5 Gorgeous Purple & Gray Wedding Ideas

Looking for a color scheme that really pops on your big day? We absolutely adore these 5 purple and gray wedding ideas! Check them out!

When it comes to selecting colors for your wedding, it can be hard to decide on two primary colors along with accents. When selecting colors, you have to take all sorts of factors into consideration, including the time of year, flowers, your venue and the colors that are available for the bridal party. But, no matter if you are having a spring or fall wedding and no matter if it’s indoors or outdoors, two colors that always look great at a wedding are purple and gray. These two colors are very complimentary and can be changed to suit your personal style. Choose light purple and light gray for a spring wedding or go the charcoal gray and eggplant for richer jewel-tone colors for fall. If you’re planning on a purple and gray wedding, here are some ideas for incorporating these colors.

5 Gorgeous Purple & Gray Wedding Ideas

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1. Purple bridesmaid dresses


Thankfully, purple is a color that comes in all sorts of shades. You are sure to find a variety of bridesmaids dresses that come in all sorts of shades of purple. Go for a lighter color if your wedding will be in the spring or summer. Darker purples look great in fall and winter weddings.

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2. Gray suits and purple ties


Though black suits are the classic color for the groom to wear, gray is increased in popularity

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Related: Groom Suits. Very similar to the bridesmaid dresses, be sure to go with a lighter gray or a darker gray, depending on the season and the overall feel of your wedding. The purple tie really pops against the gray, doesn’t it?

3. Plenty of purple flowers!


Though some colors, such as blue, can be hard to find when it comes to flowers, you’re in luck with it comes to purple. There are hundreds of flowers that are available in purple tones, to include roses, freesia, lavender, orchids, tulips, daisies, dahlias and so many others!

4. Hombre purple wedding cake.


Hombre wedding cakes have also grown in popularity in the last few years. To really incorporate purple into your special day, consider a cake that fades from white to purple. The cake is sure to pop in images and the color scheme will look beautiful! Your cake could also be decorated with purple flowers or you could use a purple cake stand.

5. Purple bridal shoes.


Who says the bride’s shoes have to be white? Purple bridal shoes are a cute and subtle way to incorporate purple into your wedding. For a more gray tone, wear silver sparkly shoes!

What colors did you feature at your wedding? Do you think purple and gray are good colors for a wedding? Tell us about it below or share your pictures!

4 thoughts on “5 Gorgeous Purple & Gray Wedding Ideas”

  1. I wouldn’t have thought about doing purple and grey for a wedding .. but it works beautifully! I especially love the cake and the pretty bridal shoes. Not to mention, all of the bridesmaids! They made me smile

  2. I used to dream of having a purple and black wedding, so it’s nice to see that it’s possible lol. My family had me convinced I was going to have an Adams Family wedding lol.

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