How to Play Bridal Shower Toilet Paper Game

The bridal shower toilet paper game requires a high level of creativity and imagination to make a fabulous wedding dress in a limited time. Everyone is welcome to participate, and everyone has an equal opportunity to create and present their creativity.

lady holding plenty of toilet papers for bridal shower toilet paper game

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If you’re not sure what it is, I found this amazing video for you. Watch it with us, then keep reading to learn how to play!

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How to Play the Bridal Shower Toilet Paper Game

It sounds so interesting, doesn’t it? We have nothing but a roll of toilet paper to design a wedding dress. This game is all about your imagination and time management. It’s also all about TEAMWORK!

clean toilet papers

The best thing about this game is that there is no age restriction on participants, making it perfect for showers where you have younger guests attending (I couldn’t get a sitter for my sister’s shower, so my daughter came with me, for example).

1. Break into Teams

First and foremost, all bridal shower guests are divided into teams. Keep it fair by breaking them up evenly. Ideally, 4-5 people max per team. Too many more than that and it’s just chaos. But hey, that could be fun too…

2. Hand Out the Toilet Paper Rolls

Regardless of the number of players, each team gets the same amount of toilet paper. You’ll have to decide ahead of time how much that is.

Given the crazy cost of TP these days (thanks to all of those shortages), I highly recommend grabbing a cheap Dollar Store brand. Not only will this save you boatloads of cash, but given how easily it falls apart, it actually makes the entire game more challenging and fun.

3. Bride Selection

Each team picks a bride to act as a model for their TP dress. She has ONE job: stand still while her teammates work. So choose someone who can handle that task. Side note, it’s NEVER me. 😀 I couldn’t stand still if my life depended on it.

4. Dress Designing

The main activity is all about the wedding dress design. You put in your real creativity and efforts to design a marvelous outfit. Each team has to create an outfit entirely out of toilet paper (No pins & tape).

You’ll want to set a time limit to keep it fair. Otherwise, you’ll have that one perfectionist friend who spends six hours creating the Vera Wang of TP dresses. How long is up to you, but we always set a 5-minute time when we play. It makes for some real frenzied fun!

5. Judgment

Who is the judge of the day? Obviously, the Bride-to-be. She has all the power. When the timer goes off, the teams are instructed to come to a halt.  All bride models wrapped in toilet paper bridal gowns move to the designated stage or area of the room. Then the bride decides which group designed the best wedding dress.

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Bridal Shower Toilet Paper Game Rules

There are some specific toilet paper wedding dress game rules, which must be followed in the game. I mentioned them above, but here’s a quick list of them:

Limited Time

All the teams should complete their outfit designing in a limited time.

Use Only Toilet Paper

You cannot use any safety pins, ballpoint pins, or tapes to keep the papers in their place. You are only allowed to use toilet paper rolls. Period.

lady pointing out to the toilet paper

Equal Toilet Paper Rolls

Each team must be provided with an equal number of toilet paper rolls.

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Now that we’ve delivered this list of bridal toilet paper games let’s answer some of the most common toilet paper game questions. 

Do You Only Use Toilet Paper When Playing This Game?

The entire idea of the game is to have fun creating dresses entirely out of toilet paper. The abstinence from using pins, clips, gum, and the like adds to the intrigue and fun of the game by making it harder to make your dress stay together. Think of it as a rich source of penalties for participants. However, you don’t necessarily have to avoid using pins and stuff. The toilet paper wedding game rules allow for the use of some joining material. 

How Many Rolls of Toilet Paper Do You Need to Play the Wedding Toilet Paper Game?

As the toilet paper is basically your dress material for the game, you’re going to need lots of it to go around, especially depending on how many people are participating. Four to six toilet paper rolls should be enough for most of the guests, depending on the estimated sizes of the gowns—some might want to do a plus-sized gown to add to the fun. 

What’s the Standard Length of a Toilet Paper Roll?

Given how there isn’t necessarily a standard length for toilet paper rolls, it may be hard to gauge how much you need. However, most medium-sized toilet paper rolls contain up to 150 sheets in all, so you can plan your design toilet paper allocations accordingly. 

What Are Other Fun Games to Play at a Bridal Shower?

Toilet paper dress bridal shower isn’t the wedding shower game out there. There are other great options for wedding shower games, such as the Apron Game, trivia, pictionary, and scavenger hunts.


The bridal shower toilet paper game is a great activity that provokes everyone’s creativity and imagination. It’s a classic for a reason!

hand holding 3 pcs of toilet papers to use for bridal shower toilet paper game

What do you think of the bridal shower toilet paper game? Isn’t it fun? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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