10 Stunning Virtual Wedding Backgrounds & Décor Ideas

pink and gray balloons for virtual wedding backgrounds

Since you need to be prepared with everything, today we’re going to talk about virtual wedding backgrounds and décor ideas you can use. Even though it’s an online ceremony, you still want everything to be absolutely perfect!

After all, you only get one chance to have your big day exactly how you want it! So, let’s go ahead and take a look at your options.

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This can work amazingly at a virtual wedding as a backdrop. All you need to do is install it on the wall behind you, and you’ll definitely set the wedding mood!

If you’re not in love with the white flowers, this decoration also comes in 10 other colors. The “blush pink” is gorgeous, too! The “serenity blue” is a beautiful choice for a gay virtual wedding

2. Rose Petals

Whether you want to decorate your table, platters, or even bedroom for after the wedding, these rose petals are an incredible choice. You can also send a pack to each of your guests, so your décor matches. They come in 12 different beautiful colors!

3. Mini Tambourines 

If you’re all about the boho look, these tiny tambourines can be placed around your house, hung from string, and even sent out as wedding favors to your guests.

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4. Biodegradable Confetti

Even though it’s an online wedding party, and you’ll be inside, these biodegradable confetti poppers are still a must. Send a few of them to your guests and ask them to pop them after the ceremony! If you’re on Zoom, you’ll be able to see everyone’s screens fill up with beautiful confetti! When the party ends, just throw them in the garden!

5. Gold Balloons

To add some fanciness, order some of these gold balloons. They are amazing, will fit in every scene, and you can even keep a few as a memory! You get 50 of them for a low price, so you can even create a beautiful balloon wedding arch as your background.

Virtual Wedding Backgrounds

In terms of backgrounds, you have two main options. You can either go for a Zoom background or a physical wedding backdrop. Let’s look at a few that you can buy, first.

Virtual Wedding Backdrops to Buy

Before you go ahead and get a backdrop, you need to get a backdrop stand, so everything will stay in place during the socially distant wedding party. This one, for example, is available on Amazon, and you’ll get it up in no time. As a bonus, it also has a travel case, so you can store it safely.

1. Bridal Backdrop

This is probably the fanciest backdrop available, and it’s perfect for any wedding. It’s white, it has amazing flowers, and it will definitely match your amazing dress!

2. Rustic Backdrop

The rustic backdrop is a must for any bride or groom who wants to have a rustic wedding. Pair it up with some fairy lights, and your party will be unforgettable.

3. Greenery Backdrop

If you’re all about nature and you’d rather have a party outdoors, you can still try this green backdrop for the Zoom wedding party. All you need is good company, and you won’t fail!

4. Gold Foil Backdrop

So you decided that your online wedding will be golden? Then get this gold foil backdrop to completely set the mood! It goes great with gold balloons and burgundy rose petals!

5. Black Foil Backdrop

In general, weddings are all about white, but that’s not a rule. After all, you can do everything you want on your special day. This black foil backdrop is the standard for any unconventional bride, and it will definitely fit the scene!

Virtual Wedding Zoom Backgrounds

For some amazing Zoom backgrounds, you can check out this article on virtual bridal shower decorations, where you will also find some food recommendations.

And here, you have an awesome guide on how to plan an entire virtual wedding shower party, as well as free backgrounds for you to use!

You can also grab one of these below! Just click on the image to go to the full Zoom-sized version.

Beautiful Decorative Colorful Roses on Brick Wall. Wedding Party Decor Detail. Delicate Clambering Plant Blossom Pastel Flower on White Background. Elegant Arrangement Floristics Settin
virtual wedding backgrounds zoom wedding arch
Happy Valentines or wedding day. Abstract delicate love romantic holiday pink gradient orange background with bright bokek circles. Template for cards with space for your design. Beautiful texture
Fancy silver and white glitter sparkle confetti background for happy birthday party invite, Christmas flyer, frosty icy winter snow, frozen snowflake border, 25 anniversary or glitzy wedding desig
virtual wedding backgrounds

As usual, remember that it’s your special day, and nothing should stop you from making it EPIC! I’m hoping these virtual wedding decors and backgrounds definitely helped you make a choice.

Our Top Pick

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Looking for virtual wedding backgrounds and décor ideas? Check out 10 stunning options that we just adore!

Do you have any other great ideas for virtual wedding backgrounds and décor? Share below!

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