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If you want to take your reception from fun to totally memorable, top it up with some amazing gay wedding games!

They bring out the best in people!

No matter the dress code or menu, the grooms will always make sure that you are having an amazing time.

Now, let’s take a look at 8 appropriate games to play at your reception!

Whether it's your wedding or you're planning someone else's, these 8 gay wedding games are definitely going to spice up the atmosphere.

8 Gay and Lesbian Wedding Games

Spice up your wedding by including one or more of the fun games below!

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1. Drink If Game

As always, this one is always a success. It’s guaranteed to put everyone in the mood for the party.

Are you the best man? Then drink! Etsy has some very nice Drink If suggestions from which you can choose. Keep it classy or get really crazy, depending on your guests.

2. Who Said It

If you’re looking for a very engaging trivia game, perfect for your gay wedding reception, here it is. The point of the game is to guess and discover traits about the grooms.

Which one of them do you think does more chores? You’re going to have to find out! You can find similar Who Said It games on Etsy, or create your own personalized cards for a touch of fanciness.

3. Giant Jenga

This one requires a little more in the way of supplies and setup, but it’s a fun game for everyone who’s willing to test their skills.

You just need to be careful and don’t get trapped under the giant pieces!

Ok, even if you do, you’ll be left with a pretty cool memory, so why not?

Create your teams and start the fun! You can find Giant Jenga games on Amazon or even start building your own.

4. Quick and Dirty

If you’re a big fan of card games, then you’ll absolutely love this one. It possibly one of the most offensive card games out there and we’re sure it’s going to bring you a whole lot of fun.

Don’t forget to also try the drinking rules and see what happens. The Quick and Dirty game is also available on Amazon.

5. The Shoe Game

As long as you’re not planning on wearing matching shoes, this is a great idea for a lesbian wedding game. All you have to do is sit back to back and have one of your shoes in one hand and one of your partners in the other.

The host will ask the questions and you will have to simultaneously lift one shoe or another. How fun is that?

6. Themed Photo Booth

Who doesn’t like photos? Combining them with a very cool theme and props? Yes, please!

Decide upon your favorite style and request a photo booth to satisfy all your artistic needs.

7. Charades

This is a classic game for any moment of your life. It tests your creativity and your skills and it’s always a thrill to be the first to guess.

There are many options to play this game. You can buy a game of Charades, you can install an app on your phone or get truly creative with your friends.

8. Karaoke

Another one of the classics and what better way to keep the fun going?

Rent a karaoke machine and load it up with your favorite LGBTQ-friendly wedding songs.

Whether it's your wedding or you're planning someone else's, these 8 gay wedding games are definitely going to spice up the atmosphere.

Yes, weddings are fun indeed and the grooms will go over their heads to make sure you are having the best time of your life. So go on, now.

Find your best costume and bring your most exciting attitude. You’re surely going to have a blast playing these games at any LGBT wedding.

Whether it’s your wedding or you’re planning someone else’s, these 8 gay wedding games are definitely going to spice up the atmosphere!

Do you have any other favorite gay wedding games? Share below!

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