8 Puzzle Guest Book Signs to Make Your Wedding More Memorable

a rusty colored wedding puzzle guest book sign with a tree heart and two love birds

Looking for unique puzzle guest book signs for your wedding? Stick around! Your wedding day is one of the most memorable days of your life, and you want to savor every moment.

Guest books are one way to do that, but what if you want something a little more unique than a “sign in here” style book? That’s where these amazing ideas come in! Start with a quick look at our favorites, then read on for all of the details.

Wedding Puzzle Guest Book Signs Top Picks at a Glance

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Best Wedding Puzzle Guest Book Signs (Review)

While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a simple guest book, I think we can all agree that these options below are a bit more unique. Let’s check them out!

1. Hearts Wedding Puzzle

Custom Puzzle Guest Book

Wedding time is all about romance and all kinds of sappiness. Seriously, it’s the one day that you get to kiss your spouse in front of your loved ones, and they cheer instead of saying, ‘Get a Room’ or ‘Eeewh, Mom, Gross.’

So, why not go all in and have guests sign a 2-heart shaped puzzle?

This puzzle is made of plywood, stain, and wood oils. It’s well designed, and it’s a great decor addition.

Secondly, the puzzle comes with a plate (optional) explaining to the guests what is required of them.

And thirdly, customized with your names in the middle and the wedding date.


  • Gorgeous unique design
  • Customizable with your names and wedding date
  • Choose from 30 to 300+ pieces!
  • It’s high quality


  • Only comes in a heart shape
  • Gets pricey if you want a very large puzzle

2. Wooden Tree Puzzle Guest Book

Wooden Tree Puzzle Guest Book

I love anything green or decor that symbolizes life at a wedding. This may seem far-fetched, but I believe in new beginnings. And I feel like having plants symbolizes growth in a relationship.

This is why the wooden tree puzzle is my second recommendation. I love the fact that it has room for both the couple’s name and wedding date near its ‘roots.’


  • Choose the number of puzzle pieces you want on your tree, up to 200
  • You can frame the tree or store it in a box to put together later


  • There are not many colors to choose from
  • Again, if you want a big puzzle, it’ll cost a pretty penny

3. Anchor Guest Book Puzzle

Anchor Wedding Guest Book Puzzle

As much as we would love marriage to be a bed of roses, it’s not. You and your partner love each other, but you have different personalities. Therefore, at one point, you’ll get into each other’s nerves.

This anchor guest post is a reminder that things may not always be easy, but you have to fight for your marriage.

The puzzle has 50 pieces, so it’s best for people holding small weddings.


  • The itme has a really cute and deep message
  • It’s made using high-quality materials


  • It’s only an excellent choice for small weddings.

4. Mr. and Mrs. Wedding Puzzle

Mr and Mrs - Wedding Puzzle Guest Book

I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but I’ve got pretty great ideas because you’ll love this puzzle too.

The Mr and Mrs puzzle is customized with the name of the couple in the middle. And you get to choose the shape/design of the part your name is written; it can be a heart shape or a square shape.

The puzzle comes in different sizes ( between 12 and 188), and it’s made of quality wood.


  • This product accommodates all wedding sizes
  • This item is customized


  • It’s not very creative compared to the first three suggestions.

5. Tiny Hearts Wedding Puzzle

I honestly wouldn’t think of a better way of describing this wedding puzzle. This wedding puzzle’s pieces end with a heart shape. Once the puzzle is complete, you get many tiny hearts in between, which is very beautiful.

You’ll also be happy to know the puzzle is customized with your names in the middle. Unfortunately, it only ideal for a small wedding, since it has 40-50 pieces.


  • The little hearts make the puzzle very beautiful
  • It’s customized with the couples names


  • This product is only ideal for small weddings.

6. State Guest Puzzle

State Puzzle Guest Book

As the name suggests, this puzzle is shaped like a state. So, are you loyal enough to your state to make it part of your wedding? I’m kidding. You can choose any state you and your partner relate to; it could be where you met, where you’d like to settle, or your honeymoon destination.

Just choosing the state makes this puzzle special. And your guests will enjoy signing it.


  • You get to choose what state you want for your puzzle
  • Choosing the state of the puzzle gives it a special meaning.


  • Some states aren’t very cute to look at

7. Ginger Ray Wooden Jigsaw Wedding

Ginger Ray Wooden Jigsaw Wedding Guestbook-58 Piece, Boho

If you’re a minimalist and you’re looking for something simple, I got you. The ginger ray wooden jigsaw has a heart shape, and you join your puzzle inside the heart.

It has 58 pieces, so it’s not ideal for a huge wedding. Unfortunately, the jigsaw doesn’t have space for customization.


  • It’s very simple
  • The heart shape is cute


  • No space for customization
Ginger Ray Wooden Jigsaw Wedding Guestbook-58 Piece, 58, Boho
  • A special wedding guest book alternative your guests will love to sign and you will treasure forever
  • Each wooden guest book measures: 47cm (W) x 42cm (H). 58 pieces per jigsaw.
  • Product Length: 19.2"
  • Country of Origin : China

8. Custom Photo Wedding Puzzle

GLM Wedding Guest Book Alternative, Drop Top Frame with 85 Hearts, 2 Large Hearts, and Sign, Guest Book for Wedding Reception, Baby Shower, and Funeral Guest Book (White)

If you love customized stuff, this personalized puzzle is for you. It fits any country wedding decor! It can also be used as a baby shower sign-in guest book, a bridal shower guest book, and more!


  • It’s customized with the couple’s photo
  • Made with acrylic glass


  • It comes in one color only
GLM Wedding Guest Book Alternative with Sign, 85 Hearts and 2 Large Hearts, Guest Book Alternatives, Alternative Guest Book Wedding Reception, Guest Sign in Wedding Decorations for Reception (White)
  • Wedding Guest Book Alternative - Your guest book alternative for wedding reception should be special and personalized; it's unique wedding decor you'll want to cherish and keep forever.
  • Guest Book Wedding - This wedding sign in book fits all rustic wedding decor! You can also use it as a bridal shower guest book to compliment your bridal shower decorations or to celebrate any other special occasion!
  • Wedding Guestbook - It comes with 85 1.5" x 1.5" and 2 3" x 3" laser-cut hearts for your guests to sign. The rustic wedding guest book measures 16" x 12" made with acrylic glass and an instructions guest book sign.
  • Wishing Well for Wedding Reception - The back of the guest book frame can be removed to customize and match the theme of your wedding table decorations and wedding favors for guests.
  • Hang The Wedding Guest Book - Use the stand to display the heart guest book dropbox hearts on the table or hang it on the wall in your home.

Wedding Puzzle Guest Book Sign ( Final Thoughts)

Although the wedding guest book isn’t a big part of the wedding like it used to be, it doesn’t hurt to have one.

It’s a great way to involve your guests in your wedding and have a record of everyone who showed up. Plus, after 10-20 years of marriage, those special messages your loved ones wrote will mean the world.

However, you don’t need to have the traditional guest book; you can go for an alternative like a wedding puzzle guest book sign.

Our Recommendation

wedding puzzle guest book with a red heart shape

Which is your favorite wedding puzzle guest book sign idea? Share with us below!

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