30 Best John Legend Love Songs for Your Wedding

If there’s one singer who lives up to his stage name – it’s John Legend. He is truly an iconic contemporary singer, and a legendary musician in the romantic genre whose song will remain love anthems for many generations to come.

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If you are about to get married, you absolutely must check out my list of the best John Legend wedding songs! Let’s just dive in.

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15 John Legend Best Songs List

John Roger Stephens has gifted music lovers all over the world with many amazing songs that tug at the heartstrings. When it comes to a wedding playlist, what else could you ask for – other than pure romance?

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Whether you’re on the dance floor for your first dance as a couple or having a beautiful wedding reception, these 15 songs must be on your playlist for wedding music.

  1. Number One
  2. Ordinary People [1]
  3. So High
  4. Green Light
  5. Glory
  6. Good Morning
  7. Never Break
  8. Favorite Place
  9. I Love, You Love
  10. U Move, I Move
  11. P.D.A. (We Just Don’t Care)
  12. Save Room
  13. Open Your Eyes
  14. Bring Me Love
  15. “God Only Knows” ft. Cynthia Erivo   

10 John Legend First Dance Songs 

For anyone curating a wedding playlist, making the first dance song list is the hardest. That’s because this moment is going to be the most vivid in the minds of the newlywed couple, as well as the guests. Make it special by using one of these “Legend”-ary songs!

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  1. One Life
  2. Conversations in the Dark
  3. A Good Night
  4. One Woman Man
  5. Love Me Now
  6. Each Day Gets Better
  7. Bigger Love [2]
  8. Stay With You
  9. Surefire
  10. Wild

5 Best John Legend Duets Songs 

Duet songs with sweet lyrics and a lovely tune can help you make the perfect playlist for a wedding ceremony. Such a soulful song can set a romantic setting for the wedding ceremony when played by the wedding band or DJ.

BRIDE AND GROOM singing john legend wedding songs

Many newlywed couples also choose to give a cute performance on their wedding day by singing together. For such moments, these duet songs featuring John Legend are excellent!

  1. Beauty and the Beast
  2. Made to Love
  3. You & I (Nobody in the World)
  4. All of Me
  5. Tonight

Artists Similar to John Legend with Great Songs for Weddings

As we have mentioned earlier, John Legend has already cemented his legacy as an iconic and legendary contemporary recording artist. But if you want to explore other artists who produce music similar to John Legend’s, you will be delighted to know that there is no shortage of contemporary R&B and soul artists who also recorded love songs perfect for your wedding. In this section, we provide you with a quick list.

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys basically needs no introduction. She broke through the mainstream in 2001 and never looked back. Like John Legend, she is a singer-songwriter that plays the piano and consistently releases R&B and soul music hits.

Her most well-known song is arguably “If I Ain’t Got You” released in 2003. The song is already two decades old, but still remains a popular choice during weddings. We recommend that you pick this one for your first dance wedding song.

Other notable tracks from her include “No One” (perfect for the bridal walk down the aisle), “Not Even the King” (a stylish choice for a father-daughter dance song), and “A Woman’s Worth” or “My Boo” (pick either or both for the wedding party).


Maxwell is another R&B and soul singer that has produced Grammy-award-winning songs and records through the years.

Check out his 1999 single “Fortunate” from the Life OST. The song is about finding your soulmate and realizing it, and making sure your loved one knows how dear they are to you.

Anthony Hamilton

You probably know Anthony Hamilton through his early 2000s hit “Charlene” but this singer-composer is a legit R&B and soul guy in his own right.

The most obvious tracks to explore from Anthony Hamilton’s catalog include “As” (recorded in collaboration with Marsha Ambrosius) and “So In Love” (with Jill Scott).

Musiq Soulchild

Musiq Soulchild had several hits during the early 2000s, including the “Halfcrazy” and “Dontchange” singles.

The latter song is a pretty romantic song, with lyrics that include: “So let me reassure you darling that my feelings are truly unconditional.” If you ask us, those sound a lot like wedding vows. You can also check out his earlier hit “Love.”

Robin Thicke

Yes, his “Blurred Lines” song was a bit controversial, but this R&B artist does have some romantic songs perfect for weddings. Try listening to his recent 2020 hit “Forever Mine” and be convinced.

Other Artists Similar to John Legend

  • Babyface – “Every Time I Close My Eyes”, “Exceptional” and “Whip Appeal”
  • Frank Ocean – “Thinkin Bout You”
  • Jaheim – “Forever”
  • Mary J. Blige – “Everything”
  • Usher – “Slow Jam” and “Yeah”


Check out the answers to some of the common questions about John Legend songs!

Is All of Me a good wedding song?

All Of Me is one of the most popular love songs of today – and the track is an instant hit at any wedding. When the wedding DJ or band plays this song at the ceremony, everyone present at the event feels love and excitement that’s in the hearts of the newlywed couple.

Did John Legend sing at his wedding?

John Legend’s legendary song, All Of Me, was written by the singer for the love of his life, Chrissy Teigen. Then the two got married, it’s no wonder that he sang the song for Teigen at their wedding. Before the wedding, Legend had revealed his plan to sing the song for his then-future wife. 

What is the number 1 wedding song by John Legend?

There’s no doubt that the biggest hit of John Legend’s career is All Of Me, which is a popular choice and most favorite song for modern couples for their wedding playlists. Apart from that, there are many other love songs by the artist you could ask your wedding musicians to sing, like Number One, Bigger Love, Tonight, etc., which are also great wedding songs.

What are the most popular John Legend songs played at weddings?

The romantic “Legend” John Roger Stephens is known for his iconic love songs. Some of the best love songs by this artist are Love Me Now, Each Day Gets Better, Stay With You, Bring Me Love, and others are extremely popular additions to wedding playlists for modern couples.   couple holding just married post card

What is the most popular John Legend wedding song to walk down the aisle to?

Your wedding playlist for the moment you walk down the aisle can have songs of any mood. If you want to set a romantic ambiance for your special occasion, you can choose the love songs by John Legend, like Let’s Get Lifted, Open Your Eyes, Made To Love, What You Do To Me, etc. 

What is the best father-daughter dance song by John Legend?

While John Legend is known for his romantic tracks, he has also gifted the world with songs about other kinds of love. For instance, Right by You (for Luna) is a beautiful track in which a father wonders about his daughter’s future. This is a lovely slow dance and father-daughter dance song.  

What is a great John Legend wedding processional song?

While curating a playlist for wedding music, it is often difficult to choose the right songs for the wedding procession as you may wonder about the mood to set. It’s safe to choose romantic tracks, like You And I (Nobody In The World), Stay With You, Conversations The Dark, etc., by John Legend.

What is a popular bridal entrance song by John Legend?

The moment the bride enters the wedding hall is when she takes all breaths away. Before she walks towards the person at the end of the aisle waiting to become her life partner, John Legend’s songs like One Love, A Good Night, Made To Love, Favorite Place, etc., can be perfect.bride walking down the aisle

What is the John Legend love song for his wife?

John Legend is one of the iconic musicians of today – and an icon of romance. The love story of Legend and his wife Chrissy Teigen is as famous as his song, All Of Me. This is the wonderful track that he wrote for Teigen, and an ideal choice for your wedding – and he even sang it at his own wedding for his bride. [3]

Final Words

For the fans of the romantic “Legend” John Roger Stephens, the songs by this artist symbolize love and commitment. When his voice praises the “perfect imperfections” of a person, we fall in love with our loved ones’ rough edges!

You can use them as wedding entrance songs, first dance songs, catchy tunes for wedding musicians, cake-cutting songs, and classic tunes for married couples. These popular songs are soul music, and are always a perfect choice for your reception. They are also great as acoustic guitar wedding song covers or as piano wedding songs.


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What are your favorite John Legend wedding songs? Share below!

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