5 Amazing First Dance Online Classes for a Virtual Wedding (with Videos)

Lesbian couple dancing in the kitchen

Many couples are asking about first dance online classes for their virtual wedding, if they are worth it, and if they can really learn how to dance from a virtual class. Of course, the best thing we can do is taking a look at the situation, the most popular dance styles for weddings, and also some recommendations! So, let’s dive in!

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Are Virtual Dance Lessons Worth It?

Learning any new skill, be it dancing or painting is worth it. The question is: are you willing to learn how to dance and make your Zoom wedding memorable?

This is a personal choice for the couple, and if you want to, then go for it. You can use YouTube videos or online dance lessons and practice along with your partner. 

If you’re planning a minimony with a small reception, then you absolutely want to master that first dance. However, if you’re going totally virtual for your big day, you may wonder why even bother learning moves for that first dance. After all, who is really going to see you, especially if you cut the stream off after the ceremony?

While a first dance isn’t essential for a Zoom wedding, it’s still a wonderful tradition that you and your new spouse can enjoy even without an audience. The moment is really about the two of you celebrating your union, not putting on a show for your crowd.

That said, there’s also no reason why you can’t have a crowd watching…just from a safe social distance via an online stream. So, whether you’re looking for online dance classes for a virtual wedding or a small in-person reception, the ideas below will help you out!

It should go without saying by now, but just in case- all of these videos are equally perfect for a gay or lesbian virtual wedding first, even if they feature opposite-sex dancers.

What are the Most Popular Dance Styles for Weddings

Let’s look at the most popular dance styles for weddings to help narrow down your options. Right now, we’re just watching the “experts” in motion to find something you feel like you can pull off together. Later, we’ll look at actual first dance online classes.



Foxtrot is one of the most complex dance styles, and the couple who wants to learn it will put a lot of work into it. However, it’s completely worth it, and a wonderful addition to a vintage wedding.


Waltz is my personal favorite dance style, and it’s definitely one of the most popular ones. It’s easy to learn, but very hard to master.


A dance style that’s both very intimate and incredibly complicated is Rumba. It can take quite some time to learn it, but it’s a skill that will stay with you for a long time.


If you’ve ever watched a Cha-Cha competition, then you definitely noticed the level of concentration needed to actually do it right. Besides, it’s a dance style where you also need some acting skills, so bring it on!


Tango is one of the classics, and if you learn to dance it, you have all the chances of using it on multiple occasions!

Online Dance Lessons

Now that you have an idea of the most popular options and-hopefully- found a style that both of you are comfortable with, it’s time to look at actual online dance lessons.

Foxtrot Lessons

If you’re looking to learn the basic steps and work from there, then this video from Howcast will give you a very good idea of it. The instructors will demonstrate both the man and lady parts, and all you have to do after is learn to do it together!

Waltz Lessons

You can learn from the “How to Dance” team, what are the basic steps of Waltz, in under four minutes. Of course, practice makes perfect, but until then, it’s 1-2-3!


As Rumba is a very complicated dance, you will need to put a little more time into it. Happily, Tytus and LiWen from Dance Insanity put together a very nice video explaining the first 10 steps, as well as a routine for you to practice!


When it comes to Cha-Cha, the Dance Insanity crew put together a very in-depth tutorial to teach you how to dance. It’s all about footwork, rhythm, posture, and hips. And of course, a lot of practice.


For a complicated dance style, Passion4dancing put together a good tutorial to teach you everything about the basics of Tango. As a bonus, if you read the comments, you’ll have a blast!

Are first dance online classes for a virtual wedding worth your time? What are your options when it comes to them? Find out both answers!

In the end, all that matters is that your wedding is perfect for you. First dance online classes for your virtual wedding are not a must, but they can definitely be fun!

Even if you ultimately decide not to show off your moves to your Zoom audience, the act of learning to dance is very intimate. So, it’s a wonderful bonding activity for you and your future Mr. or Mrs.!

What do you think? Are first dance online classes for a virtual wedding worth trying? Share below!

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