45 Great Wedding Hairstyles for African American Women

There is no wedding ceremony or wedding day look that is more iconic than the traditional African American style.

From wedding hairstyles to bridal jewelry, African American wedding looks have been taking the world by storm.

With so many gorgeous styles to choose from, it can be a bit overwhelming when it comes to wedding hairstyles. But fear not – with tips and advice on the most popular African American wedding looks, it’s never been easier to find the perfect bridal hairstyle for your wedding day look.

Whatever you’re looking for – classic twists and updos, bold statement-making natural curls, or an effortless half-up style – my list of African American wedding hair inspiration has you covered.

bride with wedding hairstyles african american

Keep reading for a whopping 45 amazing styles that I just LOVE!

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45 Wedding Hairstyles For Black Women

From cropped locks to long dreds to sleek and straight, you should have no problem finding an amazing hairstyle for your big day below. Let’s just jump right in!

1.     Messy Hair Updo with White Flowers

This type of wedding hairstyle for black hair is ideal for brides who have long straight hair. Use matching earrings and white flowers to accentuate the look.

A beautiful African-American bride in white wedding dress, touches her face in vintage gloves. Fine-Art wedding in Florence, Italy

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to pull off this look:

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2.     Jeweled Headband on an Elegant Updo

The wedding hair for black ladies looks simply astonishing and elegant. Again, matching earrings go a long way to further magnify this marvelous wedding updo.

rear view of bride's wedding hairstyle, close up

Check the video for how to make your own headband:

3.     Side Part Updo

Make this hairstyle by side-parting your hair and sculpting it to form large waves. Easy and elegant!

See the video below for some tips:

4.     Wavy Updo Hairstyle for Girls

This stylish look is ideal for a black woman with hair that’s straightened out and presented in an updo that’s wavy. Stick to the theme by using a ribbon headband to anchor the look.

Portrait of a Young black woman, model of fashion, wearing a wedding dress

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to pull off this look:

5.     Simple Updo

Oftentimes, all you require is a simple bridal hair brooch to further highlight your updo wedding hairstyle. It’s perfect for a casual wedding!

pretty bride with side twist bun

Check it out here:

6.     Modern Updo

You can never go wrong with a contemporary and crisp wedding look by going for the modern updo. Go for a tight and smooth updo by combing back your hair straight.

Try these tips:

7.     A Leaf Crown on Curly Hair

Keep it simple by letting your short curly locks do their own thing, then add a pretty leaf crown for over-the-top beauty! Check out the video below to learn how to DIY it yourself.

8.     Elegant Updo

An updo wedding hairstyle formed into tight curls makes for gorgeous options. Achieve the hairdo by unevenly spreading out your black hair straight.

jumbo braid wedding hairstyles for thin hair

I love this video:

9.     Classic Short Black Woman Wedding Styles

The hairdo makes for perfect for those who flaunt short haircuts. Oftentimes, you might not have to mess with your hair; just go as you are.

black woman with short hair

Aren’t these hairstyles gorgeous?

10. Highlights on Short Cut

Stay away from wigs and the likes if you flaunt the short butch cut on an everyday basis. Go for a side cut and employ highlights, preferably frosted caramel.

short hair with highlights

I love these styles in the video:

11. Floral Head Piece on Wavy Hair

All you require to complete your wavy wedding hairstyle is the floral headband. Add large waves to your straightened-out hair.

bride with pretty wavy hair and flower crown

Here’s how to make your own headband:

12. Stylish Straight Hair

This particular hairdo is stylish and timeless when it comes to straight hairstyles for weddings, especially for a black woman who’s the bride.

See how to do it here:

13. Chignon Wedding Hairstyles

You bet this African American vintage wedding hairstyle will not go out of fashion and style for years to come. These chignon hairstyles or the simple low bun speaks for itself.

Check it out below:

14.Lace on Low Chignon

The appearance of the low chignon wedding hairdo is further accentuated multiple times by the addition of an elegant lace veil.

15. A Veil on Simple Chignon

Those brides who love the vibe of a veil will simply dig these black wedding hairstyles for long hair. It offers a casual and contemporary look.

lady putting veil on the bride's hair

Check this video for tips:

16.Bright Accessories on Top Bun

This specific hairdo is among those wedding bun hairstyles for black hair that’s known for elegance and simplicity. Top it off with beautiful hair accessories to make a statement.

bridal hair neat bun with white flower

I love the idea of a simple bow like these:

17. Tight Top Bun

The complex wedding hairstyle is an ideal alternative if you’re thinking of toning down your hair. It highlights the eyes and the face of the wearer.

lady with tight bun

Check it out below:

18.Messy Bun

Do not try to tame your hair; let it run amok. The messy bun hairdo is perfect for a carefree look.

19. Clean Bun

Pair it with a wedding dress that’s strapless to further magnify the look of this exquisite and clean bun.

Try this tutorial:

20. Two Tones Corn Rows

This complicated wedding hairstyle offers you the best of all worlds. Match and mix the components to make them look yours uniquely.

See how below:

21. Lace and Waves

The unique and extremely elegant hairdo boasts an elegant headband. It blesses the large waves.

Learn more in this video:

22. Edgy Shaved Side

It’s among those black wedding hairstyles that are simply outrageous. The sculpted top blends perfectly with the shaved side.

Check out the video below for how to do it:

23. Beautiful Lilies on Regal Hair

Matching earrings and lilies accentuate the look of your regal wedding hairstyle. It’s unique and looks amazing.

24. Sculpted Updo

It’s among the ideal wedding updos for black women. Showcase your sculpted hairstyle along with the natural hair. The sculpted updo perfectly fulfills your need for a unique wedding hairstyle.

Check out this video:

25. Flowing Locks

Add elegance and beautiful style to your wedding hairstyle by embracing flowing locks. It offers a casual and fun feel to your entire wedding vibe.

bride with dreadlocks styles for weddings

Check the video for tips:

26. Red Waves

Make use of red hair color (bright red, if possible) to color the wavy hair. It adds a unique characteristic to the hairstyle, which the guests will remember for a long time.

I’m crazy for this hair color:

27. Natural Hair with Pin Curls

Your black wedding curls, although a little messy, are a casual choice among the black wedding hairstyles. Brush the upper section to complete your natural wedding hairstyle.

Watch the video for how to prep for this style:

28. Hip and Curly Pixie Wedding Hairstyle

The romantic wedding hair for black brides is perfect for ceremonial settings. The medium curls offer a look that’s hip, fun, and easy-going.

curly pixie cut

29. Fairy Tale Locks

Suppose you’re hoping to add a touch of fairy dust or the whole fairy tale vibe, these locks for an efficient choice. Get extensions in case you’re someone who has short hair.

30. Big Classic Afro

This wedding day hairstyle for a black woman is all about either going all in or not at all. If personality and sass are something you have in abundance, we introduce you to the Big Afro wedding day hairstyles.

African woman with afro hair

Try these tips:

31. Hair Piece on Wild Afro

Use a hairpiece to further accent your stunning afro. As stated earlier, the hairstyle requires the wearer to be confident.

32. Lace on Afro

Since the afro wedding day hairstyle is intense and bold when it comes to character, tone it down a level by adding an elegant headband with laces.

I love this video:

33. Flower Crown on Half Up

This classic half down half-up elegant wedding hairstyle for black hair to ideal to achieve the aesthetic Instagram look.

Here are some tips:

34. Whimsical Flair

Flowing hair is vital if you wish to go for that fairy tale kind of wedding look. Avoid fuss and formalities by adding fanciness and flair with the half down, half up black woman wedding hairstyles.

35. Asymmetric Flow

If you’ve got long hair, get ready to climb levels by adding a casual updo featuring asymmetric flow. You won’t be requiring any type of cheap wedding hair accessories with it.

Check this video:

36. Curled Tendrils

Use an elegant jeweled tiara to highlight the half-up hairdo. Achieve a look that’s contemporary and boasts youthfulness by adding curled tendrils along the sideways.

37. Long Flowy Hair

Nothing beats long hair if you’re going for the dreamy, princess, and fairy tale black wedding hairstyle. Remove all the fuss by choosing the fancy updo.

bride with natural curly hair

38. Hairstyle With Tiara on Loose Curls

An ideal choice for those with long hair is to curl the hair loosely after straightening it out. Furthermore, showcase your beautiful curls by adding a dazzling tiara.

bride with loose curls

Love this tutorial:

39. Simple Headband

The black wedding hairstyle is sure to look on those brides who possess long hair. Pair With a matching wedding bouquet and belt to complement the look.

Check out these ideas:

40. Vintage Elegance

If you’ve got long hair, this wedding hairstyle would be ideal for you. Flaunt large smooth waves in case you’re into the whole vintage wedding theme.

bride with vintage waves hair

Check this tutorial:

41. Matching Bridal Hair Jewelry

Add a classic necklace and pair it with a jeweled hairband. The charming hair accessory will help the black wedding hairstyle shine even more. That holds especially true for the princess type of look.

See more ideas here:

42. Jeweled Hair Piece

This particular wedding hairstyle for African American women is perfect for long hair. The jeweled bridal hair accessory will make the hairstyle even more special and unique.

bride with rose bun and jewelry

43. Modern Wedding Hairstyles

Although accessories do play a vital role in highlighting the hairstyles, oftentimes, it’s ideal for letting the hairstyle speak for itself. It gives off a look that’s contemporary, clean, and casual.

Pretty face. Cute blonde woman with long healthy hair on white background

Take a look at these ideas:

44. Jeweled Tiara

The presence of a jeweled tiara fits perfectly into the whole princess bridal hairstyle look. Add necklace and earrings to match the theme.

half hair updo with tiny tiara

Check out this tutorial on making your own:

45.Fishtail Braided Wedding Hairstyle

If you’re someone who’s grown up watching Disney Princess movies, the fishtail braided hairstyles are probably the one for you. These African wedding hairstyles braids will definitely make you feel like a princess.

See how to make it here:

What Should You Consider For Choosing Hairstyles for Black Women

Relaxers and Perms

You got your hair trimmed, and you’re waiting for it to grow out permanently. During this hair growth process, it’s crucial that you employ chemical treatment in the form of Relaxers and Perms [1].

But we advise that you practice caution. That’s because if you don’t apply chemical relaxers properly, it may damage the scalp and hair.

To avoid such instances, avail yourself of the services of professional stylists.

Remember to use these products only for new hair growth. As your hair keeps growing, reapply every two to three months.


The process includes matting, twisting, or locking your hair. After this stage, the stylist turns your hair into strands that look like ropes [2].

short hair bride with dreadlocks styles for wedding

You cannot undo these locs, and yes, they take abundant amounts of time to make. Also, it requires high levels of dedication and maintenance.

Thus, before getting locs, we advise you to consult a professional stylist.

Loose Braids

Based on complexity, style, and shape as well, the elegant hairstyle varies. You can choose to go for tight braids or a simple hairstyle.

At the same time, there is the risk of traction alopecia. It’s related to hair loss, irritation, or the increased risk of breakages due to extremely tightly woven braided hair.

It caused the hair of an individual to fall out due to the frequent tension on the scalp.

Styling Using Heat

Be wary of using heated rollers and curling irons to make soft waves and pin curls. The same holds true for hair straighteners.

Over time, it damages the hair and dries it out. Rather, you can choose to make use of tools coated with ceramic.


What are black hairstyles called?

The ancient terms for these stunning wedding hairstyles include dreadlocks, cornrows, the afro hairstyle, among many others. Black communities have been able to develop hairstyles that rightfully and uniquely represent their culture and traditions.African woman with afro hair

Are braids good for black hair?

Braids are vital for the healthy maintenance of black hair.
A black woman prevents her locks from breaking by braiding their black hair. Aside from that, braids help in keeping their amazing hairstyle neat and tidy. Braids are essential for kids too.

How long can one keep braids in black hair?

Based on the type of braiding you choose, you can keep braids in black hair for up to 8 weeks. At the same time, it’s crucial to regularly clean it once every 2-3 weeks.

Are Box Braids good for a wedding hairstyle?

Yes, box braids can be a great option for a wedding hairstyle. They are versatile and can be styled in many different ways, such as in an updo, half-up/half-down, or even as a braided crown.
Box braids can also be decorated with beads, flowers, or other hair accessories to add a touch of elegance. Additionally, they can be left in for several weeks, making them a great option for brides who want to take care of their hair leading up to their big day.

African American Wedding Hairstyles Ideas Conclusion

With that, I finally conclude our listing of the 45 best African American wedding hairstyles ideas. Although it’s true that the perfect wedding hairstyles we listed are simply heavenly, it’s equally crucial that you test it out before putting a stamp on it.

That’s because what might work for, say, your friend or the models in the pictures might not work for you and vice versa.


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beautiful African American bride

What are your favorite African American wedding hairstyles? Let us know below!

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