Micro Wedding Ceremony: A Detailed Guide to Planning One

If current events crashed your dream of a big wedding, considering converting to a micro wedding ceremony! Here's how to plan one!

If current events crashed your dream of a big wedding, considering converting to a micro wedding ceremony!

Yes, as the name implies, they are micro versions of the grand weddings you’re used to seeing.

Lots of people opt for these minimonies, whether it’s to keep costs down, make it more personal, or make everything easier to plan.

Below, we explore what micro weddings are, and how you can organize one yourself.

What are micro weddings

To be honest, they go beyond just being a small wedding.

Tons of people have what is considered to be a small wedding.

A micro wedding is a lot smaller and rarer. Intimate weddings typically have over 30 guests – much larger than your average micro wedding.

It’s defined as a wedding with less than 20 guests, differing from elopement as they’re not secret.

However, some micro weddings do just consist of the couple marrying and two witnesses.

A micro wedding isn’t something done a whim, make no mistake. These are fully thought out weddings, just smaller in time, size, and cost.

People opt for these micro weddings as they’re cheaper, not as lengthy, and they have fewer eyes on them.

Everybody is different, and not everyone wants that grand wedding with hundreds of people watching them make their vows.

Micro weddings don’t have to include anything traditional, either. Not like any weddings really do but these kinds always push the barriers a little.

That means no cake cutting, bouquet tossing, or first dance – or anything else that just doesn’t float your boat.

With that all explained, let’s look at how you can organise your very own micro wedding.

How to plan a micro wedding ceremony

Decide on your guest list

This is possibly the hardest part to do.

While on the outset, 20 people might seem like a lot of people – you likely have way more people than that you would like to invite.

Remember, that’s basically 10 people on each side.

Of course, you don’t have much choice with current global circumstances, but if this really isn’t for you – perhaps it’s better that you do something else.

Perhaps a mini party or something less permanent.

Remember, this will be your actual wedding.

List the things that are important to you

two clear wine glasses beside 3-layer towel cake

With a micro wedding, you can pick and choose what things to do. Isn’t that amazing?

I recommend writing a list of things that just aren’t negotiable.

Things that you just will not compromise on – music, photography, food, dress/suits.

Plan your venue

During current times, this will likely be your back garden or something similar.

If you want a micro wedding when social distancing is over, you have an array of venue options to choose from.

It has to be relaxed and small enough for everything to feel normal and the atmosphere to be intimate.

You don’t want to choose a huge venue that will only feel empty.

Some venues actually specialize in micro weddings, with teams that understand your needs and visions.

Dress code still matters

Just because it’s smaller, doesn’t mean that it’s more casual.

Wear the suits or dresses that you’ve always dreamed of – and make your guests dress up, too.

The outfits that the couple and the guests wear make a big difference.

This is especially true for any weddings which have down-scaled because of the pandemic.

It should still feel super special, and like a huge event – not some casual party.

Aesthetics are important

Following on from our above point, the aesthetics are also just as important.

If this is happening in your back garden, make it feel as least like your garden as possible.

So, plaster those flowers around, put up that wedding arch, add ribbons everywhere – throw balloons around the place. This will make anywhere feel like a wedding ceremony.

Micro weddings don’t need as much decor, because they’re often smaller in size.

So, various pieces which can be found on Etsy (as an example) will definitely suffice.

I also recommend sticking to a theme. It doesn’t matter that it’s a micro wedding, it can still follow that grand white wedding theme.

wedding venue in beach

As a side note, micro weddings work brilliantly on beaches and in forests. These arguably work better with a smaller crowd, anyway. So, that’s a great option for you.

I hope this helped anybody planning on having a micro wedding. It’s a great alternative if your bigger wedding plans aren’t possible anymore, or if you’re just not one that dreamed of a large wedding. 


How many guests at a micro wedding?

Micro weddings are becoming popular these days, thanks to introverts who are sharing their secret to an enjoyable wedding. The number of people you can invite to a micro wedding is no more than 50 guests. The usual wedding ceremony and reception activities are being followed but at a smaller scale.

What is a micro vs macro wedding?

Just as its name suggests, a micro wedding is a small wedding with an intimate number of guests and details. Meanwhile, a macro wedding is the opposite–usually a grandiose wedding with a large guest list to start.

Is it OK to have a micro wedding?

Yes, there is no problem if you opt to have a micro wedding instead of a grand one. This is a great option if you and your partner prefer to really focus on each other and spend your special day with the people closest to you. It is also a good choice if you are on a budget yet still want to have a macro experience.

Who is invited to a micro wedding?

Since a micro wedding contains only 50 guests, it is important that you carefully pick the ones whom you will invite. This is a great way for you to celebrate your big day with the people who are closest to you– meaning no nosy colleagues or second-degree cousins who you haven’t spoken to since you were young.

Are micro weddings cheaper?

Yes, people are opting for micro weddings these days because they are a lot cheaper compared to traditional weddings. This is because weddings are typically charged per head. So if you want to save money on your wedding, you can invite the people who are closest to you and your fiance. 

Are you planning a micro wedding ceremony? Share your tips and ideas below!

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