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Two vintage lesbian wedding rings with floral design. Silver and gold rings for lesbian wedding on pink background

A vintage lesbian wedding may just be the best idea to consider these days. Besides the whole theme being so fancy, the preparation is going to be great too. Let’s go ahead and see how to organize the perfect day and what you need to do.

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Secrets to Planning the Perfect Vintage Lesbian Wedding Wedding

When we say from start to finish, we mean it! Let’s begin with some basic planning tips and work our way down to the best food for your vintage lesbian wedding reception!

Timeline and Planning

Vintage lesbian wedding planner

The first thing you want to do is get yourself a nice planner to write everything down. Every thought, every idea, and of course, the general plan for the day. Even if you have a wacky idea that you don’t think you’ll ever be able to pull off, write it down! You just never know when the planets will align just right to make a wild dream come true.

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Really, any type of planner works, but if you want to stick with the vintage theme all the way through, my favorite is this one from Etsy. It has a lot of wonderful suggestions, as well as 140 pages to fully plan your wedding without leaving anything out! And it can be personalized with your names!

Vintage Wedding Planner

This is a wedding planner hard cover. It has everything you need to plan a wedding.

It has 140 pages (+ personalised front cover page and back cover).

The next step is to start working on the guest list. How many people are you going to invite? Who are they? Will they attend in person or are you hosting a virtual wedding? Make sure to choose a proper venue and menu, so you don’t leave anyone out. 

In terms of timeline, you need to decide when the wedding will start, where it will happen, and basically organize the entire day. 


There are so many amazing options for vintage wedding invitations out there that it can be challenging to choose just one. Don’t worry, I already narrowed down the list to just my top three favorites. Let’s take a look!

Vintage Romance Invitations

Vintage Romance Invitations

These ones are perfect, and you can find them on Etsy. They look as they’ve been written on real parchment paper, making them ideal for a vintage lesbian wedding.

Each set comes with an invitation, RSVP card, and envelope. The price reflects the cost of each set for a group of 100. However, they also offer sets of 25, 50, and even 250!

Vintage Romance wedding invitation set. Parchment and rose | Etsy


- Unlimited Digital proofs for you to review and approve.

Your choice of colors, fonts and wording customization... FREE

- 5" x 7" Invitations

- 3.5" x 5" OR 4 x 6" RSVP Cards or Post cards

- Two Sizes of White Envelopes Free

- OR Two sizes heavyweight, 70 lb cream envelope upgrade (25 cents each)

Vintage Movie Ticked Invitations

Vintage Movie Ticked Invitations

You definitely know from all the movies how tickets used to look like, and these Etsy invitations really keep that same atmosphere. You can order a sample invitation ahead of time to make sure they’re just right for your big day.

Vintage Movie Theme Ticket Wedding Invitation with RSVP | Etsy

This unique Vintage Cinema themed ticket Invite can be customized for any event. Included is a perforated stub at the end of the ticket so your guests can easily fill-in then tear-off & mail back in the enclosed response envelope!

Telegram Wedding Invitation

vintage lesbian wedding telegram invitation

I absolutely love these ones, and since you can just print them out, you don’t have to pay for every word you write! Find them on Etsy.

Telegram Printed with your wedding details

Personalised Wedding Invitations with a choice of Envelopes


Vintage décor can be hard to find, but there are small things you can do. The secret is to get creative, and see how you can repurpose items. 

Before buying anything, check your local vintage shops, and see what you find. Remember to also check out this décor!

Heart-Shaped Confetti

vintage lesbian wedding heart confetti

Chances are that you don’t want the classic colorful confetti for your vintage wedding, so I found these ones on Etsy!

Vintage Lanterns

vintage lesbian wedding lanterns for decor

These are incredibly cute. All you need to do is place candles inside, and then find cute spots for them around the venue. They are available on Etsy too.

ON SALE Set of 2 Vintage Rustic Lanterns Moroccan | Etsy

Set of 2 Vintage Rustic Lanterns, Moroccan Lantern,Rustic Candle Holder,Rustic Wedding Lighting

Vintage Cake Server

vintage lesbian wedding cake cutters

If you want to go all-in, then remember to grab this vintage cake server from Etsy too!

Food and Drinks

In terms of food and drinks for a vintage wedding, you need to think about everything! Make sure to ask your guests if they have any allergies, and be prepared for that.

White Cake

This white cake is super easy to make, so if you want to do everything yourself, this recipe is going to be perfect!

And for real food, you can safely start with a few cheese platters, just to get everyone in the best vintage wedding mood!

And you can also throw in some of these salmon and cucumber rolls, just to keep it fancy.

For the drinks, these pink margaritas will look fabulous in some vintage glasses!

The last thing you need to do is to have a wonderful time! A vintage lesbian wedding doesn’t just casually happen, so you need to make it memorable!

Planning a vintage lesbian wedding? Don't miss our guide! We have some amazing secrets and tips for everything from start to finish!

Have you ever planned a vintage lesbian wedding? Share your secrets and tips for success below!

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