10 Gay Wedding Songs That Are So Good You Can Never, Ever Skip Them

Searching for some epic gay wedding songs that are perfect for your stroll down the aisle?

Maybe you just want to craft the perfect playlist for your reception?

Either way, we’ve got you covered with these 10 epic ditties and ballads!

Check them out!

Searching for some great gay wedding songs that are perfect for your stroll down the aisle or your reception? Check out these 10 epic ditties and ballads!

Gay Wedding Songs for Walking Down the Aisle

Finding a gay wedding playlist is a major challenge since the vast majority of love songs are super gender-specific.

However, we love a good challenge, so we went in search of some epic gender-neutral ideas.

From walking down the aisle songs to funky music you and your partner can dance to, here is a compiled list of songs suggestions for your dream gay wedding.

1. I Wanna Dance with Somebody (who loves me) -Whitney Houston

We all want our love being reciprocated and what better way to display that than on your wedding day, grooving with your partner while reminding them of your genuine love.

Prepare to take over the dance floor with your partner with this song from Houston.

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2. I’m coming out- Diana Ross

Now, don’t rule this out because you know, you’re staring at the title and thinking you don’t want to turn your wedding into some springing-out-of-the-closet-in-style event.

Even though the song may have been written to declare gay orientation, playing it during your wedding toast evokes the best emotions.

3. At Last- Etta James

You’re finally walking down the aisle with the love of your life, the hurdles weren’t easy on you, so you want to scream “at last!”

Let this song do it for you. Be ready to throw some handkerchiefs, though, because a lot of emotions are going to flow in that room.

4. Young Hearts Run Free- Kym Mazelle

This disco music is here to remind you, on your special day, how important it is to be true to yourselves.

Originally recorded by Candi Station, there’s no better song than this to reassure your partner of your sincere love.

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5. Fleetwood Mac- Dreams

A similar taste in music with your partner is not even required to swim in the ambience of this beautiful song.

If you’re looking for a song with which to have your first dance together as a couple, this amazing billboard topper is just right and you can also choose from any of the various covers of the song to suit to taste.

6. Love is Love- Culture Club

7. Uptown Funk- Bruno Mars

Spirce up your wedding with this classic from Bruno Mars that lifts the souls of your audience or forces them on their feet.

Give your wedding a tint of epic, have you some Uptown Funk.

8. Come Away with Me- Nora Jones

Sweet and soft, this song would drown you in the sea of romance with your spouse.

The gender-neutral lyrics makes it even more exceptional for your gay wedding.

9. Michael Jackson- Butterflies

This beautiful song by the king of pop leaves your guests singing along, a bit teary, but appreciating the beauty of your wedding.

10. Celine Dion- Because You Love me

You leave your list of wedding songs screaming for “help” without this song on it.

This is the perfect song to put you at ease while walking down the aisle during your gay wedding.

Do you have any other favorite gay wedding songs for walking down the aisle? Share below!

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