Find the Guest Bingo Printable Bridal Shower Game

If you’re looking for a classy bridal shower game that’s a total blast to play, this is it! Find the Guest Bingo is easy to play, yet still engaging enough to keep the good times rolling! It’s also a terrific ice-breaker, especially if you have a lot of guests who don’t know each other well!

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What do you need to play Find the Guest Bingo

  1. A copy of the Find the Guest Bingo printable for each person at your party (don’t forget the bride).
  2. Pens/pencils/markers.
  3. A fun prize for the winner!

How to Play

  1. Give a Find the Guest Bingo card to each guest (to keep it fair, wait until everyone has arrived).
  2. When a player finds someone who matches the description in the box, they’ll write in the name of that person.
  3. Players can’t use the same guest as an answer more than once (unless
  4. The first to fill five blocks in a row wins!

Extra Tips for Added Fun

That’s it, really! Super simple, yet oh-so-fun! If it’s a little too simple, though, try these tips:

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  • Set a time limit instead of letting guests play throughout the entire party.
  • Rather than filling in just five blocks, the winner is the first person to fill the entire card.
  • Only have a few minutes to play? Make it “Minute to Win It” style! Give each guest ONE MINUTE to fill in as much of the card as they can.

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