfect for natural black hair, no other hairstyle does it better than the Classic Cornrows.

Similar to the African-American long twisted braid, these types of braids are cool and timeless in their style and essence.

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#9 Large Knotless Box Braids

This beautiful braid offers ease of maintenance. It’s ideal for those brides who want to really stand out. For sure, it will assist in making a very bold statement if you’re going for that.

You can also go for the famous and popular knotless technique.

#10 Simple Side Plait

When it comes to loose braid wedding hairstyles, waterfall braids are versatile and offer tons of flexibility to work around. It looks equally good on people with long as well as short hair.

You might have a difficult time if you have very unruly and short hair. Make the process of styling simple by using sea salt sprays. For the texture, use dry shampoo.

#11 Braided Pigtails

If you want to kick it up a notch, go for the Braided Pigtails. It’s also known as the double braided hairstyle.

The braided hairstyle is ideal for ladies with shoulder-length or a lob cut. Unlike double braid, it doesn’t offer the “schoolgirl” vibe but that of a stylish and chic hairdo.

LADY with braided pigtails

12 Braided Hairstyles for Medium Hair

While many of the above ideas will work for locks of all lengths, in my opinion, these next dozen are the absolute best for medium-length hair.

#1 Messy Fishtail Braids Half Updo

If you’re having a difficult moment choosing the type of braid to wear, the Messy Fishtail Braids Half Up is an efficient choice. It offers the features of two types of braids in a single braided hairstyle.

Although it’s half-up style, it’s a controlled type of messy. You can even style the loose hair as loose curls. For the fishtail, grab the upper section of the hair and start braiding.

#2 Loose French Braid Style

French braids offer an ideal alternative if you’re not so much of a fan of fishtail braids. Messy and loose are for sure a lethal yet harmonious blend. It’s an effortlessly beautiful braided wedding hairstyle for medium hair.

#3 Braid into a Top Knot

When it comes to this kind of braided hairstyle, we are all for it. It simply looks fan and is extremely easy to make.

In order to begin the Dutch braid, make use of the middle segment by grabbing it. Ensure to end it with the top knot before you tie the braid.

#4 Side Braid into a Ponytail

In case none of the braided wedding hairstyle ideas were specific to your liking, Braided Ponytails offer a safe bet. Such hairdos are stunning and cute.

Although a simple ponytail may come across as a bit boring and kiddish, adding the side braid surely brings life to the hairstyle.

#5 Dutch Braid Crown Hairstyle

If you choose this classic crown hairstyle, we can bet that you won’t be requiring any more accessories to go with it. Expect every head to turn and all eyes to be on you as you flaunt the hairdo.

It boasts versatility and class and goes with any lipstick color.

#6 Chunky Braid

If you wish to be the center of attention on an occasion, ensure to flaunt a Chunky Dutch braid. With this hairdo, standing out is something you won’t need to worry about.

Ideal for ladies with medium-length hair, the chunky braids look stunning and classy.

#7 Full Head Braid

If you’ve got medium-length hair and a thick hair type, the Full Head Braid provides a suitable choice.

Before going all the way back, section off the bangs as you make the braid. Use the two sides in order to make the two braids. Use clips for the braid ends and bobby pins for the remaining areas to ensure that the hairdo stays intact.

#8 Sectioned Milkmaid Braid

The braided hairstyle ends in the form of a fishtail. The Frontal Sectioned Milkmaid is ideal for those ladies who have shoulder or medium-length hair.

Based on the type of occasion, you can also add even artificial or fresh flowers. But what’s vital for this hairdo is to have a thick hair type.


#9 Side Waterfall Braid And Side Bun

If you’re looking for a braid with a side bun, nothing gets better than this braided hairstyle.

Suitable for grand parties and wedding ceremonies, the Side Waterfall braid and side bun are among the most popular and hot hairdos. It’s an efficient choice, especially for summers.

#10 Full Head Pearl Accessorized Braid

This specific does nothing short of making an extremely bold statement. If you’re someone who doesn’t mind attention on occasions such as a ball, we suggest you go for the hairdo.

It’s ideal for a prom night as well as parties during the daytime.

#11 Colorful Braided Bun

The colors we adorn speak a lot about our personalities. You can induce a massive difference by the addition of a few colors in your braid.

Stack your ponytails. Grab the base and wrap colored ribbons around it. Ensure to braid the colorful ribbons along with your hair. End the hairdo by making a bun out of the braids.

#12 Slightly Braided Pony

Use texture spray or texturizing powder to add grit to your hair. That will ensure body and texture. Aside from that, use bobby pins to maintain the position of the loosened braids.

12 Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair

When it comes to braids for long hair, your options are pretty much endless. These are my favorites by far, though.

#1 Classic Chignon

The Classic Chignon offers among the most harmonious blends when it comes to braided hairstyles. It features the versatility of the French classic braid and combines that with the classic updo hairdo.

Many ladies even consider it efficient enough to be a bridal updo. Tuck the braid underneath after rolling it up. Make use of a cuff hair barrette to cover it.

#2 Long Braids With Curly Ends

Use the Flexi rods in order to get the curled bounds ends to go along with your long braids. In order to get the shape, use hot water. Dip the hair in the water after wrapping the ends using the Flexi rods.

#3 Two-Way Braid

In order for you to stay on top of everything else, functionality is vital. We present to you a braided hairstyle that offers two functions; that braided updos and side braid hairdos.

It’s ideal for ladies with long, luscious, and thick hair. It fulfills the needs for both late-night balls and afternoon ceremonies.

#4 Braided Bun for Thick Hair

If you’re searching for long straight hairstyles for weddings that exudes class and elegance, the braided bun is perhaps the most ideal for you. It specifically caters to those with long and thick hair.

braided bun

The hairstyle boasts a chic edge along with hints of vintage charm. Whether it’s a group outing with your girls or a formal occasion, the braided bun is surely an efficient choice.

#5 Twisted Fishtail Braid for Long Hair

When it comes to the cute quotient, the fishtail braid is probably way there already. But imagine including a twist in the mix; it’s sure to become the talk of the occasion.

It will make sure that you stand out and demand attention from the crowd. Ensure to make a few pictures for your Instagram too.

#6 Grecian Braided Crown

The braided hairstyle resembles a halo around the head of the wearer.

If you wish to go for a golden glow, use blonde highlights for the braid. That will add to the effect of the halo the Grecian Braided Crown is going for.

woman standing near tree

#7 Braided Halo

The goal is to make a good size bun. Doll up the braids. Grab the coif and use its sides to cover the braids to get the bun.

brown and green knit textile

Tease the upper part of the hair to increase the volume. In this way, braids are even more efficient than gels. 

#8 Braided Half Updo for Long Hair

The Braided Half Updo goes for a spirited and free vibe. The braided hairstyle looks gorgeous and completes the boho vibe look you’re going for.

woman sitting on white padded seat

It works most efficiently for women with long hair boasting wavy natural texture and edges that are shaggy.

#9 Kate Middleton-Esque Bridal Braided Updo

It matters not whether you’re the ravishing bride or the stylish bridesmaid; you’re going to love this braided hairstyle regardless.

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, is for sure a splendid trendsetter. For those who love fashion, she’s an inspiration, and that’s evident from her aesthetically pleasing elegant updo.

#10 Game-of-Thrones-Inspired Hairstyle

Who hasn’t heard of this popular HBO TV series! We have exactly what you need if you’re into the GOT styling the Grecian hairdo worn by Daenerys Targaryen.

The braided hairstyle is ideal for long hair. It gives off a royal and fierce vibe, awakening the Khalisi in you. Try pairing it with a flower crown!

#11 Braided Headband

Going for the braided headband is much more efficient than a bold one.

Before pulling the hair all the way back, ensure each braid strand wraps around the head. You can make braids that are of a variety of widths. You can also add a floral crown for the ideal wedding hairstyles with headpieces.

#12 Side Braid and Headband

Oftentimes, fashion doesn’t really demand a sacrifice. That holds especially true for this braided hairstyle. 

Given you can pull it off, the best hairdo for you can be a regular three-strand side braid. You can also add sparkly hair accessories like beaded headbands for a more romantic vibe.


Over the past few years, this timeless hairstyle has seen a spike in popularity, and with good reason! Whether your locks are curly, wavy, straight, or natural, there’s a braided hair look that will fit you perfectly come wedding day.

For centuries, brides have had an unexplainable urge to go for braided hairstyles. For a wedding look, it gracefully adds the wow factor, other than being versatile and simply fuss-free. Not only does it work for less important ceremonies, but it pays dividends for the D-Day too. Thus, if you find yourself a perfect match for yourself, we suggest you adorn the braided hairstyle and wear it with elegance and class.


What are your favorite braiding hairstyles for weddings on the above list? Please share your picks below!

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