Meaningful Bridal Shower Activities: 7 Incredible Ideas

What are some fun and meaningful bridal shower activities to do aside from playing funny games? Actually, there are a lot! Both brides and guests would absolutely love trying out some of these fun ideas below. Check them out!

Meaningful Bridal Shower Activities

If you are not into bridal shower games, these activities will spice up your party. You will certainly keep a lot of great memories in your heart from this day.

Even at a small party with only a few guests, these activities will bring an exceptional and meaningful touch to your event.

Don’t know where to start? Check out the top activities I’ve picked out for you.

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1. Make a Memory Book 

Bridal shower memory book flatlay

I’m sure everyone has a sweet memory with the brides-to-be. Why not gather them all together and make a lovely scrapbook with your family and friends?

Be it a fun, touching, or even embarrassing memory, the couple will always read the notes with smiles on their faces. You can also ask them to bring photos to make the book more personal and meaningful.

Aside from having the memories, you can also ask your friends to write advice for a happy marriage. I am sure everyone will come up with a touching note that the happy couple will treasure forever.

Writing a memory book during your party not only will bring a lot of joy and laughter to that day, but it’s a gift that keeps giving years down the road.

2. Have a Winetasting Session

Having a glass of wine is always a good idea. And it is a better idea to try different types of wines and keep a small souvenir after the tasting.

You can have a sommelier (a wine professional) at your party that will help you and your guests taste like pros and learn how to fully enjoy the full bouquet of a Chardonnay or Cabernet Sauvignon. At the end of the wine tasting session, you can give your guests mini wine bottles gift with customized labels for a special occasion.

They should open the bottle after a specific time and celebrate the wedding anniversary with the married couple. Isn’t it a sweet and touching idea?

If you can’t hire a wine-tasting expert, check out the video below for tips.

3. It’s Spa time!

Spa days are a classic bridal shower activity for a good reason! Putting on cucumber masks, sipping a glass of champagne, and remembering the fun days you had with the brides- what better activity you can have?

You and your close friends will have relaxation therapy and pamper up before the wedding day. It was one of the best moments we had at my best friend’s shower party!

The soon-to-be-married couple will certainly need to relieve the stress from all the wedding planning. This much-needed treatment will help the brides to relax and prepare for their long-awaited wedding.

4. Bring a Makeup Lesson to Your Home

You can take your party to another level by adding a little non-traditional activity in it. It is definitely something your friends and family will never forget.

Have your friends master their makeup game by hiring a makeup artist who will show how to ace the perfect no-makeup makeup look or a classic cat-eye.

Don’t forget to take pictures and keep them for fun memories. You can also prepare personalized makeup bag gifts for your friends to remember.

5. Throw a Honeymoon Shower 

Throwing a honeymoon-themed party for the brides will be all about their future fun. You can make invitations to look like boarding passes and ask your friends to have a special dress-code.

To get in the spirit of the theme, you can have cocktails, fun music, and delicious food at your party. Including activities like a mixology lesson will also be a fun addition.

And after the party is over, prepare small honeymoon-themed gifts for your friends. A mini bottle of sunscreen or beautiful sunglasses can be excellent choices.

6. Make a Date Jar

Another activity for guests to enjoy your party would be a date idea jar making. Prepare a little jar with pieces of cards or wood sticks.

Your friends can write their date ideas for you and your fiancé in case you run out of your own date ideas.

You may find it interesting to see what ideas your friends have written for you. They might be fun, extreme, or cozy ideas.

7. Make a Quilt!

If you have a good amount of time and patience, quilting is one of the most meaningful bridal shower activities ever. Not only is it incredibly touching and heartwarming (not to mention bed-warming) for the brides, but it’s an activity that connects you back through the ages.

Along with the shower invitation, ask your friends to bring a piece of fabric that reminds them of the brides. It can be anything from a literal memory- like a concert t-shirt- to a “this color is so you” fabric square.

Gather all the fabric from your guests and create a lovely blanket that will bring both brides warmth on a cold day and a smile to their face whenever you see it.

You can also ask your friends to write a special note on it, be it marriage advice, celebration wish, or even the memory connected with the fabric. If you don’t don’t have a quilting expert on your guest list, check out the video below for beginner tips.


The bridal shower is one of the most fun and memorable days of the brides’ life.
So it is essential to have activities that will be significant and meaningful for the brides.

At the end of the day, it is always good to look back and remember how much fun you had at the party.

But it’s even better when you have personal things that will always remind you of that amazing day!

Planning for some meaningful bridal shower activities? We bring you extraordinary ideas to help you create memories to keep forever!

What are your favorite meaningful bridal shower activities? Share below!

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