7 Nifty Virtual Wedding Guest Books That Will Definitely Make Your Day More Memorable

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If you’re looking for some fantastic virtual wedding guest books that everyone can sign online, we’ve got you covered! We’ve rounded up the niftiest and most user-friendly options that the internet has to offer and showcased them below. The hardest part will be choosing just one! Let’s dive in!

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Virtual Wedding Guest Books

Here’s a little secret- virtual wedding guest books are even better than the real thing! No, really, hear me out! An in-person large guest book, as beautiful as it may be, really only lets you do so much. Your guests basically just sign in and maybe leave a little note under their signature.

With a digital guest book, though, your guests can go wild! They have more space to leave you longer notes and well-wishes. Plus, most options allow them to attach photos, so you can put a face to the name years down the road when you’re looking back at your big day.

Before we dive into the option, I just want to share a question I came across on Reddit that really helped me decide which features I wanted in the perfect virtual wedding guest books. Take a look, then keep reading for my answers to their question!

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Hello all! Due to the coronavirus, my wedding is going to be online. Because of this, I’m trying to find ways in order to still interact with my guests via a digital method. I was wondering if anyone here knew of any apps that would allow their guests to be able to sign a digital guestbook via online, and possibly even be able to sign it with a picture or video as well? Thank you!

All of the options below are customizable, so you can use them for a gay or lesbian virtual wedding, or an opposite-sex ceremony as well.

1. Joy

Joy is an app that was specially created for such events. The process is super easy, and your guests will only need to download an app in order to add their pictures and message. You can even find a full guide on how to create a guest book with Joy on their website, so you’re pretty much covered.

There are two drawbacks, though. First, guest books can only be signed via an app, so guests without smartphones are left out. It would be nice if they offered the ability to sign via a computer browser.

Second, there doesn’t appear to be an option to download or print your guest book. Everything lives on Joy’s server, basically. That means if the site ever goes down, you’ll lose everything.

2. Miss Design Berry

Miss Design Berry is a little bit different from other virtual guest books. It doesn’t offer the possibility of adding images, but your guests can leave hand-written notes from their devices.

However, they have one really nice option in their “plus” column. You actually receive a framed photo with all of the notes. It’s a cute way to remember the celebration, and have a physical copy of all those best wishes. 

The downside? The service is expensive (and a bit confusing to purchase). You’ll have to buy one of their alternative guest book designs (cheapest one is $100) PLUS the digital guest book service ($148). So, this isn’t my favorite option for those on a budget, but I’m including it anyway for those who have a bit more to spend.

3. Kudoboard

Kudoboard is normally an app people use to create greeting cards. However, you can easily use it as a virtual wedding guest book. You just need to create a room, and invite all your guests to contribute. They will be able to add images and messages.

My favorite part? You can print your book and have it forever! Plus, the prices are incredibly reasonable. They have a free option for super tiny microweddings, and their ‘unlimited” option is just $19.99.

4. Padlet

Padlet is highly recommended by people who already had their weddings. With it, you can create wonderfully designed boards with all your guests. Make sure to ask them to create an account and use their real names before adding the pictures and messages, as the app will see them as anonymous otherwise.

Guests can also use a Windows version of the app to sign in on their computers. They even have a Kindle app! Plus, you can download your Padlet guest book as a PDF to keep forever (or even print).

There are a couple of drawbacks, though. First, it is a monthly paid service (you do get a week-long free trial). Second, you have to sign up (for free) just to look at the pricing plans (which start at $8 a month).

5. Wedding Mix

Wedding Mix is a service offered by Story Mix Media, and it works in a super-easy way. All your guests will need to upload their video messages, and then upload them on the platform. When everything is ready, all there’s left to do is put everything together, and save the movie!

The downside is the price. While they offer a $99 package, it doesn’t come with a highlights video. You’ll have to pay an extra $100 for that. You do, however, get the raw images and videos to make your own. If you want professionally edited videos, you’ll have to bump up to at least a $299 package.

Honestly, though, that’s a fair price, considering a professional video editor (and not just someone with a camera and a computer) will actually put together your video for you.

6. Event Live

Event Live is a streaming platform that allows you to share your big moment with everyone, even the ones who couldn’t attend. It also lets you keep all the videos and texts people leave during the ceremony. It’s a wonderful way to remember this day. The app will send everyone messages one day and one hour before the actual event, so no one misses it!

Guests can view your stream on any device and add comments during it. Later, you can download the replay and read through the comments, then keep it as a way to remember your big day in every shining detail for years to come. You can also embed the livestream on your own wedding website.

They offer a free test package with up to 5 guests and 40 minutes of livestreaming. If you’re having a super tiny wedding and just want your parents to see it, this option could actually work for you. However, if you’re having more guests, upgrade to their $50 package for “Unlimited viewers and 24 hours HD streaming.”

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7. My Digital Guestbook

Last, but not least, there is My Digital Guestbook. They have a super intuitive app you and your guests can use, and they will be able to leave cute messages and photos for you. The pictures can be signed, and at the end, you can order the album and keep it forever!

The downside? Like Padlet, you can’t even view all of the package options without signing up. You can see that they start at $99, but if you want any information or even just want to see it in action, you’ll have to sign up and provide them with all of your personal details.

Looking for the best virtual wedding guest books? We’ve got you covered! Check out the top 7 options with the most diverse features!

The technology has advanced a lot, and now, you can have a virtual wedding guestbook to match your incredibly online wedding! Each one offers such diverse options, it’s easy to find the perfect one for your big day.

What are your favorite virtual wedding guest books? Share below!

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