Dating Tips For Committed Couples

Many couples give up on the idea of dating once they become committed to each other.

After integrating their lives and making a formal commitment, the fun and romantic dates they used to love to tend to disappear.

Whether engaged, married, or just living together for years, too many couples leave dating in the past, believing it is only for that honeymoon phase.   

However, dating is just as important when committed as when you first get together. Date nights help sustain intimacy and keep the relationship fun and interesting.

Couples who remain together for years or decades cite dating as an essential aspect of their marriage.  

Dating is a great way to keep your love strong in your relationship. If you’re unsure how to start dating your partner again, read on for some great dating tips to keep your love strong.

Schedule Date Nights

A spontaneous date night is not likely to happen with careers, kids, busy schedules, and other responsibilities.

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However, since date nights are a vital aspect of a healthy, committed relationship, you should start incorporating them into your busy schedules.  

Though sticking to a plan may not seem very romantic, it is the best way to ensure that you carve out this time to devote to your relationship.

Scheduling a weekly date night will ensure that you and your partner take time for each other even when your life is hectic.  

Besides, scheduling your date night in advance increases the anticipation and excitement.

While you’re stuck at work or overwhelmed with responsibilities, you can look forward and daydream about the fun and romantic evening you have planned with your partner.

Find New Talking Points

You and your partner are probably tired of discussing work, current events, and family drama. Therefore, you should avoid these topics on your date night.

The two of you have already discussed these topics at length, and they won’t serve to make your night fun or romantic.  

Date nights should be full of fun, laughter, and intimacy. Use this time to discuss hobbies and interests, whether new or old.

You can also travel down memory lane, discussing the early days of your relationship or maybe some memories of your life that you never shared with your partner.  

The great thing about relationships is that no matter how long we stay with the same person, we still have infinite opportunities to learn new information about them.

Date nights are a great way to discover a side of your partner that you have never seen before.

Try A New Activity or Hobby

Your dates were probably full of new activities and hobbies when your relationship started.

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Maybe this included trying a hobby your partner liked or an activity that neither of you had tried before.  

Chances are, there is something that both of you have an interest in doing but haven’t gotten around to trying yet.

Starting new hobbies is a great way to spend time with each other. Learning something new is fun, and trying the activity together is bound to create more intimacy.

Or Revisit an Activity From When You Started Dating

If there isn’t anything new that the two of you want to try, then go back to an activity you did when you first started dating.

As our lives become busier, we inevitably set aside activities that we love because we no longer have time for them. If that’s the case, use your dates to bring a hobby back into your life.  

Not only will pursuing this hobby again be fun for both of you, but it will also bring back happy memories from the early days of your relationship.

Prioritize Intimacy

Remember that the point of these dates is to keep the intimacy alive in your relationship.

So whether going on group dates or trying out new activities, make sure that each date brings the two of you closer and allows for some intimacy.  

While intimacy does include sex, it doesn’t have to.

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Any romantic activity such as cuddling, cooking dinner together, or taking a romantic evening stroll is enough to spark intimacy.

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Bottom Line

Even if you’re planning a wedding or have been married for years, you and your partner can still benefit from dating.

Taking time to go on dates and reconnect will keep your spark and love alive for years to come.

Hopefully, this article gave you some ideas on how to revive your dating life and keep it going throughout your lifelong commitment to each other.    

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