Bubble Gum Fun Printable Couples Shower Game

Bubble gum fun bridal shower game

One of my favorite things about throwing a couples shower (versus just a bridal shower) is playing games that pit the bride and groom against each other. Bubble Gum Fun is a hilarious game that does just that! Let’s find out how to play!

What do you need to play

  1. A printout of the main sheet, the bride’s answer sheet, and the groom’s answer sheet.
  2. A LOT of bubble gum!
  3. Either a bar of chocolate that you can break up, or a box of gourmet chocolates if you’re feeling extra generous.

How to Play the Bubble Gum Fun Couples Shower Game

  1. Before game time (or even before the shower), give the bride and groom their copies of the answer sheet and ask them to fill it out.
  2. During game time, ask the bride the questions that the groom answered, and the groom every question that the bride answered.
  3. For every question to the bride, she’ll have to give the same answer as the groom, and vice versa.
  4. Each correct answer earns them a tasty piece of chocolate (which they can eat now or save). For every wrong answer, they have to put another piece of gum in their mouth!
  5. Whichever half of the couple has the most chocolate wins!

Easy enough, right? If you’re planning a same-sex couples shower or JUST a bridal shower, or you have a health-conscious couple, keep reading for some tips and alternatives.

Tips & Alternative Game Play

  • For just a bridal shower, you can eliminate the questions for bridal shower directed towards the bride for the groom to answer. Just call the groom ahead of time and get all of his answers.
  • If you have a health-conscious bride who doesn’t want a mouth full of sugary bubble gum, go with a sugar-free version.
  • Likewise, if she’s not a fan of chocolate, you can give her a different prizes for correct answers. Dollar bills are a great alternative! Other little goodies, like bath bombs, lip balms, and spa-related treats also make great prizes.

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